Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is Obama BECOMING DELUSIONAL? Crying "If I don't get my stimulus package, I might not be re-elected in 4 years" ENCOURAGES Repub OBSTRUCTION!!

President Obama cries "If Republicans don't love me, I will lose re-election in 2012"!

We have watched Obama playing Footsie with the Radical Right Wing Republicans, even though Bush and Cheney are only out of town for two weeks, and even though Cheney and Rumsfeld made COMEBACKS TO THE WHITE HOUSE (in Rumsfeld's case, DoD) - separated by OVER TWO DECADES! (Cheney followed Rumsfeld as President Ford's Chief of Staff, 1974-1976, after Nixon resigned due to the Watergate scandal. Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Jewish Nixon speechwriter William Safire would all be UNREPETENT NIXON abuse-of-powers APOLOGISTS for the next THREE DECADES, Safire from the editorial pages of the NEW YORK SLIMES, where Safire's relentless anti-Clinton diatribes from the pages of the "liberal" (not) Times made ANY and ALL Republican accusations, allegations, innuendos, and faux-scandal investigations of the Clintons look respectable... paving the way, rolling out the red carpet, for Cheney's reclaiming the White House as George W. Bush's Vice President in 2001. Since Bush was notoriously UNINTERESTED in the workings of government (except in using the powers of government to bribe large coporations to donate to the Republican Party, for example Harriet Miers' role in shifting the lucrative Texas State Lottery contract to a Bush family friend and donor; and Bush also enjoyed SIGNING DEATH WARRANTS) - for the vast majority of day-to-day business in the Bush administration, DICK CHENEY effectively WAS the president. (And on the "big view" political issues that Bush liked to think that he was in command, Cheney had the knack for achieving his goals through manipulating the younger Bush. For example, Bush had long thought that his father had made a mistake not "taking Saddam out" at the end of Bush Senior's victory in Gulf War-1... where Dick Cheney had been the winning Secretary of Defense. But in June 1997 Dick Cheney signed the PNAC "bomb, invade, and attack Iraq, NOW!" agenda, spelled out in PNAC's next 'offical' document, a letter to President Clinton in January 1998. So while Texas governor, or President George W. Bush may have WANTED to attack Iraq and kill Saddam Hussein, without the Cheney-Rumsfel
So anyways, DICK CHENEY and Don Rumsfeld were able to RESTORE THEMSELVES to the White House and/or Dept. of Defense over spans of TEN YEARS and even THREE DECADES - yet Obama thinks that just because he pouts "You Republicans don't love me any d-Wolfowitz-AIPAC lobby PNAC crew (of which the NEW YORK TIMES is certainly a huge part), Bush would have had NO IDEA how to get his war to "take out Saddam." This pattern, of Bush as the front-man, but Cheney pulling the levers, would be repeated throughout the Bush White House years.)
more, I am going to lose re-election in 2012 if you don't vote for my Stimulus plan" that they are going to roll-over and support him ????????

As if THAT wasn't bad enough, Obama is being DOUBLE-DELUSIONAL!! - the FOCUS of his "Stimulus" or "Recovery plan" is to pour BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars in to the... VERY Right-Wing BANKERS, hedge-funds, financial institutions, and off-shore (bank-controlling) billionaires who brought America to this mess!

Mr. Obama, to badly paraphrase President (then Senator) Harry Truman, "Dick Cheney and George W. Bush had to work LONG and HARD to STEAL A FEW (tens of) BILLIONS of DOLLARS from the American treasury, with their NO-BID, NO-OVERSIGHT contracts to defense contractors, war-profiteers, and Dick Cheney's own company, Halliburton... up until September of 2008, when, as one Right-Wing after another was set to COLLAPSE, the Republican administration, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson on behalf of his "former" company Goldman-Sachs and other huge New York banks, MARCHED IN TO the DEMOCRAT Pelosi CONGRESS, and proclaimed , "IF YOU DON'T SIGN over a TRILLION DOLLARS of taxpayer money over to us, WE ARE GOING TO WRECK THE ECONOMY"!
You, Mr. Obama (then Senator) were among the Democrats STAMPEDED INTO THAT GIVEAWAY! In the space of THREE SHORT (long) MONTHS, the DEMOCRATS GAVE AWAY nearly as much money to big, corrupt, incompetent, failed bankers, as the Bush Republicans had been able to LOOT from the US Treasury - over the PREVIOUS SEVEN YEARS!

NOW you want to take up where Bush, Paulson, and Cheney left off - and just sign-over ANOTHER TRILLION DOLLARS to those SAME FAILED, CORRUPT, cruel bankers!

WHILE leaving American home-owners, credit-debtors, working stiffs, and now newly unemployed Americans to PICK UP THE LOAD.... JUST as the BUSH TAX CUTS of 2001+++ sought to CUT TAXES FOR THE WEALTHY, thereby putting the BURDEN of those now missing revenues - AND ADDITIONAL INTEREST ON THE DEBT - squarely on the overloaded backs of those same workin'-stiff American families!!

Memory lane: GHOULISH Goldman-Sachs executives, and the NEW YORK SLIMES, CHEER as G-S hands out BILLION-DOLLARS in BONUSES... Christmas of __2006__ - even as the MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE CRISS is STARTING TO UNWIND!
ABC news version of same story -
The GHOULISH Goldman-Sachs, JPMorgan-Chase, Citi, BoA, Countrywide, and other big banks had NEARLY TWO FULL YEARS to address the MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE CRISIS, and not only did they do NOTHING to aleviate that crisis - but they BRAGGED about their ill-gotten BONUSES!!!
Stiglitz- CASH for TRASH. Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz criticizes Obama "BAILOUT/Stimulus/Recovery" plan as POURING TAXPAYER MONEY down a bad-bankers' cesspit:
"John Thain, Merrill-Lynch CEO, hands American Taxpayers a $50 Billion BAG of s___!"
Former economist turned Investigative reporter Greg Palast chimes in with Siglitz's assessment, using a more vulgar metaphor...

Rachel Maddow offers some Relationship-Counseling for President Obama re his unending CRUSH for Republicans -