Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Democrats reverting to form: AFRAID of Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and George W. Bush...

Are Democrats POWERLESS? Despite reams of evidence that KARL ROVE is at the center of every scandal, and that the PURGING of US Senators was a premeditated effort to DERAIL the ON-GOING PROSECUTIONS of REPUBLICAN officials, Senator Leahy AVOIDS demanding Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resign for lying to Congress, and the purge-replacement prosecutors put in by the Gonzales-Rove purge of US Attorneys ARE STILL IN PLACE...

This may not be the best editorial to post for documenting the Democrat's tendency... to WILT like flowers in the desert sun 3 weeks after the most recent rains, but across the nation Americans are disgusted with the crass, craven politics behind PURGE-gate... the firing of competent and effective US Attorneys, at least 7 of them in the middle of prosecuting Republican officials - and STILL the Democratic pooh-bahs of the Senate and House REFUSE to link the CRIMES and CONVICTIONS of the past 6 years to the President or Vice President!

The Democrats are so cowering and craven (at the very least, subservient to the "conventional wisdom" of the 'major media') that they ALLOW the perception that President Bush did not know Ken Lay, and that he did not meet with Jack Abramoff in the White House - despite the FELONY CONVICTIONS of both Mr. Lay and Mr. Abramoff, and VOLUMES of evidence that both men were welcome friends of Mr. Bush before their scandals lead to indictment and convictions.

As a columnist has written this past week, the Democrats did not so much win the House and Senate in 2006, as the tide of scandals and convictions crashing over Republicans lost it for Republican Party. And those scandal convictions were often due to NO EFFORT by the cowering Democrats, but by the LAST REMAINING VESTIGES of an independent branch of the Justice Department - a remaining vestige of government independence the cowering Democrats seem perfectly willing to allow the Bush administration to corrupt!

The Republicans have built their entire political empire on the politics of ATTACK and accusation, and especially personal attacks on individuals and candidates (Al Gore as "Sore Loserman") - but the Democrats, having compiled lists of Republican ciminality, REFUSE TO DEMAND JUSTICE.

The Libby trial proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that not only did the Vice President's Chief of Staff OBSTRUCT JUSTICE to put the "CIA outing scandal" past the 2004 presidential election.... but so too did the entire Bush-Cheney White House. And everyone knows, from long before the Libby trial, that the "outing" of an undercover CIA "covert operations officer" was a typical Karl Rove smear-job against that CIA agent's husband, who was an outspoken critic of the Bush administration's changing and fabricated justifications (lies) for the invasion of Iraq. (In addition to the published comments of the president's own REPUBLICAN Secretary of the Treasury, Paul O'Neill, who upon being dismissed by the president from the Dept. of Treasury informed Americans that the first National Security Conference held by the president and vice president discussed - how to justify and execute a "regime change" invasion of Iraq.)

The Republican (Bush-Cheney) administration "won" re-election in 2004 ONLY by OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE... and the Democrats PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE!

So now, in April of 2007, the Democrats are comfortably falling into the Republican and media "business as usual" conventional wisdom rut: the ONLY thing that is important is election 2008, and the ONLY thing that matters in 2008 is MONEY - fundraising!

Just WHAT THE HELL IS HILLARY CLINTON telling her big corporate donors when they write her a $10,000 or larger check?

Are we supposed to be impressed by Hillary's approximately $30 million fundraising prowess... when Exxon-Mobile, alone, made THIRTY BILLION DOLLARS in PROFIT last year, and could underwrite a $100 million dollar candidate's campaign with ease, were it to guarantee them a sympathetic White House for another 4 years?

This is the American media's dog-and-pony show: "LOOK HOW MUCH THE CANDIDATES RAISED!" knowing that the majority of that money will be used to pay for expensive air-time ads that enrich that very corporate media.

Just where the hell does BARACK OBAMA stand on wounded veterans being SHAFTED by the Department of Defense and Bush administration?

Where the hell do both Hillary and Obama stand on OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE from the very core of the Bush-Cheney White House before the 2004 election?

THE DEMOCRAT FRONT-RUNNERS are selling us the same bill of goods John Kerry sold Democrats in the long summer of 2004! "Just give me the nomination, then I'll fight for you."

But Kerry REFUSED to use Bush's FLIP-FLOPPING on "We'll get Osama bin Laden dead or alive"/"I'm really not that concerned with him anymore." Kerry REFUSED to use the open CIA-outing scandal, and brewing OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE scandal, against the Bush White House. Kerry REFUSED to use the Lies-to-War as an issue in campaign 2004, and he REFUSED to make an issue out of voting machines that would not pass any state's routine inspection of computerized gambling slot-machines, to prevent a few lines of computer code being inserted to 'skim' a portion of the machine's take - a possibility that becomes a certainty without stringent code inspections!

And today, the Democratic front-runners and Democratic leadership REFUSE TO USE opposition research to DEFINE President Bush and Vice President Cheney as being the REAL core of all that deceit and corruption coming from the White House and US government!

The name "Karl Rove" is as VERBOTTEN from Obama, Hillary, and John Edward's lips, as it is from the "mainstream media" reporters!

In short, we are over 15 months away from election 2008, and ALREADY the damn Democrats are SNATCHING DEFEAT from the jaws of victory, as Gore and Kerry did.

Already the Democratic "front-runners" are AFRAID to mention KARL ROVE, AFRAID to mention OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, AFRAID to mention "outing an undercover CIA operation is a crime"; AFRAID to demand the resignation of Alberto Gonzales and his FIXED prosecutors (installed without senate confirmation over firings of previous US Attorneys); AFRAID to mention computerized voting machines that are the laughingstock of world elections.

THE DEMOCRATIC FRONT-RUNNERS, and Democratic leaders, are now DEFINED by what they are AFRAID to talk about.

HOW the United States of America, the "land of the free" and "home of the brave" came to be represented by politicians who are MARKED BY FEAR, AFRAID to talk about what is most important for America, is simply an amazing example of the power of big-money corruption.


And the Bushevik Band Played On
BuzzFlash.com editorial
Tue, 04/03/2007

In case you didn’t notice, Alberto Gonzales is still Attorney General (although that may change soon, with the even more unctuous and repellent Orrin Hatch possibly replacing him) – and those political hacks who were "temporarily" appointed as partisan U.S. Prosecutors are going to do their dirty work unimpeded.

It’s like a nightmare without end.

No matter how much the evidence piles up, the Bushevik crime family still runs America – and George and Dick are left to litter the airwaves with their threats of the Democrats abandoning our troops "in harm’s way." But, of course, we all know our troops are needlessly "in harm’s way" because George and Dick put them there with insufficient resources – and a game plan that was dead on arrival -- for oh so many years.

Nothing could symbolize the excess of a morally decaying empire that cannot stop its suicidal journey than the loathsome White House Correspondents Dinner this year. It was the same group of incestuous politicians, lobbyists and D.C. mainstream media transcriptionists who yucked it up when Bush looked for non-existent WMDs under a dinner table, as our GIs were being blown to bits in Iraq.

It was the same group of decadent elitists who gave Stephen Colbert the cold shoulder last year when he dared to pierce the bubble of sycophantic excess with his finely barbed truth.

So this past week, the White House Correspondents Dinner attendees laughed uproariously when some mediocre comedians invited Karl Rove up to do a corrupt white man’s rap. (As usual, Jon Stewart has the definitive take on Rove’s tasteless jailbird performance: "Let’s say Jeffrey Dahmer came to your Bar Mitzvah and turned out to be a great dancer. He’s still Jeffrey Dahmer.")

The descent of our executive branch and media lackeys into a pit of mad excess has even brought right wing critics out of the closet, such as Vic Gold, a conservative hit man who goes back to Barry Goldwater. In a scathing forthcoming book on Bush and Cheney, Gold notes:

"For all the Rove-built facade of his being a 'strong' chief executive, George W. Bush has been, by comparison to even hapless Jimmy Carter, the weakest, most out of touch president in modern times," Gold writes. "Think Dan Quayle in cowboy boots."

Gold is even more withering in his observations of Cheney. "A vice president in control is bad enough. Worse yet is a vice president out of control."

For Gold, Cheney brings to mind the adage of Swiss writer Madame de Stael, who wrote, "Men do not change, they unmask themselves." Cheney has a deep streak of paranoia and megalomania, Gold suggests -- but he says he did not see it at first.

In the last few months, we have finally seen on public record the corruption, failure, mendacity and irresponsibility of the Bush Administration. And the faucet is just getting turned on.
But like an orchestra that has the stage surrounded with armed guards, this band refuses to stop playing.

The only people left who are dancing to their tune are the masters of industry and a sycophantic D.C. press corps, who receive their salaries from those same corporations.

And the Bushevik band ceaselessly plays on. No one can seem to end its hymn to death, greed, empire, and utter incompetence.

We are forced to be witnesses to the tittering of the ruling class -- Busheviks, D.C. media, and corporate barons – as the Titanic sinks of its own hubris and unrestrained egotism, while Karl Rove, a man who should be serving consecutive life sentences, performs a shameful pudgy white man’s rap.