Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cowardly Democrats selling their voters, consitutents, AMERICA - DOWN THE RIVER, on issue after issue...

WHERE do we even start? EVERYONE in America knows that going to LAW SCHOOL is an arduous task... That law school students are expected to MEMORIZE obscure case law, rulings recorded years ago in legal texts, that they should be able to research all through the legal procedings of decades past to support or refute a given case in their future careers as lawyers.

Yet on matters of conduct and direction at the VERY CORE of US Justice Department, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales stated "I can't recall," or "I can't remember," or "I don't know the answer to that question" TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME in testimony before the House and Senate judiciary committees.
The Attorney General's testimony appeared, at times, to contradict itself - to make him appear to by lying under oath - and that impression has been supported by the testimony of other senor Justice Department officials, under sworn testimony before Congress, including Deputy Attorney General Paul McNolty, Kyle Sampson, and, today, Monica Goodling.

YET AT EACH AND EVERY STEP OF THE WAY on the issue of "Purge-gate" - the FIRING of qualified, competent, and successful US Attorneys, to be replaced by those who in some cases had NO PROSECUTORIAL EXPEIENCE AT ALL - the Cowering Democratic Leadership JOINS THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION and Washington punditocracy "Conventional Wisdom" in saying "NO PROBLEM HERE! Using the US Justice Department as an arm of the Republican Party - to DISENFRANCHISE and INTIMIDATE LEGAL VOTERS - is acceptable procedure."

PURGE-gate lawlessness - 'caging' voter lists, obstruction of justice, illegal wiretaps, possible perjury under oath - is only ONE FACET of the lawlessness that PERVADES THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION.


So to is the CIA-OUTING SCANDAL, and Presidential Political Advisor Karl Rove's role in the original, illegal "Outing" of an undercover CIA operation (to discredit a critic of the White House's pshing the Iraq war); his role in the OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE that pushed that scandal beyond the 2004 presidential election (with the abject complicity of the cowardly John Kerry campaign); and the PERJURY Mr. Rove skirted in pursuit of that obstruction of justice.

The Democratic Leadership NEVER sought to aggressively TIE President Bush to Ken Lay and the chronic FRAUD of the ENRON meltdown - despite Enron and Mr. Lay being Mr. Bush's number one campaign contributors from his two Texas gubernatorial races through his presidential primary, presidential election, and Florida recount legal battle.

IN SHORT, the Democratic "LEADERSHIP" has played HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL" of Bush administration LAWLESSNESS for so long, and so consistently, that BEING COMPLICIT with Bush administration lawlessness IS NOW THE DEFINING CHARACTERISTIC of the Democratic "leadership."
COMPLICITY - in LAWLESSNESS - SELLING American voters, citizens, workers, pensioners, and constituents DOWN THE RIVER, because Democrats have made themselves addicted to big campaign donors and corporate lobbyist fundraising.

(Note: behind the USA Today and DOJ double-speak, this story captures ATTORNEY GENERAL Alberto Gonzales DENYING ANY ROLE or RESPONSIBILY in drawing up the list of US Attorneys to be FIRED ("purged") by the Bush administration, and tries to LAY THE BLAME for the selection of those purged US Attorneys at the feet of an underling - Deputy AG McNulty - who is on the way out (has resigned from) the Department of Justice. This is of course DESPICABLE that the Attorney General of the United States makes himself out to be a useless, uninformed, no-responsibility drone.

The only question is, "WHICH is MORE DESPICABLE - the Bush Administration PURGING competent, successful US prosecutors to replace them with unqualified "Heck of a job, Brownie" partisan HACKS - - - or the fact that after "Heckuva job Brownie" has enterted the American lexicon as a symbol of corruption, incompetence, and partisan cronyism, the COWARDLY DEMOCRATS offer NO ENERGETIC or compelling answer to President Bush doing the SAME THING TO THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT that he did to FEMA before Hurrican Katrina exposed his rank cronyism there.)

Gonzales: McNulty knew best about firings
USA Today - Staff and wire-service reporters
May __? 2007

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Tuesday that his deputy, who is resigning, was the most important player in the controversial decision about which U.S. attorneys should be fired last year.
Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty, who said Monday that he will leave his post this summer for financial reasons, is the highest-ranking Justice Department official to step down since the issue over the firings erupted this year.

McNulty's testimony in February helped ignite the firestorm that has led to calls in Congress for Gonzales to resign.