Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary Clinton invokes... specter of MURDER of her campaign opponent as a GOOD REASON to stay in race!

Here it is, Hillary's "Well, my opponent could be MURDERED like Robert F. Kennedy was during the 1968 campaign.. so I simply don't understand why anyone would suggest I drop out of the race now" comment, in her own words.

This is NOT the first time Senator Clinton has invoked the RFK assassination as a GOOD reason for her to stay in the Democratic presidential primary.

And, just this past week, Arkansas Governor MIKE HUCKABEE used the sound of a chair crashing off-stage during his NRA speech, to INVOKE THE IMAGE of a panicked Barak Obama DUCKING FROM A RIFLEMAN AIMING a gun at him!

Radio talk-show host Big Ed Schultz, a very perceptive "liberal" Democratic commentator of "heartland" America values and the political balance there, told his radio audience that Huckabee would probably sweep the field against his Republican presidential primary opponents. Big Ed would probably have been right (as in "correct") - except that he underestimated Huckabee's boorish, no class, no brains character. Time after time, Huckabee shot himself in foot with stupid, gratuitous comments, ELIMINATING HIMSELF as the corporate/big-biz/establishment GOP favorite. (And doing the impossible in the process - Huckabee's frequent shoot-self-in-foot gaffs, actually made George W. Bush look like an effective and competent campaigner and spokesman in comparison!)

It was Huckabee's ELIMINATING HIMSELF from the race with BLATANTLY racist comments that powered the resurrection-from-the-dead of the John McCain campaign, no great resiliance or endurance on McCain's part. (To repeat, the GOP nomination is secured by the Big Biz/establishment preference for a candidate who has the ability to put a smooth, polished, silk-purse gloss on the pig's ear politics of tax-cuts and consolidation approvals for corporations that ruin the US economy.)

HUCKABEE and HILLARY - two entitled establishment politicians, who both have summoned up identical images of GUNMEN using MURDER to influence the American political process.

Below, Countdown's Keith Olbermann's Special Comment INDICTMENT of Hillary's outrageous and disgusting "assassination as path to nomination" comments... Olbermann cites the previous instances of Senator Clinton using this rational, as well as her other repeated duplicitous comments and "mistatements."