Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Corrupt uber- Neo-Con Senator DIANNE FEINSTEIN does her Queen MARIE ANTOINETTE Impression....

Ye gads! Are America's uber- Neo-Con apparatchiks TRULY THAT STUPID?!

Would DIANNE FEINSTEIN be SO ARROGANT, SO CONCEITED, SO entitled, and SO CORRUPT, that she would make MARIE ANTOINETTE look compassionate by comparison??!!

Well, See for yourself:
- As MILLIONS of Americans LIVE IN DREAD of getting a TWENTY PERCENT INCREASE in their HEALTH-CARE bills,
- much less as Americans live in dread of being DECLINED health insurance because of pre-existing conditions;
- much less as those millions of Americans dread the SHEER TERROR of having a family member diagnosed with a deadly disease, only to be told that YOUR HEALTH-INSURANCE company REFUSES to make payments on your hospital & medical claims;
Senator Dianne Feinstein ACTUALLY HAD the TEMERITY and GALL to say about Democratic voters & American citizens making PHONE CALLS to her senate offices in California & Washington asking the Great Senator to support (genuine) single-payer health-care reform:
(and we QUOTE her comments as reported in the very neo-con friendly Washington Post)
"I do not think this is helpful. It doesn't move me one whit," she said. "They are spending a lot of money on something that is not productive."
Note the sneering, very Neo-Con elitist, authoritarian NY/Washington 'establishment' tone of both Ms. Feinstein's "MY CONSTITUENT's OPINIONS are NOT HELPFUL" comment, and the Washing Post's headline
"Health-Care Activists Targeting Democrats
_Sniping_ Among Liberals May Jeopardize Votes Needed to Pass Bill"

COULD the Post have found a MORE DEMEANING, DEROGATORY, SCORNFUL word than "sniping" to describe dedicated health-care reform advocates as self-destructive 'snipers' - much less to put in their headline?

NO ELITIST, ESTABLISHMENT, corporatist "democracy is a scam to fool the peons" Neo-Con bias at the Post, we can be sure (retch)!!

...AND of course the entire theme running through this WashPost story (and a similar near-fellatio puff-piece bio the NY Times wrote on SINGLE-PAYER EXECUTIONER Senator Baucus last week) is that those outside-of-DC grass-roots "campaign foot soldiers" ARE JUST SO PUSHY and UNGRATEFUL to their NY/WallSt/DC superiors & corporate masters;
even if MILLIONS of voters and hundreds of thousands of "campaign foot soldiers" were working their tails of donating time and money to campaigns 2008 EXPRESSLY to BRING CHANGE to Washington & the US government and Congress...
"WHO DO these PEONS THINK THEY ARE for demanding any kind of _real_ change from the health-care industry or Congress?" ??!!!!!!!!

(Much less "Who do the peons think they are?" for demanding REAL change in the secret-wars, secret surveillance, secret torture gulags; secret TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars for 'off the books government spending' that is the core agenda and crown jewel of the very NEO-CON, radical right-wing, Caeser-exterminates-the-Gauls imperialism that the Washington Post so loves and supports.)

btw, SEIU union President ANDREW STERN, mentioned in the Washington Post story on Feinstein & Bacus' oh-so-great "leadership" (crushing) of Health Care reform, is on the WRONG SIDE of this debate; Senator Baucus is NOT "patient" much less "OPEN" about genuine health-care reform, his is a ROBBER-BARON autocrat dictatorial EXECUTIONER of even the most preliminary DEBATE on genuine health-care reform, it was Senator Baucus who LAUGHED and CALLED FOR MORE POLICE, as he SLAMMED HIS GAVEL DOWN, demanding that DOCTORS & nurses from be ARRESTED out of his Senate Finance Committee "Health Care Reform" hearings, those doctors having the TEMERITY to PROTEST The Great Senator Baucus's FIFTEEN-to-ZERO EXCLUSION of single-payer advocates FROM EVEN THE MOST PRELIMINARY discussions of reform, which of course were DOMINATED by the very health-insurance & HMO LOBBYISTS, who have donated $500,000 to Baucus' political campaigns -
The Great Senator Baucus no more and no less than the industry's HIRED HIT MAN & reform (much less DISSENT) EXECUTIONER!
repost: at 1:45 in this video, Senator Baucus LAUGHS as he calls for MORE POLICE to ARREST doctors protesting his FIFTEEN-to-ZERO exclusion of Single-Payer advocates from his FIXED, FRAUDULENT, preliminary 'roundtable' Senate "reform" hearings -

repost: DIANNE FEINSTEIN takes her MARCHING ORDERS from PNAC WARMONGER, and uber- NEO-CON entitled, elitist, NY/DC Right-Wing Republican media pooh-bah BILL KRISTOL, who SCORNS the notion that AMERICA's CHILDREN SHOULD HAVE ACCESS to COMPETENT HEALTH-CARE, if their parents can not afford premium health-care insurance:
(at 1:02 in the video)

Translation (our paraphrase): IF American School children come down with potentially DEADLY diseases, and those childrens' parents DO NOT HAVE PREMIUM health-care, THEY SHOULD GO AHEAD AND DIE, already.

THAT - BILL KRISTOL's and RUPERT MURDOCHS' very Right-Wing Republican Neo-Con
"in name of American SECURITY we Americans MUST SEND TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OVERSEAS to PROP UP OUR MILITARY EMPIRE, but IF Americans need HEALTH CARE in America but can't afford PREMIUM health insurance - THROW THEM TO THE LIONS!" talking points - ARE THE TALKING POINTS of so-called "Democratic" "leaders," senators DIANNE FEINSTEIN and MAX BAUCUS.