Friday, August 24, 2012

United States government SOLIDLY in the TREASON and TERRORISM business: Hillary, Obama, the 'Democrats' AND Republicans in Con-gress... FOLLOWING the treasonous dictates of the Netanyahu/Likud Jewish War Lobby, are SUPPORTING ISLAMIC TERRORISTS in the criminal, undeclared war on Syria....

 Hillary Clinton, the nominal 'United' States SECRETARY of STATE, and her nominal boss,  President Barack Obama, are SUPPORTING TERRORISTS at the behest of the treasonous jewish war lobby, in a relentless scorched-earth campaign to destroy Syria,  and indeed turn the entire MiddleEast  into a chaotic blood-soaked, war-torn, divided & conquered, terrorized string of colonies of the Netanyahu, Sharon, Liberman (et al) Jewish supremacist, mass-murderous, Likud Party run jewish war state. 
   All the more hideous is that the Rothschilds jewish debt extortion financiers, through their wholly owned Reuters European 'news' service  (a 100+ year propaganda megaphone for the treasonous global jewish 'money power' and the jewish war state they (Rothschilds) spawned in the late 19th and post-WWII 20th century)  have declared war on the men, women, and personel of the (late) 'United' States military, trying to paint U.S. military veterans as armed and psychotic crazies who must be reigned in, controlled and... ultimately, eliminated, in a coming-to-America Stalinesque style DHS purge?  

   Coming from the BLATANTLY RACIST, GENOCIDAL JEWS (Rothschilds and other jewish financiers) who power and finance the mass-murderous Likud Party jewish supremacist agenda in israel, this is beyond gall and hypocrisy... it is ghoulish, vampire  treason and lack of respect for the men and women of the American military who parents, only a generation ago, saved Europe (and those 'judeo elites' from henry kissinger, ted koppel, to the rothschilds themselves)  from the Nazi Gestapo & SS. 
  Indeed,  IF YOU WERE TO REMOVE ALL the "RACISTS" from the jewish army - the Israel 'Defence' Forces which leaves, breathes, and dreams about killing Arabs and Palestinians and Syrians and Iranians (not to overlook glaring contempt and scorn for the Ameicans hands that feed them) - you would no longer have a single person in that  despicably hypocrtical, genocidal jewish army!

Below the first 3 paragraphs of text from the treasonous "Foreign Policy"  war-crimes inciting propaganda rag masquerading as a 'news' article....
By all accounts, Sunni Islamists are leading the fight against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and are on track to become the paramount political force in Damascus after he's gone. The mainstream Syrian Muslim Brotherhood dominatesthe Syrian National Council, the opposition's primary political umbrella and diaspora fundraising arm, while more militant Salafi-jihadist groups are assuming a steadily greaterrole in fighting regime forces on the ground. Even the supposedly secular Free Syrian Army (FSA) is exhibiting an Islamist character, with one leading commander recently exhortingSyrians to "go for jihad" and "gain an afterlife and heaven." Many outside observers find the Islamist character of the revolt disconcerting, with some even counseling indirect U.S. military intervention as a means of suppressing it.    
Unfortunately, there's not much the United States can do about it.   [THIS IS A BALD LIE. For one, the United States government and the war criminals in israel  COULD STOP SUPPORTING the "religious fundamentalist" = JIHADI TERRORISTS attacks.  And, at a time when the U.S. is actively trying to sabotage an established nation (Syria) that has representation in the United Nations; and just under 10 years after the United States INVADED IRAQ based on the serial Neo-Con  lies that Saddam's Iraq has ties to the SUNNI al Qaeda TERRORISTS who attacked America on 9-11,  these lying FP pigs want to have their cake and eat it too.]  
Islamist political ascendancy is inevitable in a majority Sunni Muslim country brutalized for more than four decades by a secular minoritarian dictatorship.   [ANOTHER total FP lie.]  
 Moreover, enormous financial resources are pouring in from the Arab-Islamic world [WITH the TREASONOUS  jewish war lobby's approval]  to promote explicitly Islamist resistance to Assad's Alawite-dominated, Iranian-backed regime. Providing "secular" rebels with additional money and arms won't reverse the effects.  For starters, the Assad regime would not be in the trouble it's in today were it not for the Islamists.  [EXACTLY!  the TREASONOUS Neo-Cons and their jewish war state partners in war crimes, are SUPPORTING ISLAMIST TERRORISTS, in attempt to DESTROY  YET ANOTHER Mideast county, and turn it into a vassal of the genocidal jewish war state.]  
Though the March 2011 uprising was initially broad-based, the Arab world's most sophisticated internal security apparatus easily pacified protesters outside of heavily Sunni areas. But the mixture of faith and politics proved impossible to contain: Since banning Muslims from attending prayers was politically unthinkable, mosques became the focal points of massive anti-government demonstrations that quickly overwhelmed the regime's capacity to clear the streets without bloodshed.  
  Islamists -- many of them hardened by years of fighting U.S. forces in Iraq -- are simply more effective fighters than their secular counterparts.... (cont'd)  

 read that last sentence again!      president barack obama, secretary of state hillary clinton, the entire 'United' States State Department, the treasonous Civilian Command overlords of the U.S. military, the  treasonous, money-grubbing-from-a-foreign-power
(AIPAC legalized bribes "campaign donations" COORDINATED by a foreign nation,  the jewish war state, israel)  ...Republicans and 'Democrats' on Capital Hill, are now SUPPORTING FIGHTERS who gained experience... FIGHTING the American army and military in Iraq!   

   The very Neo-Con uber-hypocrite DEFINITION of  "terrorists" !!!!


   The paid professional liars at 'Foreign Policy' magazine,  just like those at the similar Neo-Con (judeo war lobby + predatory finance overlords) run Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) do nothing but  regurgitate and propogate those  textbook rehashings of those genocidal, jewish supremacist Jewish war lobby (Neo-Con) talking points - see the wiki entry for Foreign Policy (magazine & founders), here is the lead sentence of wiki's entry: "Foreign Policy is a bimonthly American magazine founded in 1970 by Samuel P. Huntington and Warren Demian Manshel."  Wouldn't you know it, under the wiki entry for Manshel's bio is a heading bragging on the "Manshel Lecture on American Foreign Policy, Harvard University" - with no less than jewish war lobby NY/Ivy League uber- propagandist Irving Kristol (deceased) as the first honoree.


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