Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bankers gone INSANE: using "Derivatives" and other FRAUDULENT loans & accounting gimicks, the bankers have created DEBT that is MANY TIMES the ENTIRE WORLD's GDP !!!

video - Max Keiser explains the essence of how the now insanely run,  privately owned so-called 'Federal' Reserve loansharking, fiat-money printing debt extortion banking cartel has run amok:

 [we note that]  There is a fine line between the "credit" that 'the Fed' bankers issue and "money," and, empowered over the past 2 decades since the fall of the Soviet Union / Russian Communist empire/ red army war machine has removed any real restraints from the globally predatory bankers, the bankers have, as Mr. Max Keiser points out,  since issued more "credit" (= debt = 'money' !!)  than many multiples of the entire world GDP !!

   That the  member/owner banks  behind  'the Fed' have issued MORE credit/DEBT than many multiples of the entire world's GDP is not a nuanced or sophisticated notion. 

   This is simply the "original sin" of banking (or perhaps "original temptation of banking" is a better term) - FRACTIONAL RESERVE banking - on steroids. 
    Modern era banks started out as goldsmiths in medieval and post-medieval European towns and cities, where members of the community who did not have their own castles, dungeon storerooms, and private armies (security forces) found they could  save some of their wealth in he tform of gold or silver  at their local goldsmith... storing the very portable wealth of gold or silver in one's own home is of course a titanic invitation for it to be stolen, whether by outside thieves breaking in, or by one's own family members. 
       Goldsmiths, in turn, learned that they could make PROFITS by LOANING OUT this gold that DID NOT BELONG TO THEM.    This is the essence of modern banking - lending out money that does not 'belong' to you.   There was (is) no problem for the goldsmiths if every one of their loans were paid back in full - they would be able to deliver your gold back to you, upon your demand.
     The problem, of course, comes from when the goldsmith/banker lends out gold and the loans default - go bad -  and that goldsmith/banker now no longer has the gold on hand to give back to the original owners, who left their gold with him for safekeeping, when they come asking for it. 

   We now shift this above very simple model of  gold as 'money' banking into a slightly more
nuanced and sophisticated model, simply by noting that a merchant, tradesman, or builder borrowing that gold could find himself ROBBED of it just as easily as the thrifty saver who originally had gold stored in his home at the start of our story.   
    The goldsmith/banker could,  instead of lending out gold bars, issue a LETTER of CREDIT to that merchant or tradesman,  who could then EXCHANGE that letter of credit for the goods, services, & supplies he needs to purchase from other merchants, for trade or to build or produce his next venture with. 
    A piece of paper is even more portable than gold, and far less susceptible to theft - a merchant robbed of his letter of credit could simply go back to the goldsmith/banker and explain that he had been robbed, to not pay out when the letter of credit was finally presented back to the goldsmith/banker for payment (in gold). 
      Here, in using paper money, a letter of credit as money,  the nuances and levels of sophistication build up rapidly:  just how quickly will a merchant or tradesman accept that letter of credit as 'money' - literally, as being "as good as gold" (this of course depends on the reputation of the person writing that letter of credit - any fool can write on a piece of paper "this piece of paper is worth 500 pounds of gold"!) and, more to our story,  if a goldsmith/banker can issue letters of credit for gold that he does not own, then what is the limit on how many letters of credit he can issue? 
     Quite simply, if a banker issues a loan - a letter of credit - at 10% interest, for loaning out one full pound of gold, and that loan is paid back in full and on time,  the banker has just "made" or earned one-tenth of a pound of gold... !!
     Tempted by his above success  effectively "creating money out of thin air" the banker repeats his gamble - he now loans out TWO pounds of gold  that he does not own, and if repaid promptly at 10% interest,  he now owns two-tenths of a pound of gold that he did not own before. 

   At 10% interest, we see that if the goldsmith/banker loans out  TEN pounds of gold that he does not own,  but all ten pounds of gold loans are repaid on time, he has just "made" or earned for himself  a full pound of gold, of his own, in profits. 
  With a 100% success rate, what is to stop a banker from lending out, in form of  letters of credit,  ONE HUNDRED pounds of gold that he does not own... even if he does not even have 100 pounds of other people's gold in his storage safe? 

   AS LONG AS ALL LOANS are repaid by the original borrowers before the trademen or merchants they have purchased good from demand repayment in gold for those letters of credit,   we see that bankers can theoretically issue UNLIMITED amounts of  loans... or "credit"... or "money" [!!]   based on, theoretically,  NO original deposits, or, in our above simple example, no real gold.   

  The above is the root of today's global economic crisis. 

   Empowered by Bob Rubin, Sandy Weil, larry summers, and Phil Gramm's  "DEREGULATION" jihad in the late 1990s (under so-called "liberal Democrat" president Bill Clinton), bankers threw out the regulations that had restrained how  much credit   = money!!     they could  create out of thin air, and promptly went on a lending binge... 

  ...with bank executives (such as the above mentioned Bob Rubin, and today's current White House Chief of Staff, and fellow  ex-CityBank Rubinite bankster Jacob Lew)  taking "profits" and "bonuses" for all loans they wrote immediately... even if those were BAD LOANS that WOULD NOT BE REPAID in the future, bad loans that would eventually BANKRUPT those banks... the high ranking banking executives GOT PAID NOW, for writing BAD LOANS that would NEVER be repaid... and the entire FRACTIONAL RESERVE banking scheme would come crashing down,  just as it would for a simple goldsmith who had loaned out other people's gold, and now, from bad loans, found he could not hand over those gold bars to the real, original owners who had left them with him for safekeeping. 
  The final level of complexity is added when first President George W. Bush, and then so-called 'change' President Barack Obama, started "BAILING OUT" banks that had actually GONE BANKRUPT by writing bad loans - a "bailout" being either already in existance TAXPAYER DOLLARS collected (extorted!) by the government and handed over to the banks.... or  NEW "money" CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR  by the bankers at the 'Federal' Reserve, and handed over to... the same bankers, the bankers behind the so-called 'Federal' Reserve!!

     But when 'the Fed' bankers CREATE 'new' MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR, they are REPEATING the exact credit disease that go them in this mess in the first place! 

   At both the micro-  (local) and macro levels, the Fed banksters are FULL OF S***!!

  At the micro (local) level they are PAYING THEMSELVES for WRITING BAD LOANS,
   ...and at the macro- (national or international) level, they have 'created' credit ( = "money" !!) that is many multiples, if not magnitudes, greater than the entire world's GDP !! 
  Their claims to "profits" are FRAUDULENT, and their CLAIMS TO WEALTH are also FRAUDULENT - using the sorcerer's apprentice magic of  fractional reserve banking run amok, in concert with bribing government officials to extort taxpayers to give them "bailouts," the bankers now claim that your gold (wealth) is now really their gold... and that they can, backed by the extortion powers of government (police and military) billy-clubs and bayonets,  make you pay for ANY amount of wealth they write on a piece of paper as a letter of credit,  when that loan = credit = 'money' defaults and goes bad!! 

 bonus - see the full video story here -