Thursday, June 28, 2007

Faced with CRUMBLING APPROVAL RATINGS, the Dem leadership FINALLY decides to go after the crimes and corruptions of Bush-Cheney co....

Faced with CRUMBLING Congressional FAVORABILITY RATINGS, House and Senate Democrats have begun a full-scale campaign to pin responsibility on the GOP for the failure to either enact key domestic legislation or to stem the bloodshed in Iraq.,
(article by Thomas B. Edsall at

FINALLY the Democratic 'leadership' notices - Americans have been UNDER ASSAULT by the jobs-outsourcing, education-slashing, disaster-ignoring, benefits-denying, wages-hacking, criminal-indictments, crony-corruption Bush-Rove-Cheney-Abramoff-DeLay-Libby-Cunningham White House and Republican Party, and Americans WANT their elected government to REIGN IN those criminal and abusive executive powers and policies of Bush-Cheney co.
That is, after all, the CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY of Congress, however much the corporate media whores try to spin the Congress's sole job as doing nothing more than empowering corporate greed and tax cuts for billionaires.