Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hillary's Stockholm-victim syndrome: drinking the Right-Wing Republican Kool-Aid.

Hillary Clinton, a victim of over a dozens years as THE FOCUS of the Rethuglican smear machine (except for two brief campaign seasons by Al Gore and John Kerry) now acts like a STOCKHOLM SYNDROME VICTIM - she now wholly adopts RIDICULOUS REPUBLICAN TALKING POINTS as her own.

Yesterday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, on national TV at the 2nd or 3rd Republican debate, stated as a matter of fact that the United States was forced to go to war with Iraq - to invade a prostate nation - because "Saddam would NOT ALLOW the IAEA weapons inspectors in."

Of course the reality is the complete opposite - the International Atomic Energy Association inspectors WERE in Iraq, inspecting ANY site that the United States pointed out as suspect, within 48 or even 24 hours, before the international weapons inspectors were ORDERED TO LEAVE Iraq by the US government (Dick Cheney and George W. Bush) as US bombs were set to fall on that prostate nation within days if not hours.

HILLARY is REPRESENTAIVE of the GREAT FAILING of the Democratic Party - the ABJECT REFUSAL to DEMAND that the media, much less the Republican Party, much less the president and vice president who stole two national elections, stick to the truth.

On an issue as simple as 10,000,000 news articles and TV videos proving that IAEA inspectors WERE in Iraq, today, in an on-air radio interview, Hillary didn't even think the Republican Party's mantra "It was necessary to ATTACK IRAQ because SADDAM Hussein WOULD NOT ALLOW WEAPONS INSPECTORS IN" was worth mentioning or rebutting.

Hillary and the Democratic leadership are AWOL - missing in action, PERFECTLY WILLING to ALLOW a LIE to saturate and pervade the American consciousness because the Republican Party gains from the lie, and the American media is too corrupted and lazy to call them on it.

Hillary is even more directly guilty of FOLLOWING the Republican narrative, in her ABSURD notion that America is SAFER TODAY than it was before 9-11-2001.

Hillary is as bad as the 30% Bush supporters, drinking the kool-aid of FOX 'news' and Rush (liar) Limbaugh. Before George W. Bush was installed as President, Iraq was bisected by US no-fly zones; it was SURROUNDED by larger, more powerful neighbors (Iran and Turkey); it was under US enforced EMBARGO (EXCEPT for Dick Cheney's Halliburton company AVOIDING the embargo by using European subsidiaries); and Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other hot spots had little reason to hate America, besides Osama bin Laden's Al Qiada, which hated the presence of American military bases on "holy" Saudi soil.

Today, millions of Muslims are uneasy if not outraged as every new US bombing mission declares "12 suspected insurgents killed by US airstrikes."

HILLARY CLINTON - drinking the Republican "Bush and Cheney HAVE MADE US SAFER!" kool-aid. WHAT THE HELL is she thinking?

FOLLOWING a narrative set by a propaganda spinmeisters of the Radical Right is NOT LEADERSHIP - a quality sorely lacking from the Democratic Party.


Edwards assails Clinton's terror remarks
By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer
Thu Jun 7, 2007;_ylt=Ar2T1dL5w0QdCpzualugaazMWM0F

NEW YORK - Presidential contender John Edwards on Thursday disputed Democratic rival Hillary Rodham Clinton's claim that the U.S. is safer since Sept. 11 and contended GOP candidate Rudy Giuliani will never win if he embraces President Bush's policies.

Speaking on the New Yorkers' home turf — and not far from Ground Zero — Edwards dismissed Clinton's comments in Sunday's debate in which she said the nation is safer now that it was before the terrorist attacks. Clinton's other top rival, Sen. Barack Obama also has challenged her claim.

"Today, as a result of what George Bush has done, we have more terrorists and fewer allies," Edwards said at a news conference. "There was no group called al-Qaida in Iraq before this president's war in Iraq."

He never mentioned Clinton by name but the subject was obvious.

Clinton advisers said she had been referring to improvements in domestic and airline security in the wake of the attacks.

Like Clinton, Edwards, the former North Carolina senator, voted to authorize military action against Iraq in 2002 and supported the concept of a global war on terror throughout his 2004 presidential bid. He was quoted during that campaign as saying he believed the country was safer than it had been before Sept. 11.

On Thursday, he said his views had changed as the situation in Iraq has deteriorated.

Edwards also assailed the Republican candidates for their tough talk on Iraq and global terror, arguing that they were trying to be "George Bush on steroids." He singled out Giuliani, the former New York City mayor widely praised for his leadership after the attacks.

"If Mayor Giuliani believes that what the president has done is good ... and runs a campaign for the presidency saying 'I will give you four more years of what this president has done,' he's allowed to do that. He will never be elected president, but he is allowed to do that," Edwards said.

In response, Giuliani campaign spokeswoman Katie Levinson said, "John Edwards' track record of predicting election outcomes speaks for itself."

Clinton's campaign declined to comment, pointing to a statement released by New York Sen. Chuck Schumer after Sunday's debate.

Despite the Bush administration's failures, America's first responders have worked tirelessly over the last six years to make the nation's cities and towns safer," Schumer said. "As a senator from New York, Hillary Clinton is grateful every day for their efforts."