Friday, February 8, 2008

More Political Cowardice from Nancy Pelosi's Congress: She IGNORES AG Mukasey REFUSAL to enforce CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS citations....

That was then, this is now: Nancy Pelosi, January 2007, basking in the fruits of victory of the DEMOCRATIC win of majority of Congressional races in the November 2006 election. One year later, Pelosi BETRAYS voters across America. She might as well be paid directly by the RNC, her refusal to CONFRONT the Bush administration is worth tens of millions of dollars to the Republican right-wing agenda and Republican candidates and campaigns....

Every day in 2008 is another day deeper into the the INSTITUTIONAL COWARDICE and POLITICAL CORRUPTION of the inside-the-beltway "Democratic" "leadership."
As our previous post illustrated, you can not even outline or highlight Speaker Pelosi's ABJECT COMPLICITY with the CRIMINAL ABUSES OF POWER of the Bush-Cheney White House, without going into a long, extended rant.
Today's headlines bring at least three more such evidentiary reports to the swelling narrative, "NANCY PELOSI WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to WHITEWASH the Bush-Cheney administration's criminal abuses of power, because THAT IS WHAT THE DEMOCRAT "leadership" does: ENABLE THE CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH AND POWER that resides in Washington DC, no matter how abusive, corrupt, or criminal the Bush-Cheney administration may be."

#1. _ATTORNEY GENERAL_ Michael Mukasey said today that if Congress passed contempt citations against current and former White House officials based on their refusal to respond to subpoenas, the Justice Department would not enforce them, as federal law instructs.

Got that? The Attorney General of the United States not only has informed Speaker Pelosi and her Congress that he will NOT UPHOLD U.S. LAW, but in this case SPECIFICALLY an instance of the executive branch of government (the White House) NOT reporting to, NOT being held accountable by, the legislative branch, the US Congress!
THAT IS THE HEART AND CORE of the United States Constitution!

NANCY PELOSI, in IGNORING Mukasey's face-slapping determination NOT to enforce legal contempt citations, IS ENABLING WHITE HOUSE OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

For this one dereliction of duty, ALONE, Nancy Pelosi DESERVES TO BE IMPEACHED as Speaker of the House. (Since she runs the Congress which would do the impeaching, and since she is the ringleader of the totalitarian block of "Democrats" who favor the sweeping whitewash of Bush-Cheney abuses of power, this of course will not happen.)

ITEM: #2. Los Angeles County DISCARDS 94,000 votes - NINETY-FOUR THOUSAND VOTES! - as "Decline to State" votes.
This is a new bureaucrateeze word for "UNDERVOTE", the means by which Republicans trashed 16,000 SIXTEEN THOUSAND votes in Florida District 13 in 2006, thereby in all likelihood robbing Democrat Congressional candidate Christine Jennings of a legitimate win, and handing the election to her Republican opponent.
WHY would "DEMOCRAT" leader of Congress NANCY PELOSI _IGNORE_ the trashing of SIXTEEN THOUSAND VOTES in a state which is already so infamous for trashing Democratic and minority votes?
(Note: 2,000 +/- was the normal range of "no vote cast for Congressiona race", or "undervote" in most Florida districts in 2006 voting. Subtracting the normal 2,000+/- figure from the 18,000 "undervotes" not counted in District 13 that election, leads to a figure of possibly 16,000 votes trashed.)
BECAUSE THE DEMOCRAT "leadership" in Washington is COMPLICIT WITH, and aligned with, the Republican Right-Wing agenda of expanding wars, concentration of power, huge tax breaks for wealthy donors (the corporations that fund K-St. lobbyists who donate to Democrat campaigns such as Pelosi's), and even police-state omnipresent surveillance. (In the name of the "war on terra," of course.)

And the 94,000 NINETY-FOUR-THOUSAND _DISCARDED_ votes in Los Angeles is not the only VOTE-TRASHING that NANCY PELOSI is TURNING A BLIND EYE TO... NEW MEXICO's _DEMOCRATIC_ primary voting was so rife with "irregularities" that New Mexico is now RECOUNTING ALL of its primary ballots!
New Mexico Democratic Party officials announced Thursday that they will recount every ballot... the Democrat-only contest was plagued by so many problems that the state party, along with the Clinton and Obama campaigns, agreed that only checking all ballots cast would insure an accurate result.

And finally for today, reminds us that Pelosi's 110th Congress HAS THE TIME TO RUN A SERIOUS INVESTIGATION OF... baseball star pitcher Roger Clemens possible steroid use, but NOT enough time, funding, energy, or determination to hold even basic (impeachment) hearings into the potentially (and well documented) criminal abuses of power of the Bush White House!

NANCY PELOSI is shaping up to be THE MOST CORRUPT SPEAKER in the ENTIRE HISTORY of the US Congress! In previous eras complicity of the Speaker of the House with fraudulent business schemes was to earn a few hundred thousand dollars in kick-backs and grafts. Today, Pelosi is not only selling out tens of millions of Democratic voters (who must dig into their pockets for millions of dollars of campaign donations every election year) who are ROBBED of the "red meat" that Republican voters get from their leaders every two years, but she is enabling the Republican White House to spend BILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer funds with very little oversight, and, to top all that off, NANCY PELOSI IS SELLING OUT THE US CONSTITUTION to the vote-rigging, false-prosecutions, and permanent, unlimited police-state powers that are the wet-dream of the radical, reactionary, Republican right-wing.

Indeed, NANCY PELOSI is SO COMPLICIT with Republican abuses of power, she WILL NOT even run a Congressional investigation of KARL ROVE's CLOSE CONNECTIONS to the US Federal Prosecution (in Alabama) of former Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman, even though the former governor now rots in prison doing a SEVEN YEAR TERM for "obstruction of justice," even though WHITE HOUSE PRESIDENTIAL AIDE (and concurrently no less than the Vice President's Chief of Staff) Lewis "Scooter" Libby was given a COMMUTATION OF SENTENCE for his CONVICTION for OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE in the CIA-outing scandal!
Speaker Pelosi ALLOWED President Bush to COMMUTE Lewis Libby's PRISON SENTENCE - effectively QUASHING the on-going investigation into the actual CIA-outing scandal... while she IGNORES the Karl Rove driven prosecution that turned a Democratic gubernatorial state into a Republican led one!

WE REPEAT: NANCY PELOSI IS probably THE MOST CORRUPT SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, in all of U.S. history, and she is making her bread-and-butter (K.-St. campaign donations) SELLING OUT Democratic voters, activists, candidates, and the US Constitution.


Congress: go after Cheney not Roger Clemens
Thank the Lord in heaven — Congress is finally trying to make a lawbreaker pay the price! Guess who?

Is it Bush and Cheney for lying to Congress, thereby causing an unnecessary and disastrous war and leading directly to hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries?

Ah, well, no not exactly.

Okay, is it Alberto Gonzales for politicizing the Justice Department, and then lying about it before Congress?

Well, I can see where you might have thought that, but no, it’s something else.

How about the United States Attorneys scandal: are you finally pushing all the way to bring the perpetrators of that disgrace to justice?

No, actually on that one we’ve decided to just let the administration ignore our subpoenas for now.

Is it about the Bush Administration staining the honor of America through the use of torture, such as waterboarding, on alleged terrorism suspects then?

Sorry, still no cigar. Although come to think of it, a lighted cigar on the skin might work almost as well as waterboarding.

Then it’s got to be about unlawful surveillance, right?

You’re getting colder.

Okay, I give up. Just which of the many lawbreakers infesting this nation’s government are you guys going after?

You’re just going to love this one! This is big! We’ve set up a perjury trap for Roger Clemens on his personal use of steroids! Is that terrific, or what?!

You mean, sort of like the perjury trap Ken Starr set for Bill Clinton?


. . . And you think that’s what the American people in general, and the Democratic rank and file in particular, had in mind, in terms of what wrongs they wanted you to right, when they turned the Congress over to you?

Hey, someone else had already done Martha Stewart. What did you expect us to do?

I suppose answering “your job,” would be a waste of breath?

You’re one of those damn liberal bloggers, aren’t you?

Guilty as charged. And you know what? People like me have been working overtime trying to convince other progressives that it’s important to keep Democrats in control of Congress. And I have to tell you, you folks aren’t making our jobs any easier.