Tuesday, February 5, 2008

NANCY PELOSI is PARTY TO, COMPLICIT WITH, Republican Right-Wing CORRUPTION. By "keeping Impeachment OFF-the-TABLE," she ENABLES the Right-Wing agenda

"Impeachment unprosecuted = Crimes UNPUNISHED"
To summarize this long post in a nut-shell, Not only has Nancy Pelosi (and her fellow "leaders" in the Democrat House and Senate) GIVEN KARL ROVE a FREE PASS for his role in the "OUTING CIA AGENT", perjury, and obstruction of justice scandal; and for Mr. Rove's role in the "PURGE-GATE" scandal and PARTISAN PROSECUTION of Alabama Democratic Governor Don Seigelman, (ROBBED of his 2002 election win by Republican vote-rigging, and then "buried" by a partisan federal prosecution by the most Republican prosecutors Karl Rove could find in Alabama in 2002), but today KARL ROVE IS NOW A FEATURE COMMENTATOR on Fox "news" - and the Republicans in Alabama are RAMPING UP _NEW_ PARTISAN PROSECUTIONS of Democratic voter activists in that state, to SWING a "reform" minded Deep South state BACK towards its REACTIONARY right-wing roots!

Nancy Pelosi, the so-called "Democratic" Speaker of the House, follows in JOE LIEBERMAN's FOOTSTEPS: Just as Lieberman stands by at a McCain fundraiser, tacitly supporting John McCain's call for RIGHT-WING JUDGES, so too does Pelosi stand beside the Bush-Cheney White House, while Pelosi PRETENDS NOT TO NOTICE the gross crimes, frauds, abuses of power, and raw corruption of the Bush-Cheney White House. Note: When McCain talks about "NOT SUPPORTING JUDGES WHO WILL LEGISLATE FROM THE BENCH" (click on video image above) he is speaking in Republican code for saying (our paraphrase or distillation) "Let us take America BACK to the days BEFORE the CIVIL RIGHTS movement... before Ivory Tower judges gave away "rights" to uppity minorities and the neer-do-well (quasi-criminal) poor... Indeed, take America BACK to the era before President Roosevelt's despised-by-conservatives NEW DEAL legislation."
Which of course is the America of the GREAT DEPRESSION, of ROBBER BARONS and vast fortunes and vast poverty nationwide... The era of violent strike-breaking (UAW founding President Walter Reuther survived not one but TWO Ford Motor Company linked assassination attempts), of millions of Americans losing their life-savings in banks failures, of the era of blatant segregation and even outright lynch-mob 'justice' which was so integral with the segregation era.

NANCY PELOSI is PARTY TO, she is COMPLICIT WITH, the Bush-Cheney administration's brand of Right-Wing Republican CORRUPTION.
By "keeping Impeachment OFF-the-Table," Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid, Rockefeller, and other "Democratic" "Leaders" in Congress ENABLE the Right-Wing Narrative that is at the heart of the Bush-Cheney-Rove-Scalia-Murdoch (et al) CORRUPTION in America...

#1. From WHITEWASHING the stolen election 2000... and all subsequent computerized vote-rigging after the 2000 election (including the massive trashing of 18,000 _EIGHTEEN THOUSAND_ "undervotes" in the Florida District 13 election in 2006)
#2. to WHITEWASHING Vice President Cheney's role in OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and PERJURY in the CIA agent "outing" scandal...
#3. To allowing the WHITEWASH 9-11 Commission findings to stand
(the pro-war New York Times' word is "tragicomic")
#4. to massive kickbacks, slush-funds, and crony CORRUPTION in Iraq WAR contracts and (New Orleans) hurricane rebuilding contracts,
#5. to the use of Federal Prosecutors (US Attorneys) to HARASS, intimidate, and file knowingly MALICIOUS PROSECUTIONS against Democratic voters, activists and candidates...
#6. to allowing TORTURE to be the official policy of the United States of America...
#7. to making American consumers and taxpayers bear the burden of every massive corporate failure and government deficits (from ENRON's massive collapse in September 2001 to today's multi-trillion dollar US deficits)...
#8. To the Alpha-&-Omega of America's foreign policy, the COLLUSION of the End-Times Christian Zionists with Jewish Zionists, the Israel government, and the US government, to SABOTAGE _any_ peace progress in Palestinian territories...

ON EACH AND EVERY ONE of the above issues, which DEFINE the Right-Wing AUTHORITARIAN, reactionary, (very nearly) TOTALITARIAN agenda of the Bush-Cheney-Rove administration, NANCY PELOSI's TALKING POINTS are SYNONYMOUS with those of the Reactionary Republican Bush-Cheney-Rove administration. SHE IS POSING as a Democrat, while on the hard, substantive issues that DEFINE the Right-Wing Bush-Cheney White House, SHE CAN NOT FORCE the Democratic Party controlled Congress to COUNTER that Republican media narrative!

FOR SHAME, NANCY! YOUR reign as Speaker of the House is a FRAUD pushed on Democratic voters. Like Senator Joe Lieberman, YOU PRETEND that you are a "moderate Democrat," WHILE YOU STAND ASIDE and let the Right-Wing Republicans use all their corporate advantages to cram a Right-Wing reactionary agenda down America's throats!

#1. 18,000 "undervotes" ROB Democrat candidate Christine Jennings (and thereby ALL Democratic VOTERS) of a win in the 2006 Florida District 13 Congressional election. Republicans were so incensed that Katherine Harris gave up her "SAFE" Republican seat to run for the US Senate, that they blatantly instructed the District 13 voting machines to swallow 18,000 _EIGHTEEN THOUSAND_ votes in a Congressional off-year campaign as "UNDERVOTES." The "undervote" tally in neighboring, similar sized districts was in the low one-thousand range, and Jenning's opponent was declared 'winner' by 368 votes. After massive disenfranchisement in minority districts in Florida in 2000 (by none other than then Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris and her boss then Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the presidential candidate George W. Bush's brother), the Republican dominated Florida legislature CERTIFIED a Bush "win" in Florida by... 385 votes! Whenever Florida Republicans steal elections, they like using that mid-300s number.)
#2. Vice President Dick Cheney's TOP ADVISOR, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, INDICTED and CONVICTED of PEJURY and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE re the CIA "outing" scandal, WHICH "obstruction" of the FBI investigation WAS CRITICAL to the Bush-Cheney 2004 re-election campaign prospects...
#3. "TRAGICOMIC tale of the 9-11 Commission" NY Times
#4. "Epic Corruption.. Six Billion in DOD contracts in Iraq war under investigation by... the DOD itself!
(This link is to a Frank Rich NYT op-ed, but it would take several encylcopedia volumes to detail all the links about corruption in Iraq contracts, alone.)
#5. http://www.harpers.org/archive/2008/02/hbc-90002293
#6. Former CIA director Stansfield Turner has labeled Dick Cheney a "vice president for torture."
#7. Federal deficits soaring higher, menacing the future
7a: Massive BUSH DEFICITS SHORTCHANGE education and graduation funding... keeping the "SCHOOL TO PRISON PIPELINE" going as crime rates increase.
8. Christian Zionists organize to stymie any Israeli/Palestinian peace agreement that would divide Jerusalem
8a: "Pelosi THE AIPAC GIRL Leaves Iraq and possibly IRAN WAR(s) in Bush-Cheney hands (i.e. Pelosi DEFAULTS on her CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY to oversee prosecution and conduct of the US occupation in Iraq)