Monday, March 17, 2008

Pelosi, Dem "leaders" GIVE BUSH ANOTHER 9 months to WRECK the US economy...

By REFUSING to stand for justice and the rule of law, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic 'leadership' allow Dick Cheney and George W. Bush to continue their misadministration of the US economy... which is to say, oceans and oceans of Red Ink. Red ink that make the US deficits that independent candidate ROSS PEROT railed against, spending millions of his own dollars with bought-and-paid-for infomercial TV ads in 1992, look like newborn puppies in comparison. (See chart above for 1992 deficit levels.)

Here is the New York Times commentary former NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer wrote on February 14, 2008, decrying the Bush administration SIDING WITH PREDATORY LENDERS against American consumers.. the commentary published almost exactly 4 weeks before the feds brought to public attention Mr. Spitzer's consorting with high-priced call girls.
What is important is that... THE DEMOCRATIC "LEADERSHIP" - the Hoyers and Pelosis and Rockefellers and 'yellow-dog Democrats' - PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE!
Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime
How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In to Help Consumers
by Eliot Spitzer, Gov. New York

BY REFUSING to CONFRONT the Bush adminstration, the 'DEMOCRATIC' "leadership" IS ON THE SIDE OF PREDATORY LENDERS, driving American families to bankruptcy!

And of course, almost as a humorous aside, there are the stories of new TENT CITIES springing up around Los Angeles... what during the Great Depression were called "HOOVERVILLES", but (if this trend keeps going) might soon be called "BUSH-villes"!
("Humorous" only because the Democrat "leadership" accords no more importance to the financial losers in their tent cities, than Mr. Bush or the major media do.)