Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pelosi's Dereliction of Duty and Cowardice, could rise to level of International WAR CRIME, if Cheney, Bush attack Iran "CRIME AGAINST PEACE."

IT IS AMAZING how similar to George W. Bush NANCY PELOSI is. Bush surrounds himself only with admirers, sychophants, and the party faithful, fires those who dare voice dissenting opinions, and thinks that his legacy is one of "Freedom", "liberty" and democracy for America - stolen elections, trashed votes, intimidated media, gross, in-your-face corruption, and torture and unlimited, Stazi-esque surveillance not-with-standing. (And Bush gets away with labelling his opposition as "terrarist sympathizers!" even as he and his Vice President, Dick Cheney, export the Halliburton engineering company to Dubai, and, worse, TRIED TO SELL US PORT OPERATIONS to a consortium headed by Gulf state dictators, KNOWN to be a source of FINANCIAL SUPPORT for BOTH Palestinian AND IRAQI Sunni TERRORIST GROUPS !!

Nancy Pelosi plays ENABLER to these Cheney & Bush serial abuses power and of the US Constitution, but because she has surrounded herself with war-lobby, defense contractor, inside-beltway, big-business, AIPAC, media-conglomerate, financial industry LOBBYISTS (etc., ad naseum) SHE THINKS SHE IS DOING A GOOD JOB!

Damn right, Speaker Pelosi, THIS IS PERSONAL. You are COMPLICIT in the Bush administration's OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, from keeping the partisan political lynching of Alabama Gov. Don Seigelman off the front pages, to keeping the other Purge-gate US Attorneys out of the news, to doing NOTHING to censure Bush for his COMMUTATION of the Libby CONVICTION, for PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE from within the TOP-5 CIRCLE of the White House! (Bush, Cheney, Rove, Card, Libby), to keeping Representative Conyers from holding EVEN BASIC HEARINGS to determine IF ANY impeachable offenses had been committed -


And, if this White House gets their next wish, it will be a MASSIVE, ILLEGAL, MASS-MURDEROUS US BOMBING ATTACK on a country that we already organized a COUP against, in a region that now despises America for acting as the Soviet Union did during the Red Army invasion of Afghanistan.

NANCY PELOSI - writing the blank checks, TAKING UP WHERE THE BELOVED RED ARMY left off!


The Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier battle group is in place there, and loaded to the brim with strike aircraft, Tomahawk missiles, and even nuclear weapons. It was long ago reported that air bases with aerial tankers had been put in place in Central Asia north of Iran, ready to refuel B-2 stealth bombers flown from the US or Diego Garcia islans in the Indian Ocean.

All the elements, that is to say, are in place for a massive air assault on Iranian targets, designed to destroy its nuclear program, cripple its military command and control, and -- at least this is a stated Cheney goal -- to lead to the overthrow of the Iranian government by its own people.

It is, of course, the strategy of madmen.

The U.S. has no forces to send into Iran. All they can do is bomb it. And bombing a country doesn't lead its people to rise up. It leads them to rally 'round the flag. Especially when the civilian casualties of our not-so-"smart" bombs start to soar.

If such an attack were to happen, we can kiss goodbye to six years of domestic peace, such as we've had. The Iranians have considerable capability to inflict damage on U.S. targets of interest, both overseas and here in the domestic U.S. using assymetrical warfare techniques. The worse part: they'd be completely justified in doing so, since any attack on them would be a CRIME AGAINST PEACE -- the gravest of all international crimes.

"Madam Speaker, it's Exxon on line 2, Diebold on line 3, and Blackwater on line 4!"