Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DICK CHENEY, and the ISRAEL LOBBY, WANT WAR.. vs Iran, AND Russia, AND possibly China as well!

On July 16 2008, F William Engdahl PREDICTED AN OUTBREAK OF WAR between US imperial proxy GEORGIA forces, and Russia military forces.

Engdahl's reporting matches other reports from other sources - that US backed Georgia leader Saakashvili has been essentially BRIBED, by US CIA funded accounts, to MILITARIZE his nation and make it serve as AN ADVANCED BASE for future US MILITARY ACTIONS on Russia's borders. Saakashvili's policies follow the NEO-CON (warmongering) text-book to a "t" - while using the state/corporate controlled media to bleat about "FREE MARKETS!" and "the benefits of capitalism!", in fact Georgia's standard of living has DECLINED as Saakashvili poured so many resources into purchasing US and ISRAEL manufactured arms, at the behest of the CIA and American neo-cons, who sought to create another war-proxy on Russia's borders in Dick Cheney's global ambition to SEIZE all major gas and oil fields in the world by force of US military arms.

In this August 11, 2008 report, Engdahl reports on the immediate causes of the Georgia INVASION of South Ossetia, and Russia's massive military response:
<< The underlying issue is the fact that since the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact in 1991, one after the other former members as well as former states of the USSR have been coaxed and in many cases bribed with false promises by Washington into joining the counter organization, NATO.

Rather than initiate discussions after the 1991 dissolution of the Warsaw Pact about a systematic dissolution of NATO, Washington has systematically converted NATO into what can only be called the military vehicle of an American global imperial rule, linked by a network of military bases from Kosovo to Poland to Turkey to Iraq and Afghanistan. >> http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20489.htm

Here, in October 2006, Enghardt quotes DICK CHENEY himself, then Chairman of HALLIBURTON oilfield contracting corporation a full year before Cheney became the most powerful Vice President in US history, as saying that oil is NOT a matter of "private capitalism", but is a matter of GOVERNMENT CONTROL:

<< Oil remains fundamentally a government business... Governments and the national oil companies are obviously controlling about ninety per cent of the assets.>>
(Dick Cheney September 1999, as quoted by F. William Engdahl, October 20, 2006.)

It should be noted, that American CIA proxy Georgia President Mikhel Saakashvili, follow the text-book Neo-Con agenda of promising "Free markets!" and the "blessings of capitalism", but under Saakashvili rule, Georgia standard-of-living DECLINED, and DEFICITS SOARED, as Georgia purchased expensive arms from the US and Israel.

While Georgia's economic decline may be open to economics-stats dispute, it is beyond dispute that Saakashvili declared a state of emergency in November of 2007, and used government troops to "enforce a state of emergency imposed after a violent crackdown on anti-government protesters" according to this "mainstream media" USA-Today report.

Neo-Cons hate democracy; they hate genuine free markets; they despise good wages and rising living standards, and at all times, they will try to assert MONOPOLISTIC government/corporate media control, to WHITEWASH their real agendas of rising deficts and declining standards of living as the so-called blessings of "free markets", "freedom," "liberty," and "democracy."

IF Mr. Engdahl's quote of then Halliburton Chairman Cheney is correct, Cheney himself, America's uber neo-con imperialist, realizes that even the notion of "PRIVATE" energy and oil companies is FICTION - they are proxy agents for the government, just as Saakashvili and his Georgian army were PROXY AGENTS for Cheney, the CIA, and America's global military/energy imperial "search out and seize all energy resources" strategy.