Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thank God for Saakashvili! America's puppet dictator in Georgia exposes truth of US war-mongering politics & foreign policy...

Thank God for Mikhail Saakashvili!
Dick Cheney's war-mongering, dictator US puppet du jour...

"IF America and Israel GIVE YOU MONEY to START WARS, you've got to spend it somewhere!"

Georgia's _US/CIA/Israel (Mossad) financed dictator_ MIKHAIL SAAKASHVILI shops for UAV (unmanned aircraft) WEAPONS... in Lod, ISRAEL.

Georgian army launches expensive US-Israel supplied MLRS high-tech rockets on targets in South Ossetia, to start President Saakashvili's INVASION OF SOUTH OSSETIA.

America's love for democracy-crushing DICTATORS runs deep, as this intimate kiss between Pres. Bush and Saudi Crown prince highlights....

America's love for PETRO-DICTATORS goes at least back to the 1980s, when Vice President Bush sent DONALD RUMSFELD to SADDAM HUSSEIN's IRAQ, to assure Saddam that us financial support (billions of dollars of "agricultural credits"), military support, and even support for Saddam's WMD PROGRAMS, would CONTINUE TO FLOW, DESPITE Saddam's infamous USE OF POISON GAS on Kurdish civilians...


Vice President Cheney's support for Georgia dictator Saakashvili, and US arming and provoking Georgia's military aggression against South Ossetia (against Russian "peacekeeper" troops there, no less) reminds us of VP Cheney's former support for SADDAM HUSSEIN when Cheney was then Secretary of Defense under President Bush Senior during and after the Iran-Iraq war.
Bush administration SUPPORT FOR SADDAM included the US underwriting (financing), with billion-dollar "AGRICULTURAL CREDITS," not only Saddam's conventional military machine and ruthless state "security" apparatus (i.e. murderous torture and execution happy domestic terrorism) - but even the INSANITY of the US government SUPPLYING SADDAM with ____WMD PRECURSOR technologies___ - including Anthrax spores shipped from the US bio-war "AMRID" facility at Ft. Dietrich, MD, to the scientists of Saddam's budding bio-war program!

What is important abotu Saakashvili's attempted INVASION of South Ossetia is that it illustrates;
#1. ON FOREIGN POLICY, DICK CHENEY is AMERICA's de facto president.
During "the war on terror" and US invasion of Iraq, President Bush could PRETEND he was the leader, and was leading the war vs "al Qaida in Iraq" (which of course was NOT in Iraq, until Bush's invasion allowed them to set up shop there); but like John McCain who can not (literally) tell the difference between "SHIITE" and "SUNNI," George W. Bush could not HOPE to tell South Ossetians and Abkanazis and Georgians apart one from another, especially with Dich Cheney trying to BRIBE every two-bit oil dictator in the region, with bribes that are, frankly, WELL BELOW MARKET VALUE if those nations were simply able to export their oil (or their share of a pipeline's profits) on a truly "FREE" world market.

#2. Every "de facto US president from hell" needs a minion or demon or two or three, and in FOMENTING WAR IN GEORGIA, Dick Cheney has three or four: KARL ROVE, Georgia lobbyist (and Mccain advisor) RANDY SCHEUNEMAN, and of course Saakashvili himself, and Condi Rice as the two-bit PR enforcer.

Somewhere a commentator on the Georgia war wrote of Georgia's "democracy" that it is the product of "BULLYING, BRIBERY, INTIMIDATION, and VOTE-RIGGING" - which of course is _THE_ history of US democracy in the Deep South during the Segregation era, voting in the segregation (and lynch-mob) Deep South was _RIGGED_ to PROHIBIT Black (African-American) voters from expressing their 14th, 15th, and 16th Amendment voting rights.
(WITH, we might add, the ACQUIESCENCE of America's elected officials, judiciary, academic, journalism, and society at large for nearly 100 years after the end of Reconstruction reasserted white supremacy as the law in the former slave states.)

We will try to track down the comment, but for now, just enjoy the spectacle - DICK CHENEY, KARL ROVE, RANDY SCHEUNEMAN, CONDI RICE, and the Israel government INSTIGATING their Georgian puppet, Mikhail SAAKASHVILI, to ATTACK a separatist republic, just over a dozen years after Georgia itself was able to bloodlessly separate from the Soviet Union!

HERE is an exception to the rule: AN EXCELLENT article by TIME magazine,,8599,1834785,00.html
that not only documents Saakashvili SHOPPING FOR ISRAEL WEAPONS IN ISRAEL before his little war, but explains that one of Saakashvili's ministers is actually an ISRAELI CITIZEN via dual citizenship rights for Jews in Israel!