Tuesday, September 30, 2008


"PANICKY-Nancy", formerly "NEO-CON WAR-MONGER Nancy" (see second video below) was just yesterday STAMPEDED into trying to GIVE GEORGE W. BUSH's Treasury Secretary (Hank Paulson, the man at the very CENTER of America's economic MELTDOWN these past 2 years, and a $432-million net-worth FLIM-FLAM artist as CEO of Wall Street's largets investment bank for 7 years before that) A BLANK CHECK for... for... for $700 billion dollars,


to be ADMINISTERED by Mr. Paulson, President Bush's very crony SECRETARY of the LOOTED TREASURY and FAILED ECONOMY!

FOR SHAME, NANCY! IF _PANIC_ and being the world's #1 WAR FUNDER are your main claims to fame... PLEASE, on behalf of MILLIONS of Democratic voters WHO WANT AN OPPOSTION PARTY, PLEASE HAND IN YOUR GAVEL before you DISGRACE it any more!
A tale of two videos: In the first, REPRESENTATIVE MARCY KAPTUR, D-Ohio, explains the BARE FACTS of the CRIMINAL ROBBERY of Wall Street by ROBBER BARONS these past 8 years. SINCE Pizzo, Muolo, and Fricker wrote their seminal book, "INSIDE JOB: THE LOOTING OF AMERICA's Savings & Loans" back in 1989,
and since Michael Waldman wrote "WHO ROBBED AMERICA? A Citizens Guide to the SAVINGS & LOAN SCANDAL" http://www.antiqbook.com/boox/end/BOOKS077239I.shtml
back in 1990, THERE IS NO EXCUSE for Democrat Party "leaders" TO PLAY IGNORANT, CLUELESS, and HELPLESS when the Bush-Cheney administration REPEATED _EVERY_ dirty, low-down, insider, ENRON-ACCOUNTING TRICK of the previous S&L CREDIT CRISIS.

Which is EXACTLY WHAT _WHINNY_ Nancy Pelosi, ostensibly Speaker of the House, does, as this you-tube video (below) captures! AFTER LECTURING Republicans on how the BUSH ADMINISTRATION and REPUBLICAN PARTY have brought America's ECONOMY TO THE BRINK OF DISASTER, Speaker Pelosi turns on a dime to her House Democratic Congress-men and women... and asks them to WRITE A BLANK CHECK to Mr. Bush's OWN CABINET CRONY, Treasury Secretary Paulson, who NOT ONLY OVERSAW THE ECONOMIC CRISIS UNFOLDING for the past 2 years as Treasury Secretary, but as investment banking Chief of Goldman Sachs (only THE BIGGEST investment banker on Wall St., which is to say the world), PAULSON was at the very center of EXACTLY the aggressive, hyped, over-inflated, bloated accounts and SECURITIZED, DERIVITIVE laden flim-flam portfolios.