Monday, September 29, 2008

Rep. Lynne Woolsey: President Bush and Treasury Secretary Paulson "HAVE BEEN WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING" BRAVO!, Rep. Woolsey...

We apologize here at DemNationUSA that we are back in the stone-age, and can not yet capture C-SPAN video and post it here on our web pages...

but we did catch THE bottom line of this American economic crisis, as spoken by California Rep. Lynn Woolsey, who just said live on C-SPAN, Monday Morning at 10 am,

To which we here at DemNationUSA might add, "and so too have Mr. Paulson's friends in the Banking and Credit industry - at Bear Stearns, at Lehman Brothers; at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, at AIG, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Chase and all throughout Wall St. and the financial markets - these "EXPERTS" HAVE BEEN WRONG ABOUT EVERY TURN, ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Their notion that "WEALTHY INVESTORS will INVEST IN THOSE PROJECTS THAT BEST IMPROVE America" is sheer absurdity. America desperately needs a HIGH SPEED RAIL LINK between Boston, New York, Philladelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC. As it now stands, a flight from New York to Washington involves a bus, taxi, or subway ride to the airport; a long wait in a security line; then of course there is the GAS-GUZZLING flight itself, and finally there is the ride from the airport back to the destination city. WHY can't commuters bypass three of those steps, and simply go downtown to a high-speed rail hub, and catch ONE train to the destination city? At a distance of 204 miles, the NY-DC commute is THE IDEAL CANDIDATE for a HIGH SPEED RAIL LINK, but while Japan and Europe have high-speed rail lines that have been in operation for at least a decade, America - LABORING UNDER THE YOKE of "free market enterprise" Right-Wing dogma - CONTINUES TO OVERLOAD AIR ROUTES in this busy corridor... and continues to pour millions of gallons of fuel out of jet engine exhaust pipes moving no more than 200 odd passengers per flight.

This bailout bill as Speaker Pelosi "negotiated" with Treasury Secretary Paulson GIVES THE BUSH WHITE HOUSE ALMOST EVERYTHING THEY ASKED FOR - BILLIONS of NEW taxpayer DEBT, on top of the $11 TRILLION Dollars in EXISTING national deficits, most of them run up in the past 8 years by the Bush - Paulson - Cheney administration's oversight of the American economy!