Thursday, October 2, 2008

Speaker Pelosi leaves Vote Integrity whistleblowers - out to hang. posts a credible report by Larisa Alexandrovna and Muriel Kane detailing YET MORE confirmation that DIEBOLD vote counting machines were used to ALTER THE TOTAL VOTE COUNT of several critical elections in 2002 and 2004. There are already dozens of stories which suggest that incumbent Georgia Senator Max Cleland - Democrat and Vietnam War triple-amputee - was ROBBED of his legitimate re-election vote majority, by HACKING of Deibold computerized voting machines and other methods. Both pre-election polls, and (post-election) exit polls had Senator Cleland winning the majority; but the official vote count had Cleland LOSING his election by the same margin that the exit polls indicated that he had won it.

That is, a high probability exists that vote-counting machines "FLIPPED" votes from the winning candidate to the losing candidate, STEALING votes from the popular vote winner, and thereby STEALING THE VOTES of thousands of Georgians who were opposed to the Republican candidate who actually lost the election, but won the office.

IN TWO YEARS AS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, SPEAKER PELOSI has IGNORED those persisent reports - INCLUDING SIGNED AFFADAVITS BY WHISTLEBLOWERS - that America's election process more closely resembles voting in a dictator regime, than the pride of "FREEDOM" and "liberty" that Americans have taken as their birth-right.

THE ONLY THING Speaker Pelosi is qualified to do, is GIVE BILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS to the very financial ROBBER BARONS who REPEATED in the past 4 years, the ENRON ACCOUNING FRAUD of the 2002 years; and to LEGITIMIZE and WHITEWASH the criminal abuses of power of the Bush administration.