Sunday, October 19, 2008

West Virginia voters complain of 'incidents' where VOTE MACHINES SWITCHED THEIR VOTES from Dem. to Repub. candidates...

PELOSI's DISGRACE... despite TWO FULL YEARS of a DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL MAJORITY - WITH the added bonus of a Democrat SENATE majority - Speaker Pelosi and her senior 'Democratic' Party "leaders" have, in abjectly cowardly fashion, DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to GUARANTEE THE SANCTITY of the vote.... GUARANTEE that in this first decade of the 21st century American democracy is based and grounded in a FULL and FAIR VOTE where every voter has a right to cast a vote free of fear and intimidation.

Where every voter HAS A RIGHT to EXPECT that their vote is counted fully and fairly, and NOT swiped by computerized voting tabulation THAT WOULD NOT PASS _ANY_ Financial insitution's MINIMUM levels of data security.

Almost TWO YEARS after Speaker Nancy Pelosi took up the Speaker's gavel in January 2001, Democratic voters have NO such assurance - thanks to the ABJECT, CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE, if not CRIMINAL COMPLICITY with the pro-war lobby to not make a fuss about Republican vote stealing - of Speaker Pelosi and her leadership.

The Agenda of Speaker Pelosi and the corrupt, complicit, inside-DC "Democrat" Party is clear: AMERICANS are entitled to genuine democratic governance ONLY when Right-Wing Republicans SO FOUL UP the Ameican economy, energy policy, foreign policy, and the fabric of American society itself, that an upwelling of popular resentment REJECTS the "Washington DC Conventional wisdom" that has been the Speaker's dominant agenda thus far.


Some Early W.Va. Voters Angry Over Switched Votes

Jackson County touch-screens switched votes, 3 residents say
At least three early voters in Jackson County had a hard time voting for candidates they want to win.
By Paul J. Nyden, Staff writer
October 18, 2008
<< At least three early voters in Jackson County had a hard time voting for candidates they want to win.

Virginia Matheney and Calvin Thomas said touch-screen machines in the county clerk's office in Ripley kept SWITCHING THEIR VOTES FROM DEMOCRATIC TO REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES.

"When I touched the screen for Barack Obama, the check mark moved from his box to the box indicating a vote for John McCain," said Matheney, who lives in Kenna.

When she reported the problem, she said, the poll worker in charge "responded that everything was all right. It was just that the screen was sensitive and I was touching the screen too hard. She instructed me to use only my fingernail."

Even after she began using her fingernail, Matheney said, the problem persisted.

When she tried to vote for candidates running for two open seats on the Supreme Court, the electronic machine canceled her second vote twice.

On her third try, Matheney managed to cast votes for both Menis Ketchum and Margaret Workman, Democratic candidates for the two open seats.

Calvin Thomas, 81, who retired from Kaiser Aluminum in Ravenswood in 1983 and now lives in Ripley, experienced the same problem.

"When I pushed Obama, it jumped to McCain. When I went down to governor's office and punched [Gov. Joe] Manchin, it went to the other dude. When I went to Karen Facemyer [the incumbent Republican state senator], I pushed the Democrat, but it jumped again.

"The rest of them were OK, but the machine sent my votes for those top three offices from the Democrat to the Republican," Thomas said.

"When I hollered about that, the girl who worked there said, 'Push it again.' I pushed Obama again and it stayed there. Then, the machine did the same thing for other candidates.

"Why didn't she [the polling clerk] tell me before I even used the machine that might happen? And how many people, especially my age, didn't notice that? >>