Wednesday, December 3, 2008

As predicted here at DemNationUSA, the Bush-PELOSI-Paulson BAILOUTS are NOTHING BUT THIEVERY for America's PARASITE BANKERS.....

Illustrating yet again how incompetent, servile, and CORRUPT the Democratic "leadership" of House Speaker NANCY PELOSI is, this week's GAO report details what anyone with an IQ north of a pea already knew: THAT THERE IS absolutely NO OVERSIGHT of the BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars that President Bush's Secretary of Treasury Hank Paulson is dishing out to his friends and cronies on Wall St.

that are being treated as NOTHING but __BILLION DOLLAR GOLDEN PARACHUTES__ for financial corporations and their insanely greedy, corrupt, and ammoral executives - blatant, outright THIEVERY of taxpayer millions that are NOT DOING ONE THING to STIMULATE or BOLSTER the CONSUMER BASE of the American economy, but instead are being used as ONE LAST "TRICKLE DOWN" goldmine from the Bush administration to REWARD those bankers for THEIR FAILURES and GREED!

That Hank Paulson would use taxpayer billions as so much Christmas candy to BOLSTER HIS OWN PORTFOLIO (at Goldman-Sachs) and the portfolios of his financial friends is of course no great surprise; Witness, a previous Bush administration "MADE MAN," "VICEROY" of the US occupation in Iraq L. Paul Bremer, 'DISTRIBUTED' NINE BILLION DOLLARS of Iraq government monies the Bush-Cheney administration had released to Bremer's tender mercies within the first weeks of the US occupation of Baghdad in 2003... and within a few weeks, Bremer would report to the US press & (insanely corrupt) US Congress that HE HAD NO IDEA where all those NINE BILLION DOLLARS had gone!
No, in this case the amazing thing is that SPEAKER PELOSI is so conflicted, complicit, incompetent, servile, and timid, THAT SHE DOESN'T REALIZE that SHE, herself, SIGNED HER SIGNATURE as Democratic majority party leader (Speaker of the House, to be precise) - to the Bush/Pelosi/Paulson $700 BILLION dollar financial bailouts in September - and that therefore SHE, and her "Democratic" Party, are now PARTY TO THAT GRAND THEFT of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars with NOTHING to show for it!

OK, "with nothing to show for it" is not how the Democratic "leadership" sees it: As they see it, they STAVED OFF the COMPLETE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE of American markets for several vital weeks, allowing for the conduct of sane and orderly elections where Democrats were able to roll up big gains in the House, Senate, and win a majority of national votes for the US presidency.

OK, Speaker Pelosi, NOW THE PARTY IS OVER, and SOMEONE has to pay for all those goodies purchased on America's credit card for that party!

And the BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS being poured into the PRIVATE accounts of Treasury Secretary Paulson's friends & cronies on Wall St. are NOT MAKING CREDIT EASIER for American consumers to obtain, quite the opposite: those TRILLIONS of dollars are BEING ADDED TO THE AMERICAN private and government DEFICITS, and as with INFLATIONARY money creation everywhere, will actually MAKE AFFORDABLE CREDIT _HARDER_ to obtain for American working-class consumers!

Clearly, the Speaker and her Congressional "leaders" ARE STILL WEDDED to the BIG BUSINESS, PRO-WAR, pro- DEBT, DEFICITS, TAX-CUTS, and LOW-WAGES lobbyists who encouraged and sided with the Bush White House these past 8 miserable years.

Already, the American news/media are IGNORING the Bush White House. IN THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE they will START BLAMING the PELOSI DEMOCRATS for the Bush administration's INSANE LEVELS OF DEBT, GREED, and CORRUPTION, and because the Speaker of the House is SAYING NOTHING about that RAMPANT CRAFT and CORRUPTION, for the first time in 8 years the Right-Wing media will be "right" (as in "correct") about THE DEMOCRAT's RESPONSIBILITY for the GUTTED, LOOTED TREASURY!