Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More on the FALSE, MALICIOUS, PERJUROUS prosecution of Alabama Dem. Governor DON SEIGELMAN by Karl Rove's friends in Alabama US DA's office -

Here is the shortest, most concise summary yet on the KARL ROVE LYNCH-MOB Republican partisan PROSECUTION of former Alabama Democratic Governor DON SIEGELMAN.

As a "Liberal," "Democrat" (Jewish, even) governor of a DEEP SOUTH STATE, Don Siegelman was in 2002 a huge target of the Bush-Cheney-ROVE Republican SMEAR, SLIME, and DESTROY campaign, that same awful year that saw
#1. the DEATH of Senator Paul Wellstone in the final weeks as he was cruising to an easy re-election in Minnesota (and his memory would be SMEARED by the Karl Rove Republicans to assist Norm Coleman's race when Minnesota favorite son and former VICE PRESIDENT Walter Mondale stepped in to fill Wellstone's Democratic campaign shoes),
#2. the SMEARING of Georgia Senator MAX CLELAND as "WEAK ON AMERICA's SECURITY" - Rovian GOP ads for Cleland's opponent, Rethuglican Saxby Chambliss, featured Clelands photos between those of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein - DESPITE Senator Cleland having left three limbs in Vietnam during the Vietnam war! and
#3. following by less than a dozen months the ANTHRAX ATTACKS on DEMOCRATIC SENATORS Tom Daschle (then Senate Majority Leader) and Patrick Leahy's (then Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman) offices; and
#4. the smear-campaign against siting Alabama Democrat Governor Don Siegelman, and the relentless, lynch-mob prosecution of Seigelman by Republican prosecutors who were FRIENDS and BUSINESS ALLIES of Karl Rove in the US Department of Justice District Attorney's offices in Alabama.

The Karl Rove organized REPUBLICAN PROSECUTION of Don Siegelman is a TEXT-BOOK EXAMPLE of NEO-CONFEDERATE politics in the Deep South,
using Bush & Cheney's WAR POWERS at the very height of their "war powers presidency" - the months after the trauma of 9-11 and leading up to and immediately after the invasion of Iraq - to DESTROY POLITICAL OPPOSITION to one-party rule in America, at a time when the White House had near dictatorial powers over the US budget, US government, the US military, and tremendous influence over the US press & media.

What is seldom remarked is how the NEO-CONFEDERATE ASSAULT on "Liberal Democrats", especially in the Deep South and Western states (like Minnesota, South Dakota, New Mexico, etc.) was ENABLED by the NEO-CONSERVATIVE AIPAC Jewish (Israel-first) lobby - even when the target was a sitting Jewish governor of a Deep South state!

(Note: The Rove/GOP smear campaign against Governor Siegleman was started while he was still the sitting Governor, and, according to this account by former Governor Siegelman, below, it was that relentless 2002 Republican SMEAR CAMPAIGN that put Siegelman's Republican gubernatorial opponent in range to "win" that 2002 (re-)election away from Siegelman.)

The Neo-CONSERVATIVE/neo-CONFEDERATE ALLIANCE is at the HEART of America's aggressive, unilateral, hegemonic Foreign Policy; that unholy alliance is at the heart of America's WAR POLICY; and that alliance is at the heart of America's ECONOMIC POLICY, which is to say, "THE WAR ON THE AMERICAN ECONOMY - FROM WITHIN AMERICA!" as some critics have called it.

Here's New York Times columnist Paul Krugman giving at least one item of evidence to the notion that THERE IS A BiPARTISAN ASSAULT ON THE AMERICAN ECONOMY:

"DEMOCRAT" Senator CHUCK SCHUMER, REFUSES TO REVIEW "outrageous tax-loopholes" that benefit greedy, corrupt EXECUTIVES at the EXPENSE of American taxpayers and the American economy (because of course he gets huge campaign donations from the financial lobby)! -

<< At the crudest level, WALL STREET's ILL-GOTTEN GAINS CORRUPTED and CONTINUE TO CORRUPT POLITICS, in a nicely BIPARTISAN WAY. From Bush administration officials like Christopher Cox, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, who looked the other way as evidence of financial fraud mounted, to Democrats who still haven’t closed the outrageous tax loophole that benefits executives at hedge funds and private equity firms (HELLO, SENATOR SCHUMER), politicians have walked when money talked. >>

That is but ONE ITEM that buttresses there is a notion of A BIPARTISAN ASSAULT ON THE AMERICAN ECONOMY, coming from WITHIN AMERICA, and indeed, coming from WITHIN ELEMENTS of the US CONGRESS & Congressional "LEADERSHIP" itself - a FREE PASS to massive financial fraud by banking executives who donate to both parties in Congress, AT THE EXPENSE of THE AMERICAN ECONOMY.


Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman blames Republican dirty tricks for the nine months he spent in prison. He talks to the Daily Beast’s Paul Alexander about clearing his name, anger at Rove—and mopping prison floors. Plus, read Scott Horton’s piece on What the Justice Department is Hiding.