Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Memo to Barak Obama: President Lincoln STOOD UP & FOUGHT the evils of SLAVERY. The crimes of the Bush administration WON'T GO AWAY on wishful thinking

Memo to Barak Obama: IF President Lincoln and tens of thousands of US soldiers had NOT STOOD UP and FOUGHT against the evils of SLAVERY, the Deep South would STILL BE SEGREGATED to this day... if not operating some form of economy based on Chattel Slavery (such as TERROR-BASED SHARE-CROPPING and other political & economic DISENFRANCHISEMENT techniques). (Note: the 2000 vote-count in Florida, and the 2004 presidential election vote-count in Ohio, were both textbook examples of VOTER DISENFRANCHISEMENT in the MODERN era.... much less had the South WON the Civil War (with victories at Gettysburg or Atlanta) and maintained some form of race-based "servitude" into the 20th century.)
(Note 2: EVEN WITH the US victory at Gettysburg, almost everyone agrees that Lincoln's RE-ELECTION PROSPECTS in the summer of 1864 were dismal (see Doris Kearns Goodwin's Team of Rivals , among thousands of other sources on Lincoln's dismal re-election prospects) - until General Sherman's armies broke through on their march to Atlanta and the coast, giving Northern voters something to cheer about after 3 long, dreadful years of war.)

You do NOT need a crystal ball to see how any FAILURE of the Obama administration to PROSECUTE JUSTICE for CRIMINAL CONDUCT of the past 8 years will unfold:
...distinguished investigative reporter Robert Parry has already laid out the Republican route to DEMAGOGUERY, relentless blame-mongering, and scapegoating that led directly to the CLINTON IMPEACHMENT, after President Clinton ASSISTED Republicans in SWEEPING ON-GOING CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS _out the door_ and under the rug when Clinton first became president in January 1993. As Parry documents in his book, Secrecy & Privilege: The Rise of the Bush Dynasty from Watergate to Iraq
(paraphrasing) - "within 16 months of assuming the presidency, and helping Republicans sweep those criminal investigations out of Washington in the deluded hope of 'BIPARTISAN' reciprocity from the Republicans, President Clinton was openly complaining to his White House guests about how horribly the Republicans and their establishment press were treating him."

Indeed, since it will be quite impossible to actually SEE TO JUSTICE for ALL the CRIMINAL CONDUCT of the Bush administration's dismal past 8 years (just LISTING the scandals, from Enron to Abramoff to lies-to-war to "outing" CIA undercover operations to perjury and obstruction of justice to using the "Justice Department" as a racketeering enforcement arm of Republican electioneering and disenfranchisement, to gross financial misconduct and in-your-face contracts and bailout corruption - makes a writer sound demented!) the Obama administration should secretly plan to run selected trials AS THEATER - first those corruption and financial fraud cases that MUST be prosecuted to restore America's financial integrity, TO ILLUSTRATE to the press, media, and American public HOW America GOT INTO THIS ECONOMIC RECESSION in the first place; in order to put pressure on Republicans who will now try to play the "FISCAL CONSERVATIVE!" card to SABOTAGE economic recovery...

....while simultaneously doing the groundwork for the other criminal trials - torture, abuse of power in the Justice Department, war contracts fraud, etc. - those trials to unfold only after the financial fraud and bailout larceny trials have started deliberations.

IF President Obama thinks that the United States would have ended and overthrown slavery without Americans, from the lowest private or drummer boy to President Lincoln - STANDING UP and FIGHTING that evil, he is seriously deluded.
IF President Obama thinks he can "MOVE FORWARD" without using the BULLY-PULPIT to EXPOSE the crimes and corruptions of the past 8 years, and thereby ALLOW Republicans to DEMAGOGUE America's current fiscal crisis as the fault of "TAX AND SPEND DEMOCRATS!" (EXACTLY as Timmy McVeigh, Republicans, Right-Wing hate radio, and hate-group militias demagogued the early 1990s Bush-1 Recession as THE FAULT of "Tax & Spend Democrats" and the _Clinton_ presidency in particular!) he is also naive to the point of being seriously deluded.

Past as preview: After President Clinton HELPED Republicans SWEEP on-going CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS _OUT_ of Washington - BCCI, Iran-Contra, Iraq-gate (the supply to Iraq of illegal weapons and financing through BCCI, shadow firms, etc..) - Republicans responded by launching a SERIES of RELENTLESS, often petty, and always VINDICTIVE INVESTIGATIONS into EVERY ASPECT of the Clinton White House, from the LEGAL firing of the private firm associated with the Bush family's PRIVATE White House Travel arrangements (the so-called "White House TRAVEL OFFICE 'scandal'!") to the Clinton's ENTIRELY LEGAL OVERNIGHT GUEST LIST! (the so-called "LINCOLN BEDROOM SCANDAL!") to the ENTIRELY FABRICATED stories that the Clintons were making off with White House property while Clinton-Gore staffers were allegedly "TRASHING!" sacred White House offices!
(That later story RUNNING for WEEKS and WEEKS and WEEKS in the Lying New York Times and Cowardly, lying Washington Post - WITHOUT ONE PHOTOGRAPH OF EVIDENCE to support OCEANS of ink alleging that destruction of government property!)

Robert Parry, on-line comments to posting of entire first chapter of his book, "Secrecy & Privilege" cited above, on-line:

"The book opens with a scene early in the second year of Bill Clinton’s presidency with him explaining to White House guests why he didn’t pursue geopolitical scandals that had implicated George H.W. Bush in gross abuses of power and arguably criminal acts.

President Clinton made clear he saw historical truth as less important than his hopes for Republican cooperation on his domestic agenda. But this willingness to sweep major scandals under the rug left the White House back door ajar for a restoration of the Bush Family dynasty a half dozen years later – with disastrous consequences for the American Republic.

The relevance of this story today is that Bill Clinton’s misguided 'pragmatism' seems... characteristic" [of most influential Democrats in Washington both in the 1990s and even today].