Friday, January 16, 2009

Ungrateful Obama Team shows DNC Chair Howard Dean the door....

It sure looks like President Elect Obama is SURROUNDING HIMSELF with the SAME BUBBLE MANAGERS as... George W. Bush?!
While some might argue that this is a "radical" assertion, Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel once attempted to join the ISREAL MILITARY, and if he weren't so successful in US politics, he would probably be associated with the IDF today, CHEERING ON the bombardment of the Warsaw Ghetto, er, Gaza.
Obama has put HILLARY CLINTON at the top of his administration (as Secretary of State) - Hillary infamously voted FOR the Cheney-Bush INVASION OF IRAQ, and infamously REFUSES TO APOLOGIZE for same.
We could go on, but we will give Governor Dean a SALUTE for bringing some OUTSIDE DC SANITY _to_ official Washington, and wish him the very best.


Dean ending 30-year political career

By Nedra Pickler

WASHINGTON (AP) — Outgoing Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said Friday he would have liked to work in the Obama administration, but instead is embarking on a life in the private sector after nearly 30 years in politics.

Dean told The Associated Press in an interview that he is weighing where next to take a career that has moved rapidly from family doctor to Vermont governor to presidential candidate to national party boss. This Wednesday, he ends a term as chairman in which Democrats recaptured the White House, seized majorities in Congress and picked up governorships.