Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers.. and the looming DEATH of the US Economy (and Democratic Party, too)...

President Obama is party to the TEN TRILLION DOLLAR GIVEAWAY of TAXPAYER dollars to the MASSIVELY FRAUDULENT US banks and "financial institutions" - over the past 12 months, alone!

We are greatful to the insightful "liberal" radio host THOM HARTMANN for putting in to words what we have been sputtering at spitting out:

That President Barack Obama is NOW PARTY TO __MASSIVE FINANICAL FRAUD__; and as the results of Mr. Obama's "economics" team handing out TEN TRILLION DOLLARS of TAXPAYER money to the very banks, brokerage houses, and "finacial institutions" who created the Economic Crisis of 2008-2009 starts to filter out to America, the Democratic Party will become hated & reviled, and the Republican Party - which is as responsible for the Economic downturn as the Democrats were - will reap the gain.

In a nutshell, in turning his ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION over to RAHM EMANUEL, ROBERT RUBIN, and LAWRENCE SUMMERS (and their hired lackey & incompetent fellow bankster Timmy Geithner) - multi-millionaire banksters all (except for Geithner, who was "rewarded" for his financial fraud complicity merely by being fast-tracked from obscurity to the top levels of world finance & manipulation) - President Obama has EMPOWERED THEM to PAPER OVER BILLIONS of dollars of MASSIVE FINANCIAL FRAUD, PERPETRATED AGAINST the American people over the past dozen years - by giving those banksters DIRET ACCESS to the Taxpayers wallets and pockets... to the tune of TEN TRILLION DOLLARS in new "BAILOUTS" and back-door Fed Reserve "money creation" -
- "funny money" created out of THIN AIR, that OBLIGATES American citizens and taxpayers to PRODUCE REAL GDP products & production, which the very PRIVATE Fed Reserve banksters attempt to REAP THE FINANICAL HARVEST from...
...Even as American workers' PRODUCTIVITY goes UP, and even as the banksters create TRILLIONS of dollars to feast on for themselves, REAL WAGES, much less job security and America's vaunted standard of living, and the entire American economy, GO DOWN.

As Mr. Hartmann and his guest, Dr. Michael Hudson point out, REPUBLICANS ARE CORRECT to point out, that BARACK OBAMA is ADDING TO THE US DEFICITS, at a rate FAR HIGHER THAN BUSH & Cheney did right up to 2008 - at 4 minutes into the video, Dr. Hudson explains that a year ago the US DEFICITS were FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS, and that they are now moving in on FIFTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS.

For the first time in 10 years, Republicans WILL NOT BE LYING when they lay the blame for MASSIVE US government DEFICITS at the feet of DEMOCRATS, because Mr. Obama in an unbelievably stupidly and incredibly niave manner, is in the thrall of his corrupt and self-serving neo-con banksters and financial fraudsters.

(see our previous post, ROBERT RUBIN and LAWRENCE SUMMERS are both in journalist Robert Scheer's "TOP FIVE MEN MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ECONOMIC CRISIS" editorial)