Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Tonight Keith Olbermann's MSNB 'Countdown' news show had a HEART-RENDING INTERVIEW with Susan Hill, a woman friend of the late, MURDERED Doctor George Tiller.
In the heartrending conversation, Ms. recalled how Dr. Tiller would FLY 10 and ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRLS - victims of rape or incest - from Mississippi or other clinics that could not spare these poor girls from their (possibly life-threatening) pregnancies, to his clinic in Kansas, where he would perform the surgical operations at no cost to the victimized girls.
(Quite contrary to HATE-MONGERING FOX 'news' DEMAGAGOGUE Bill O'Reilly's insinuations that Dr. Tiller performed the operations soley for a $5,000 payoff.)

In another case Ms. Hill recited how doctors at one health-care facility wanted to force a woman to CARRY A "FETAL DEMASIS" - a dead fetus, a stillborn baby before it had been born - to term - eight to ten weeks away, with a high probability of further health trauma to the mother... a mother FORCED by America's MURDEROUSLY MORALIZING "Christians' TO CARRY THE DEAD BABY "God" had seen fit to KILL IN HER WOMB!!
America's ANTI-ABORTION Jihadi "Christians" are members of a MURDEROUS CULT of SUPERIORITY and SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, EXACTLY the same in intent, if not quantity, with the Nazis of WWII.
No matter how big a gang their church may be, or how many other millions of Americans may agree with them, THESE PEOPLE would CHEER the BURNING OF JOAN OF ARC at the stake, of the DROWNING and HANGING of ACCUSED WITCHES at Salem, if they were able to stroke each other's "moral superiority" IN THE SERVICE of a 'god' who SEES FIT to MURDER BABIES in a woman's womb, DEPRIVING COUNTLESS CHILDREN throughout history of their natural mother - mothers who, according to the bible, DIED a death in childbirth, or due to complications from pregnancy, due to an ETERNAL CURSE a DAMNING god placed for all eternity on the female descendents of Eve !!
note: according to one Fetal Demise website quoting National Center for Health Statistics, the FETAL MORTALITY RATE is 6.5 per 1,000 births!!
Or, in plain English, IF you believe in a omnipotent & omnipresent god who CREATED THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, then "he" SEES FIT to KILL nearly ONE out of every hundred-and-fifty or so babies!!
That is a HUGE number of "GOD KILLING UNBORN BABIES" if you believe the bible literally!
(note 2: Although, we must acknowledge, god does seem to work in mysterious ways: Abraham Lincoln's mother died when he was a boy; and his older sister, to whom Lincoln was deeply attached, died within a year of her leaving the Lincoln home after marriage, due to complications during giving birth. And yet another young woman to whom Lincoln was a friend and may have become emotionally attached died very young as well.
Some Lincoln historians & biographers suggest that it was Lincoln's frequent brushes with death in his youth that would forge in him a strong sense of the ephemeral nature of human (mortal) life; and a sense that the almighty and eternal demanded that good people make sacrifices towards the betterment of mankind; a sense of GREAT MORAL PURPOSE that would later steel Lincoln to so forcefully and determindly oppose slavery.
Lincoln knew that his candidacy and presidency to CONTAIN (NOT eliminate) slavery would come at great cost, but his intense personal conviction and determination, steeled in those personal tragedies, gave him the strength to persevere during the dismal Civil War years, with their tremendous losses of human life & tragedy, for a war which Southerners always blamed him.)