Thursday, May 20, 2010

STUPID AMERICANS: Thousands of Floridians Voted for "DRILL, baby DRILL!" Cheney & Bush in 2000.... Now Florida is About to wear a deadly wreath of OIL and BENZENE around the state's fragile and once beautiful coastline....

Florida's  East Coast - including the luxury mansions on Palm Beach Island where LIAR LIMBAUGH  has a multi-million dollar mansion on nearly 100 yards of private beach from which he spews his "HATE AMERICANS and SNEER at environmental regulations" vitriol  - is about to be WREATHED in deadly, hazardous, lethal  OIL: 

Would  a President Al Gore,   the  "Ozone Man" (as he was derisively smeared by "guy you'd like to have a beer with" George W. Bush during the long summer presidential campaign of 2008)  have spent the first 15 months of his presidency  doing  NOTHING  to ENSURE THE SAFETY and compliance with EXISTING environmental regulations,  of hazardous Oil Drilling Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico,  as current "Democratic" President Barack Obama has done?  
 The answer is a resounding "HELL, NO!" 

    Al Gore, for all his  communications flaws and other shortcomings,  appreciated the ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS  facing America at the turn of this new century, and he would have found THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD to ENFORCE   _existing_  oil drilling regulations in the Gulf of Mexico.

  Instead we have  IDIOT OBAMA in the White House,   handing over ALL his authority on just about everything  to his hate-America Manchurian Candidate,  America's Rasputin,   RAHM EMANUEL,  the  treacherous (if not TREASONOUS)  "Israel First!"  Goddamn-Sachs  uber alles Financial Swindler (and here) .

   Well, if  The DESTRUCTION of  ENTIRE  SWATHS of the American Economy is  Rahm Emanuel's goal (it CERTAINLY IS the goal of the "ECONOMIC HIT MEN" & Goddamn-Sachs swindlers in New York, in the City of London,  and in Tel Aviv), he can chalk a great big notch in his belt - the ENTIRE  COASTAL ECONOMY of the Gulf Coast of  these United States IS DYING.... as the OIL CONTINUES TO GUSH  into the gulf,  triggering talk of the EVACUATION of TAMPA due to a possibility of BENZENE POISONING, and even  the possibility that the gulf oil "leak" ("an underwater volcano" is how another observer has put it)   might KILL ALL  LIFE in ALL the oceans...  

 HECK OF A JOB, Obama-bushie!  

   You PROMISED US CHANGE,  but you GAVE us MORE of  Cheney & Bush's DEATH, DESTRUCTION,  CRIMINAL FRAUDS, negligent  dereliction of duty, & now economic and environmental  chaos!