Thursday, June 3, 2010

Obama's Katrina... OBAMA's IDIOCY is now a NATIONAL CRISIS, in both banking/finance, AND as oil slicks stalk Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida beaches...

FIDDLING  while America BURNS - WHAT is THE IDIOT in the White House thinking??!
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In our previous post, we wrote that Florida beaches would soon wear a deadly necklace of toxic oil and benzene gases.  That day is now upon Alabama beaches, with the sea-life crushing oil slicks already in view of Florida panhandle beaches
 This environmental AND ECONOMIC CATASTROPHE is about to expose President Obama as the NARCISSISTIC, ARROGANT, ENTITLED,  IDIOT that he is, because for the past 6 weeks, Mr. Obama has been putting on a virtual DISPLAY of all the above arrogance, entitlement, and narcissism!
  It's quite bad enough that Mr. Obama so blatantly envies the life of the billionaires and millionaires, that he actually endeavors to exude the life of leisure AS BLACK AMERICANS are HAMMERED by the Economic Crisis that is NOW WORSE than when Obama became president... 
  But to IGNORE  the crisis unfolding in the Gulf for the past 6 weeks,  is SIMPLY STUPID, IDIOTIC, arrogant, if not DELUSIONAL.   This is BILLIONS of dollars of Gulf Coast business and commerce going up in smoke (going down in oil-ravaged oyster beds and oil-slicked beaches)  -  this compilation of  photographs illustrate what a "WHAT, ME WORRY?"  IDIOT  President Obama has been....
  FORTY DAYS of  OBAMA INSANE ARROGANCE and NARCICISM - Giving Emperor Nero, and "Heckuva Job, Bushie" a run for the money in the "Fiddle Whiel Rome/America burns" competition -
  Living the life of a HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITY, as a huge chunk of America's ECONOMY and ENVIRONMENT BURNS!   Mr. Obama needs to get his head out of his RAHM EMANUEL, OF, BY, and FOR GODDAMN-SACHS - TO HELL WITH AMERICA!"  bubble, yesterday!
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Day 1 – April 20
Obama returns from L.A. – fundraising for Barb Boxer

DAY 2 – April 21
Obama attends reception for G-20 Labor Ministers

DAY 3 – April 22
Obama hosts Rose Garden reception to honor Earth Day

Obama flies to NYC to push Wall St bill

DAY 4 – April 23
Hey, let’s go on vacation to Asheville, North Carolina!

Lunch at Twelve Bones for ribs and mac & cheese

No worries! How about a mountain hike?

Obama squeezes in a round of golf!

DAY 5 – April 24
Let’s go golfing again — at Grove Park Inn GC

A nice gourmet dinner at the Biltmore!

DAY 6 – April 25
A scrumptious brunch at Grove Park Resort

DAY 7 – April 26
Obama hosts NY Yankees for White House event

DAY 8 – April 27
Obama visits Iowa for rhubarb pie at Jerry’s Diner

DAY 9 – April 28
Obama flies to Missouri for lunch at Peggy Sue’s Diner

DAY 10 – April 29
Obama attends DNC fundraiser at swank DC residence

DAY 11 – April 30
Obama flies to MD to view Secret Service binoculars

DAY 12 – May 1
Obama joins Leno for comedy routine at WHCD
DAY 13 – May 2
Obama finally visits Lousiana

DAY 14 – May 3
Obama hosts the Navy football team

DAY 15 – May 4
Obama private lunch with Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel

DAY 16 – May 5
Obama hosts Cinco De Mayo party at White House

DAY 17 – May 6
Just chillin’. Summers gives updates on economy

DAY 18 – May 7
Wizbangs give Rose Garden speech on ‘economy’

DAY 19 – May 8
Obama hits links at Ft Belvoir

Dining out at ritzy DC restaurant — Komi!

DAY 20 – May 9
Obama gives commencement speech at Hampton U.

DAY 21 – May 10
Hey, during a crisis, let’s pick a SCJ!

DAY 22 – May 11
Private (golf?) lunch with Joe Biden

DAY 23 – May 12
  (MORE photos here of IDIOT OBAMA's INSANE  _LACK OF CONCERN_ for EITHER America's irreplacable Gulf Coast environment... or for the HUGE chunks of the American ECONOMY that will suffer as a result of his CRIMINAL INCOMPETENCE and CRIMINAL NEGLECT at overseeing America's precious resources.) 
   And, yet again,  Vice President Biden looks like a SLAVISH yes-man  to  Obama's White House  atrocious "Of, by, and for Golddamn-Sachs" agenda...