Friday, June 25, 2010

TREACHERY and TREASON in the Obama White House: The HARVARD & GOLDDAMN-SACHS PREMEDITATED Neo-Con DESTRUCTION of the American econmy continues apace, as Idiot Obama CONTINUES to listen to NOTHING BUT Harvard Law, JPM, & GS banksters who wallow in ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION, WAR, and BAILOUT BILLIONS...

  Seen last night on the movie channel -  Dustin Hoffman,  as U.S.  Army "AMRID"  bio-war virology  researcher Col. Sam Daniels in the movie "Outbreak" and his research assistant Major Salt (Cuba Gooding Jr.)  trying to prevent the US Army incineration-bombing of an American town infected with a deadly virus: 
  Major Salt: "They're going to KILL ALL THOSE PEOPLE?!"
  [American residents of the fictional town  Cedar Creek,  locked down in their homes by Army order in the community infected with the  deadly, hyper-contagious virus that the U.S. Army bio-war labs  have  been manufacturing for 30 years, that the Army is about to bomb with a town-leveling fuel-air incineration bomb] 
 Dustin Hoffman:  "YES, THEY WANT THEIR WEAPON." 

  The above, while Hollywood fiction, is EXACTLY the case of the OBAMA WHITE HOUSE  presiding over the INTENTIONAL, FLAMING  DESTRUCTION of the U.S. economy, at the hands of the  "ISRAEL FIRST"  Golddamn-Sachs banksters and Harvard Neo-Con (Israel First) lawyers President Obama has STACKED his presidency with.   
    ELENA KAGAN is merely THE LATEST  "Neo-Conservative" WARMONGERING  Harvard Lawyer   and POLICE-STATE  GANGSTER  that the so-called  "liberal Democrats" in the Obama White House are shoving down America's throats -  indeed, Ms. Kagan's UNCLES are  Donald and  Robert Kagan,  two of the WARMONGERS who wrote up the "PNAC" (often called)  "Blueprint for the Iraq War" in 1997 and 1998;  which ISRAEL SPONSORED  "think tank"  would provide the ISRAEL FUNDING and  backing for Bush & Cheney's stolen election of 2000.
 (Note: "P.N.A.C." stands for "Project for a New AMERICAN Century,"
 (  but since the PNAC think-tank is set up and run by well over 50% "Israel First" radical right-wing Warmongering Likudniks - with just enough gentiles like Jebby Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Dan Quayle, Gary Baur, Steve Forbes, and Francis Fukuyama to MAKE IT APPEAR to be a non-Jewish, or at least "bipartisan" Think Tank,    it SHOULD be called
    the "Project for a New ISRAEL DOMINATED Century" !

   Upon stealing the White House,  Bush's year-long  campaign promises of "I will run a MORE HUMBLE foreign policy"  notwithstanding (PURE DECEIT),  Cheney, Bush, and their  "ISRAEL FIRST"  PNAC/Likudnik/Neo-Con cabal  were EXCLUSIVELY FOCUSED on FINDING AN EXCUSE to INVADE AND OCCUPY  Iraq 
  (as Bush's first Treasury Secretary, Paul O'Neill, would later inform the world (above link)   after he had been FIRED by Cheney and Bush, for DARING to  tell the Amerian public and Congress that  the Bush, Greenspan, and the Golddamn-Sachs/JPM/Wall Street Neo-Con (et al)   economic policies of "TAX CUTS FOR RICH" would  eventually DESTROY the U.S. economy.)  

   ELENA KAGAN is ANOTHER "ISRAEL FIRST" Likudnik  WARMONGER and Neo-Con/Harvard/Golddamn-Sachs  TREASURY LOTTING front-woman,
  (note how the CBS report on Kagan's GOLDDAMN-SACHS PAYCHECK story is scoffed at by CBS reporter Charles Cooper) 
 (Also note how this Wall Street Journal story, on Kagan's role as Dean of Harvard Law school allegedly denying military recruiters access to Harvard Law students,  portrays Kagan as a "liberal anti-military" type,  when her Neo-Con Kagan pedigree predicts that she is either PRO-WAR,  or  remarkably reluctant to expose any anti-war sentiments she may have.) 
 and   THE ENTIRE  U.S. press/media, and the ENTIRE  U.S. Congress and Senate  will NOT  ask her her positions on any of those  vital questions,  about whether she SHARES HER UNCLES "ISREAL UBER ALLES" views,  whether about
#1.  EXPANDING ILLEGAL  U.S. WARS in the Mideast, or
#2.  economy gutting NO OVERSIGHT BAILOUTS for  ISRAEL ALLIED GolddamnSachs/JPM-Chase/Citi  banksters on Wall Street; or,
#3.  Constitution-gutting  GESTAPO POLICE STATE POWERS in "the war on terror"  such as uber-Likudnik Senator Joe Lieberman has recently proposed, both with his "INTERNET KILL SWITCH"  and  "WE CAN DESIGNATE YOU A TERRORIST, and THROW YOU IN our Wolfowitz/Lieberman  worldwide TORTURE GULAG  CONCENTRATION CAMPS at any time we want"  ("Terrarist EXPATRIATION Act")  bills now looming as the dreadful  new solidification of the already  NAZIesque DICTATORIAL "Enabling Acts"  so-called "U.S. [un-] P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act."  
  The evidence that the "ISRAEL FIRST"  GANGSTERS - both  FINANCIAL/economic, and political/legal - who power the Obama administration, are EVERY BIT as BENT ON WAR, the GUTTING of the U.S. Constitution,  and the PREMEDITATED burn-down DESTRUCTION of the U.S. economy,  is volumous.   
 (Note: WE ARE NOT an "anti-Semitic" site!  Indeed, MANY of the authors and writers we will  cite documenting the DICTATORIAL, POLICE-STATE and ECONOMIC THEFT tendencies of the Neo-Cons ARE JEWISH writers, including Glenn Greenwald, Naomi Klein, Naomi Wolf, Robert Reich,  Dustin Hoffman (ironically, it was uber Neo-Con Hollywood studio Warner Bros. which produced the scene of potential military MASS MURDER DICTATORSHIP, THEFT, and CONSPIRACY tendencies at the opening of this post.  Another example of the DUAL "Liberal/Neo-Con" tendencies of so many writers,   PAUL KRUGMAN  _was_ a famously outspoken critic of Neo-Con economy gutting policies... until the 2008 Economic Meltdown (that he had spent the previous 10 years warning about) actually hit, when Mr. Krugman REVERTED to a typical New York Times "LOOT, PLUNDER, and PILLAGE" Neo-Con, in particular Mr. Krugman has lately  SUPPORTED the confirmation of  uber Neo-Con ECONOMIC ARSONIST  Ben Bernanke for Fed Chairman;  Krugman has ADOPTED  Bernanke's insane ideology of using INFLATION of the money supply to "pay off the U.S. Debt" (CHEATING!),  and Krugman is now BLAMING CHINA's alleged  "currency manipulation" (mere days or weeks after Krugman advocates INFLATING, CHEAPENING, the dollar to pay down U.S. debts!) for the   SLASH & BURN ECONOMIC LARCENY   of Bernanke, Geithner, Greenspan, Goddamn-Sachs,  JP Morgan-Chase & crew!    If Mr. Krugman  merely re-read his own columns from the past 10 years, he'd know that China is hardly the guilty party... Indeed, in TYPICAL Neo-Con fashion,  Krugman is NOW BLAMING  the  (American) VICTIMS (and overseas trade partners like  China) for  the NEO-CON/Likudnik PRE-MEDITATED SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of the American economy!)
  Here's Glenn Greenwald's recent article,  which ads substance to our above rant about  Lieberman &  the Kagan/Kristol/Wolfowitz/Perle/Feith/Lieberman (et al)  PNAC Likudniks'   CLEARLY DICTATORIAL, GESTAPO TENDENCIES  (discussed further on in  this post) -
"Obama Confidant's SPINE CHILLING Proposal"

     The largest problem we have  here at DemNationUSA  with putting this post together (besides busting through the barrier of explicitly confronting the PREMEDITATED  NEO-CON / JEWISH SUPREMACY  INTENT to DESTROY the American and world economies, as Bernie Madoff destroyed the value of his investors' investments, and as the Wolfowitz/Perle/Feith/Libby/Wumrser/Kagan/Kagan/Zackheim Likudniks in the U.S. Defense Department ENABLED and POWERED the Cheney-Bush administration invasion, bombing, occupation, torture-gulags, and destruction of the Iraqi economy)     is THE SHEER VOLUME of evidence that supports our case:   that the Likudniks and Neo-Cons  are AS CONTEMPTUOUS and SCORNFUL of AMERICA, Americans, and the American economy, as they are of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, or of Lebanese, or Iranians... or of Georgians, Russians, Greeks,  Icelanders (and others of the "P.I.G.S. - Portugual, Iceland, Greece, Spain countries), much less of HaitiansHondurans, El Salvadorans, Bolivians, Ecuadorians,  Venezuelans, Colombians, or others in Central and South America and the West Indies,  where the Neo-Con/Likudnik sponsored U.S. Army "School of the Americas"  (now with a new, fuzzy, bureaucratic renaming "Western Hemisphere Institute for 'SECURITY' Cooperation") relentlessly searches for FUTURE DICTATORS to ORGANIZE COUPS in those scorned and despised, impoverished  and often machine-gunned,  people of those  "third-world" nations....  
    ...EVERYWHERE,  titanic  ECONOMIC THEFT &  MACHINE-GUN police-state DICTATORSHIPS are THE murderous HALLMARK of the INSANELY GREEDY and FEROCIOUSLY WARMONGERING  Jewish/Israel Neo-Cons & Likudniks   - whose POLICE STATE, Constitution-gutting policies have now come to AMERICA's  B.P. oil-polluted shores, closed factories,  and looming Wolfowitz/Lieberman concentration camps. 
Over at they've produced an excellent graphic that President Obama's administration could double as a long-running  CLASS REUNION of the Harvard Law School class of 1991-

This of course is SIMPLY A STUNNING example of  Obama's  INSANE ARROGANCE:    WHERE THE HELL did he get the idea that   HARVARD LAWYERS were ALL the advice he needed to run the world ??!

   Well, the above is only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG of this LONG OVERDUE post,  
CONFRONTING  THE #1 THREAT to America's _genuine_  national and economic security:  the HIJACKING of OUR GOVERNMENT, our press, our financial institutions, OUR WAR MACHINE, by the "ISRAEL UBER ALLES"  LIKUDNIKS, who have no more regard for Americans, than they do for Greeks, Hondurans,  Georgians, Africans, or, heavens forbid, Palestinians,  who are effectively ghettoized as Concentration Camp  cannon-fodder in Gaza and West Bank ghettos. 

 Below is a "data-dump" of  articles which lay out the case that America's ECONOMIC CONTRACTION and MASSIVE DEBT - and WHOLESALE POVERTY for Americans how have been LAID OFF and now are at THE END of their UNEMPLOYMENT "benefits" -  IS  the  TREASONOUS, ANTI-AMERICAN,  ECONOMY-GUTTING  AGENDA of the Treacherous "Israel Uber Alles"  Likudniks & New York/DC/Chicago  Neo-Cons.  
  We apologize for editing and writing a post in progress,   but this subject - the LIKUDNIK HIJACKING and PREMEDITATED DESTRUCTION of America - is such a titanic subject, that it is impossible to wrap it up in one writing.
 < Zuckerman considered challenging Kirsten Gillibrand for her New York United States Senate seat in the 2010 election to fill the unexpired term of this seat (which comes up for a full six year term in 2012).[25]    Although Zuckerman has been known as a Democrat and a supporter of liberal causes, he was speculated to run as a Republican or an independent in order to avoid an expensive primary.[26] However, on March 2, 2010 he declined to run, citing family and work obligations. >
 FOR BILLIONAIRE JEWS,  the two parties are IRRELEVANT:  it is THEY, the FRONT-MEN of the  ISRAEL WAR LOBBY and the CONNECTED, GODDAMN-SACHS/JPMorgan/Rothschilds/City-of-London/Tel Aviv  economy-crushing Financial SWINDLERS, who RUN the ENTIRE  U.S. Government, and OWN, outright, BOTH U.S. "major" political parties, and therefore the U.S. Congress, House, Senate, and government agencies -  which is why B.P., the Rothschilds/JPM owned "British Petroleum" oil giant, was literally FREE to WRITE ITS OWN  oil-drilling inspection reports - the U.S. government regulators and inspectors were IN THE POCKETS of B.P.  and the Wall Street swindlers! 
 Proof??   EASY! -
 <  Zuckerman serves on the boards of trustees of several educational and private institutions such as New York University, the Aspen Institute, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the Hole in the Wall Gang Fund, and the Center for Communications. He is a member of the JPMorgan's National Advisory Board, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy [aka "Mideast WARMONGERING"!]  and the International Institute for Strategic Studies [ANOTHER WARMONGERING front-group!]. He has been a president of the board of trustees of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. >   
PR vs. Truth: Corporate Charity and the Billionaire’s Ruse  -
Will the Real JP Morgan Chase Please Stand Up?
By Damon Vrabel Monday, June 21, 2010
Let’s start with JP Morgan Chase. It is a voracious institution driven by ruthless usury putting people, towns, counties, states, and countries in debt. It has fed the multi-generational billionaire families that have controlled the bank through history (the merger of JP Morgan interests and Rockefeller interests behind Chase) [AND  london/europe ROTHSCHILDS 200 year economy crashers]  while making a few of its operating officers like Jamie Dimon billionaires as well. It has done so by being the most powerful member of the Federal Reserve cartel that puts the US government in servitude and forces all of us to borrow and pay interest in order to have money, i.e. in order to survive. So the bank effectively controls the rest of us in an economic structure similar to the old days of feudalism. 

Some specific examples are useful to help understand the true character of this institution. The bank, sometimes through foreign surrogates, has a track record of being involved in the financial crises that put foreign governments under even more debt from the Anglo-American banking establishment and give western corporations more power and control over natural resources and other assets.  [This is the core of Richard Perkin's confessional book on predatory international lenders, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man."]   The bank helps drive smaller levels of government into insolvency, with Jefferson County Alabama being the most obvious current example. The bank has been accused of insider market manipulation, most recently in the silver market. The bank has participated in the general banking attack on much of the world having blown indebtedness, and therefore asset bubbles, to such stratospheric heights that major “discontinuous adjustment” is guaranteed, to use an innocuous Greenspan phrase for “unprecedented catastrophe.” And the bank showed how ruthless its operating officers can be in the aftermath of the collapse of 2008 when they had no problem jacking up credit card rates and kicking people out of their homes as Jamie Dimon went on CNBC to tell Americans they better pay up so his team can keep pocketing millions. At the same time, the powers behind the bank were extorting the government to put the nation in even more debt, transfer billions to them, and hand them valuable assets like WAMU.
     This should reveal the truth behind Jamie Dimon’s claim that Chase “serves its communities.” That is PR spin straight out of Orwell’s 1984 where corporate propaganda from a smooth Harvard billionaire replaces truth. I also hope this helps put in perspective a $5 million charity handout designed to give them PR value. $5 million isn’t even pocket change to Chase. It’s a tiny drop in the ocean of money that has been stripped from the population in the first place through usury. So a helpful analogy to this Chase charity stunt might be a viciously abusive husband who gives his wife a Reese’s peanut butter cup after 10 years of broken bones, hospital visits, and psychological horror. Don’t be a sucker.    
Wall Street Oligarchy and American Empire
By Damon Vrabel Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Citibank’s recent announcement that it may require seven days notice prior to honoring withdrawals is just the latest small brushstroke on a much larger canvas being painted by the banking system and the US government. The broader picture is shocking for those watching as it comes into view. Americans must heed Martin Luther King’s warning, “today our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake.”
Central Banking vs. The Republic and the World
By Damon Vrabel Friday, May 28, 2010
A couple of days ago in Japan, Ben Bernanke said that the benefits of low interest rate policies that politicians want “are not sustainable and will soon evaporate, leaving behind inflationary pressures that worsen the economy’s long-term prospects…...thus political interference in monetary policy can generate undesirable boom-bust cycles that ultimately lead to both a less stable economy and higher inflation.”

[pause inserted so you have time to pick your jaw up off the floor]

The Ben Bernanke Survey

I’m curious for your opinion about why Ben is doing this.  Reply in the comments below with your answer to this multiple choice question:  Who is Ben Bernanke?
  1. Honest – he actually believes what he says.  He’s still a Harvard kid getting gold stars on his homework as he repeats the fraudulent load of crap known as neoclassical economics.
  2. Dishonest – he knows he’s just protecting the powers behind the Fed system and furthering their global restructuring plan by threatening the politicians with more boom-busts if they try to serve the people.
  3. Insane – he’s not in touch with reality.
Folks like Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, and Peter Schiff promote #1, the idea that he’s a clueless theoretician repeatedly making mistakes.  No doubt there was a time when he was just a bright-eyed overachiever being pumped full of theory disconnected from reality.  But these guys ignore Ben’s comments in Japan.  He makes it clear that he knows exaggerated low interest rate policies cause major problems, i.e. he’s not ignorant, but he engages in them anyway!  So again I ask what’s really going on?
Feel free to disagree, but #2 is my answer, which means we need to stop believing Rogers, Faber, and Schiff that he’s a pedantic bureaucrat.  That’s pure spin that reinforces the idea there’s no strategic plan behind what the G20, IMF, BIS, and Fed are doing in response to the coordinated actions of Rubin, Summers, Paulson, Geithner, Greenspan, AIG, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, etc.  Those who promote #1 are suggesting that these folks, all part of the elite Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), are basically randomly screwing up a kids’ game of checkers.  No chance.  The fact is we are in the mist of a global chess game being played above the heads of national governments in which debt and leverage are used to restructure the world under a new global money and banking system (video: Emerging Global Empire).  I suggest Bernanke’s sole purpose is to hide the real role the Federal Reserve has played in this game while also helping to keep Congress from asserting its power.

Central Banking: Pro or Con?

The media likes to claim that voicing opposition to the Fed is lower class populism.  But of course the media doesn’t think.  It just promotes left or right groupthink for the few corporate powers that own the media.  They don’t want you thinking about the question of a central bank.  If they did, we might better understand the pros and cons. 
The pro is that without a central body regulating the value of currency, thousands of banks across the country would be randomly cranking credit up and down resulting in economic turmoil.  True.  Some of the founders understood that without a controlled currency, private banking institutions could profit massively off whipsawing the people, which is why Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution says the government should regulate the value of the currency.  But of course we know this pro doesn’t apply to the Fed structure because the most extreme periods of economic turmoil have happened since it was created.
The problem with this pro is the first con of the Fed’s form of central banking—it puts currency control in private hands.  Rather than the Fed having power over the banks, its structure actually gives the primary dealer banks (mega firms like JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and many foreign banks) significant power to tell it what to do.  Entrenched powers behind these firms working together in cartel groups like the New York Fed and CFR have far more leverage than the president, i.e. an individual with no financial experience who rotates into office for a short period of time completely surrounded by bankers and their allies.  The entire purpose of the Constitution and having a republic, despite its flaws, was to put power in the hands of the public vs. a concentrated private oligarchy.  But the Fed system creates such an oligarchy, as many Americans now see since the crash of 2008.
  it would, of course, be CHILD'S PLAY, for a well trained Special Forces trained "spy"  or "Counter-Insurgency"  agent  to infiltrate a (for example) anti-war, environmental, or pro-labor opposition group, and then, FROM WITHIN that group, PLANT A BOMB, and FRAME  other, innocent individuals for the government's  premeditated sabotage destruction -   PURE JEWISH NAZI  TREACHERY, WARMONGERING DECEIT, and  JIHAD DESTRUCTION of the American Constitution right to free assembly and free protest,  with CASS SUNSTEIN proudly affixing his name to these CLEARLY GESTAPO/kgb/STASI  tendencies -
  (the potential  CRIMINALIZATION of those opposition groups  by secret police sabotage & criminal framing)  
Obama confidant's spine-chilling proposal
by Glenn Greenwald,,
 Friday, Jan 15, 2010
Cass Sunstein has long been one of Barack Obama's closest confidants.  Often mentioned as a likely Obama nominee to the Supreme Court, Sunstein is currently Obama's head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs where, among other things, he is responsible for "overseeing policies relating to privacy, information quality, and statistical programs."  In 2008, while at Harvard Law School, Sunstein co-wrote a truly pernicious paper proposing that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-"independent" advocates to "cognitively infiltrate" online groups and websites -- as well as other activist groups -- which advocate views that Sunstein deems "false conspiracy theories" about the Government.  This would be designed to increase citizens' faith in government officials and undermine the credibility of conspiracists.  The paper's abstract can be read, and the full paper downloaded, here.... 
 NEW!  6-26-2010-
   FANNIE MAE plans to use its GOVERNMENT POWERS to INVESTIGATE homeowners'  "STRATEGIC DEFAULT" on mortgages and SIEZE whatever assets those homeowners have thus far retained in the CRASHING economy.
  That is, homeowners  are WALKING AWAY from homes that are now valued FAR LESS than the mortgage that homeowners are STUCK WITH..
  but the    INSANELY HYPOCRITICAL  barack Obama -  just  another  FINANCIAL TERRORIST PUPPET face -  does NOTHING to reign in LARGE CORPORATIONS  WALKING AWAY from THEIR  underwater mortgages and FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS (like PENSION FUNDS when LBO loan-sharks buy or sell a company WITH THE INTENTION of BUSTING those pensions and health-care benefits!)
     but he will HELP  Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Goddamn-Sachs,  and JP Morgan-Chase  use U.S. laws and government to TURN AMERICANS into  PENNILESS WAGE SLAVES!!!!

   Indeed,   EVEN AS  FINANCIAL TERRORIST  Barack Obama is HELPING  Fannie & Freddie INVESTIGATE  and SIEZE ASSETS FROM  American homeowners, he DOES NOTHING to  INVESTIGATE the ALLEGATIONS OF FRAUD, of  HIS OWN  White House Chief of Staff, RAHM EMANUEL,  when Rahm was a member of the SCANDAL-TAINTED BOARD OF DIRECTORS of Freddie Mac back in 2008!  

  (note how the below 2008 "Freddie Mac FRAUD SCANDAL" stories have... GONE NOWHERE since ECONOMIC LARCENIST and FINANCIAL TERRORIST Barack Obama became president in Jan. 2009!) 

ABC News:   Rahm Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal
New Obama Chief of Staff, Others on Board, Missed "Red Flags" of Alleged Fraud Scheme 
  FBI Investigating Potential Fraud by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman, AIG
Tuesday, September 23, 2008,2933,426783,00.html 

Rahm Emanuel's profitable stint at mortgage giant -
[His]  Short Freddie Mac stay made him at least $320,000 
By Bob Secter and Andrew Zajac, Chicago Tribune reporters
 March 26, 2009,0,5682373.story
Before its portfolio of bad loans helped trigger the current housing crisis, mortgage giant Freddie Mac was the focus of a major accounting scandal that led to a management shake-up, huge fines and scalding condemnation of passive directors by a top federal regulator....