Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jewish Neo-Con WARMONGERS & TREASURY THIEVES do NOT believe in democracy, OR Constitutional Rights... They MIMIC (if not admire) Hitler's S.S. & GESTAPO dictatorship powers...

TWO troubling stories today about the  relentless RIGHT-WING JEWISH WARMONGERS ("Likudniks") and Neo-Con  Financial Overlords'  (banksters & treasury looters)  ASSAULT  on democracy and constitutional freedoms worldwide:

 #1. the ARREST (detention) of an Army soldier who leaked video (video below, at bottom of this post)  of the U.S. Army's DEADLY MACHINE-GUN ATTACK on CIVILIAN Iraqis  in a Baghdad suburb on July 12, 2007,  video  (similar in effect on American public opinions to the release of   ABU GHRAIB TORTURE PHOTOS in 2004) which  showed a BLOODLUST mentality of the Army's helicopter pilots to even shoot up a vehicle which was being used to try to pick up dead and wounded bodies from the attack  off the Iraqi streets;    (at 15:50 in video)
  •  Roger, Break. Crazy Horse One-Eight, REQUESTING PERMISSION TO Engage.
  • "they're  PICKING UP THE WOUNDED" [the US attack helicopters have received NO enemy fire during this ENTIRE "action."]
   IN the NEO-CON and LIKUDNIK military  OCCUPATIONS of Iraq and Afghanistan, ANYTHING THAT MOVES on Iraqi of Afghan streets IS FAIR GAME for the  JEWISH-dominated AMERICAN WAR MACHINE -  
 -  the Likudniks and Neo-Cons KNOW that their WHOOLY OWNED "American corporate media" (including the Sulzberger owned New York Times, the Meyer/Graham owned Washington Post & Newsweek magazine; and the  Time/Warner owned CNN network,  Time magazine, and  Warner Bros. Hollywood studios)   will work diligently to COVER UP or WHITEWASH the killing of civilians...
  JUST AS HITLER's German (Nazi)  state press/media whitewashed & covered up the deaths of death camp victims  during WWII. 
THE JEWISH  Neo-Con & Likudnik WARMONGERS  DELIGHT in turning the U.S. military into a MODERN KILLING MACHINE in the Mideast, and are working relentlessly to  stamp "TOP SECRET,"  and arrest, indict, and prosecute ANYONE who leaks information documenting the relentless, slow-burn genocide nature of the U.S. occupations of Mideast countries.

#2.    While providing "Security" for the  the G-20 economics conference in Toronto, Canada, it was only recently learned that Canada's parliament (?)  had passed a piece of legislation, the   "PUBLIC WORKS PROTECTION ACT," with  NO advance notice to the Canadian public or press,  which act, it turns out, is practically a set of   MARTIAL LAW police superiority rules, which can be used to PROHIBIT free speech and assembly of protesters on public streets and highways -
 -  PURE DICTATORSHIP rules,  IMPOSED on Canadians by their Parliament and government,  which (like the American Congress,  state,  & local governments) are WHOOLY BRIBED &  OWNED SUBSIDIARIES of the Likudnik War Machine and Neo-Con Wall Street/City-of-London financial overlords lobbies, under the rational of "STATE SECURITY."  

  THE  American and Canadian NEO-CON,  and JEWISH war state  LIKUDNIK VERSION of "DEMOCRACY" - is of PINOCHET-type DICTATORSHIPS,
where Americans and Canadians, much less those in occupied Mideast countries, DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to FREE ASSEMBLY, and may be SUMMARILY ARRESTED,  HELD INCOMMUNICADO INDEFINATELY -  "DISAPPEARED" - and thus robbed or divested of their property,  at the behest of  the miltiary, police, and/or governments -

  (more in depth discussion of above) -
#1.  The U.S. army  is HOLDING  INCOMMUNICADO - in detention or arrest  in Kuwait -  Specialist Bradley Manning, the courageous soldier who is believed to have "leaked" a copy to Wikileaks of the video  of U.S. Army combat helicopter pilots FIRING 30mm machine-guns INDISCRIMINATELY on Iraqi men in a suburb of Baghdad on July 12th, 2007... a RANDOM ATTACK which the Army declared was "IN RESPONSE to INSURGENT ATTACKS,"  but the video reveals that it was only men walking in public that the Army's death machine started machine-gunning without taking any fire from in return... THIS  ORGY of MACHINE GUN KILLING against daily Iraqi life is the WAR OF SLOW-BURN GENOCIDE, that is EXACTLY the type of OCCUPATION  PLANNED, for nearly a dozen years in advance, by the JEWISH LIKUDNIK WAR MACHINE, and their whooly owned & financed American "PNAC" war lobby -  timeline below:

#1.  In 1991, at the height of the U.S. military's stunningly swift victory over the Iraqi Army following  Saddam's invasion of Kuwait,  then Secretary of War ("Defense") DICK CHENEY, and his UnderSecretary of Defense PAUL WOLFOWITZ, were both  Disgusted that President Bush (Sr.) did not invade Baghdad and overthrow Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi Dictator who had BEEN AMERICA's ALLY in the region for the entire 8 long years of the Iran-Iraq war, 1980-1988.
 Wolfowitz's so-called "DEFENSE PLANNING GUIDANCE" paper of 1992, also called "the WOLFOWITZ DOCTRINE."
#2.   Paul Wolfowitz was  the son of a Polish-Jewish refugee  Jacob Wolfowitz, who had been able to escape pre-war Poland before the "holocaust" there during WWII killed almost all of his (Jacob's)  remaining family members.  A decade later Jacob's son Paul Wolfowitz  spent part of 1957 living in Israel, and was very supportive of Jewish liberation ideology. 
   Upon graduating Columbia University college, Wolfowitz went to the  University of Chicago with fellow students including RICHARD PERLE and Albert Wohlstetter,   where "Neo-Liberal"
(confusingly, "Neo-Liberal" and "Neo-Conservative" are nearly synonymous political/economic terms to define Right-Wing "market oriented"  policies - which in fact have little to do with "FREE COMPETITION"  but are instead corporate COMMAND and CONTROL  MONOPOLISTIC economics with policies determined by corporate elites in close coordination with political elites;  i.e. in the most extreme form, pure Fascism.  "Chicago Boys" economics godfather  Milton Friedman was very much a supporter of Chile military dictator Augusto Pinochet's union-crushing, protest-suppressing,  monopoly awarding  fascist economic policies.)   "godfathers" Leo Strauss and Milton Friedman were teaching.   Wolfowitz's  college education had kept him out of the Vietnam war,  and he wrote a dissertation on nuclear proliferation in the Mideast  to earn his PhD from U. Chicago in 1972, just in time to put him squarely in the middle of the  U.S. nuclear war intellectual community as Jewish intellectuals were making the transition from Democratic Party affiliation to Republican Party affiliation... the former Roosevelt/Kennedy  New Deal "liberal" Democratic  allied Jewish professionals  started migrating to the more conservative Republican Party, as did   former SEGREGATIONIST  and "conservative"  Democrats like Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, John Connally, and most other conservative oriented  Democrats-turned-Republican Deep South political leaders, which is where the "NEO" (for "new") in Neo-Conservative" or "Neo-Liberal" comes from. 
  All the above to point out that by the mid-1970s Paul Wolfowitz was firmly ensconced in both the U.S. civilian war research community,  AND had strong ties to both Israel (directly, from his visits there, and emotionally) and with   many other pro-Israel  "Neo-Cons"  intellectuals in American government, universities, and think-tanks. 
 Which is why it is no suprise that when the Israel   Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu government shared Cheney and Wolfowitz's disappointment that Saddam had not been crushed during the US-Iraq war, Netanyahu embraced the talking points of Wolfowitz's "Defense Policy Guidance" rational for a future invasion of Iraq, and Netanyahu commissioned RICHARD PERLE (Wolfo's former U. Chicago classmate)  to lead a team of AMERICAN "experts" to  write up an Israeli-tailored document with similar REGIONAL SUPERIORTY goals, resulting in Israel's  "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm" paper and strategy.
(Text - )
  This 1996 paper, based on Wolfowitz's earlier 1992 U.S. military policy paper,  is doubly important, not only as a blueprint for ISRAEL's goals of REGIONAL SUPERIORITY & DOMINACE - throughout THE ENTIRE Mideast, that is - but because it illustrates that RICHARD PERLE, DOUGLAS FEITH, DAVID WURMSER, and others WORKED FOR THE ISRAEL GOVERNMENT
 Later, during the Bush-Cheney administration starting in 2001,  these very pro-Israel-supremacy advocates would be WORKING in the US DEFENSE DEPARTMENT, under Wolfowitz  (and Rumsfeld)  OVER and ABOVE  almost ALL uniformed U.S. military men and officers... i.e. the near total  JEWISH DOMINATION of the United States Defense (War) Department

 #3.  Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Wurmser, and others having written up the plan(s) during the 1990s  for  ISRAEL's  STRATEGIC DOMINATION  of the ENTIRE  Middle-East,  USING  the U.S. MILITARY as a PRAETORIAN GUARD to establish Israel's hegemony,   it only remained to  "bundle" and sell those plans to Republican & Democratic "leaders" and to the American public. 
   Since the Neo-Con war lobbies were funded by wealthy Jewish donors in the Neo-Con/neo-Liberal dominated U.S. banks & financial markets (wealthy Jewish billionaires such as  George Soros, Sheldon Adelson, Sam Wynn, Michael Bloomberg, and lesser multi-millionaires with fortunes tied up in stocks at Golddamn-Sachs, JPMorgan-Chase, Citi-bank, and other financial heavyweights, and including media owners like the New York Times Sulzberger family, or the Washington Post's Meyer/Graham families, or the Warner Hollywood studio families)  "SELLING" the  ISRAEL dominated U.S. HEGEMONY for the Mideast was a fairly straight-forward publicity or P.R. operation,  the effort would be given the name
 "PROJECT for a New AMERICAN Century( and would be co-chaired by New York Neo-Con media heir BILL KRISTOL and Donald Kagan - and would include Wolfowitz, Feith, and Perle, along with a host of other Neo-Cons including future V.P. Chief of Staff I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby (Libby later CONVICTED of PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE in the C.I.A. "outing" case... PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE, that is, in a case closely tied to NATIONAL SECURITY and the FALSIFICATION of facts LEADING TO the Iraq war invasion!)  (note the New York Times'  TEXTBOOK Neo-Con WHITEWASH   "establishment-speak" terms & prose  in discussing Libby's CONVICTIONS for perjury & obstruction of justice in the above link:  you would think the Times was discussing a card game or some other INCONSEQUENTIAL trivia, instead of a premeditated and repeated action that STYMIED a U.S. Justice Department INVESTIGATION into the FALSIFICATION of material facts that led America to war, and the "OUTING" of an ENTIRE  C.I.A. undercover operation as a means to INTIMIDATE a CRITIC of that premeditated FALSIFICATION of information, from the government, to the American public and Congress!  CONTRAST the Neo-Con warmongering, Jewish-owned New York Times'  de facto DEFENSE  of Libby's PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION of Justice (if not treason!), with the Neo-Cons' LUST to be able to CRIMINALIZE  free-speech protesters and anti-war activists at the top of this long post!) 

Wikileaks video of U.S. Army combat helicopter pilots FIRING 30mm machine-guns INDISCRIMINATELY on Iraqi men in a suburb of Baghdad on July 12th, 2007... a RANDOM ATTACK which the Army declared was "IN RESPONSE to INSURGENT ATTACKS," but the video reveals that it was only men walking in public, at no time did the U.S. Army attack helicopters take any return fire: