Thursday, July 1, 2010

The "CRISIS of WEALTH DESTRUCTION" - JEWISH Financial Lords PRESIDE OVER TITANIC Economic DESTRUCTION, as they PAT THEMSELVES on the back for their "economic genius"!!!

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 What terrorized and terrified taxpayers, citizens, workers, and investors  of America, of Britain,  Europe, and worldwide fail to understand,  is that, throughout history,  DEEP-POCKETED financial ELITES have PROFITTED from the DESTRUCTION of others' wealth and funds, and that today in America,    the vast majority of  TOP TIER  Financial lords, both in and out of government... are JEWISH

   Historical examples of some folks CHEERING, as others see their fortunes WIPED OUT are nearly infinite, but certainly include:
  •  -  in "Liar's Poker,"  author Michael Lewis recounts how, even as the 1987 "Black Monday" market crash WIPED OUT BILLIONS of dollars of stocks and portfolio assets,  Salomon Brothers bond traders were CHEERING as their bonds soared in value. 
  •   -  In 2004, ENRON energy traders in the Northwest CHEERED "BURN, BABY, BURN" as INTENTIONALLY OVERLOADED electric grids short-circuited, blew out, and burned down.  Enron was SABOTAGING the grid, in order to JACK UP electricity rates - the EXTORTION of Northwest energy consumers, which SABOTAGE EXTORTION   was  tolerated if not  SUPPORTED by the Bush-Cheney administration.  At the time, Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff was Jewish "Washington Super Lawyer" I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby (later CONVICTED of PERJURY and FRAUD in the CIA "outing" scandal); and President Bush's future Chief of Staff, Josh Bolten, was either serving as President Bush's  Deputy Chief of Staff or OMB Director - almost certainly, Bolton and Libby were giving Bush & Cheny legalese TALKING POINTS on how to BRUSH OFF and WHITEWASH   Enron's CRIMINAL FRAUD and extortion of America's West Coast electricity consumers.
  •  Perhaps the penultimate example of PROFITING from other's financial destruction;  the famous story of how London bond trader Nathan Rothschild, learning (via his private courier & intel service,  ahead of even British military and government couriers) that the British army under the Duke of Wellington had defeated Napoleon, Nathan started SELLING  his stock of British ponds, using his well honed knowledge of British bond market psychology to trigger a rush to sell bonds in panic, other British bond  traders assuming that if Rothschild was selling, then he had learned that Wellington had lost to Napoleon.  Just at the bottom of the ARTIFICIALLY CREATED PANIC - PURE DECEIT -  Nathan quietly ordered his other traders to start  BUYING   those now depressed bonds, and, moments later,  when official word of Wellington's victory reached the London exchange trading floor,  Rothschild had nearly quadrupled the value of his holdings - AT the expense of other London owners WHO HAD BEEN DECEIVED. 
  •   DECEIT and DECEPTION were integral parts  of  the Rothschilds' "banking model" - AND THE SAME HOLDS TRUE TODAY,  indeed,   Jewish Financier GEORGE SOROS recently REPEATED Rothschild's 200-year-old  model of  DECEIT,  Soros  telling market followers that "GOLD WAS IN A BUBBLE" - at  the very same time he was privately BUYING more gold!! 
  The list of top-tier Jewish  Financial Lords INSIDE the U.S. Government  includes
  1. former Harvard PRESIDENT and Current Obama "Economics guru"  Larry Summers, 
  2.  Fed Reserve (very PRIVATE banking cabal, but nominated by the president & confirmed by senate) Ben Bernanke,
  3.  Commodity Trading Commission Chairman (and former GS partner) Gary Gensler,
  4. (recently departed OMB Director) Peter Orszag,
  5.  obama campaign guru David Axelrod,
  6. V.P. Biden's  "Chief Economist" Jared Bernstein,
  7. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel,
  8. SEC CHAIRMAN Mary Schapiro, and
  9. Biden's V.P. Chief of Staff Ronald Klain  
 TIM GEITHNER  may not have been born Jewish, but he has been practically "adopted into the tribe" - not only is he a career-long protege of Rubin & Summers, but Geithner's first job out of graduate school was with KISSINGER ASSOCIATES (you could hardly ask for a more BLOOD-SOAKED Jewish career-godfather than Henry K!), and Geithner may have "married into the tribe" as well  to "seal-the-deal," that he was now a charter member of the "insider"  Financial Predators economic elites.

 In the persons of  GARY GENSLER at CFTC Chair, Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff, and Mary Schapiro as S.E.C. Chair,  YOU COULD HARDLY ASK for better examples of  "THE FOXES DEVOURING the Hen House" than these masters of ECONOMIC LARCENY, FINANCIAL FRAUD,  and PRE-MEDIDATED ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION...   all with Idiot Obama's  pathetic approval,
  ...just as Libby and Bolten helped Bush & Cheney PRESIDE over the FRAUDULENT RISE &  self-destruction FALL of  Enron, and Enron's efforts to claw-back to life by the EXTORTION of electricity consumers.

This - the PRE-MEDITATED DESTRUCTION of vast swaths of the American & world economies, so a handful of connected elites can PROFIT, "Economic Hit Man" style,  from that FRAUD & DESTRUCTION,   IS  THE STORY of this decade.
By Henry C.K. Liu

 - Bank CREDITORS _AGAINST_ Wage Earners -

"...Fiscal DEFICITS across the eurozone are to be reduced by CUTTING  PUBLIC SECTOR WAGES and social   BENEFITS and subsidy expenditures,  so that transnational BANK CREDITORS will be PAID IN FULL, while turning a blind eye to blatant TAX EVASION and AVOIDANCE BY THE RICH... 
with non-wage income that CONTRIBUTE to the LOSS of GOVERNMENT REVENUE and [creates] FISCAL DEFICITS."
More  simply stated, the above is simply NEO-FEUDAL econmics:  EXTORT the serfs & peons at the bottom of society - wage earners, salaried workers, and the working poor -   to the benefit of politically Connected ELITES, Lords, and Robber Barons  at the top of the social/financial heap.

The penultimate example of the above (besides Chattel Slavery in the American South) is the Great Irish Famine - over A MILLION Irish men, women, and children STARVED, or died of FAMINE related diseases, AS powerful London lords, absentee landlords, parliament, BANKERS, and local Anglicized landlords, SHIPPED GRAIN from the fertile Irish estates (to make good on "capital debts" and "capital PROFIT opportunities") at the very HEIGHT of the famine.
These were grain estates EXPROPRIATED - STOLEN - from the people of Ireland - the clans, towns, and communities that had COLLECTIVELY "owned" them for centuries - by British lords, nobles, and landlords, under the cover of the English army during the British occupation.   (And at the time - from well before 1845 and for nearly a century more, there can be no doubt that Britain's most powerful banking house and industrial financiers were the London branch of the Rothschilds European banking cartel.)

   The  GREAT DESTRUCTION of the "GREAT [Irish] FAMINE"   was made possible ONLY because of the English army. Had the Irish had a genuine DEMOCRACY, the FAMINE would NEVER have happened - Irish citizens would never have tolerated the "PRIVATIZATION" of COMMUNITY estates in the hands of mass-murderous landlords -  which SIEZURE of community property  was an IMPERIAL DICTATORSHIP ECONOMY that created the famine.
 Indeed, the 1845 "Great Famine" was merely one of MANY the Irish endured at hands of ruthless English - Jonathan Swift wrote his famous satire, "A Modest Proposal" 
(where, tounge-in-cheek, Swift "advises" his landlord hosts on how to cook & eat poor Irish babies, so to bolster Ireland's economy & reduce future starvation cases!)  Swift's satire describing the NEAR FAMINE CONDITIONS Ireland endured under English rule was written in.... 1729, OVER a CENTURY before the "Great Famine" itself  broke out... the Irish endured AT LEAST (and actually more than) A CENTURY of FAMINE and GENOCIDAL occupation policies at the hands of British banking and ruling elites!

This was not merely the KLEPTOCRATIC side of "modern" "Free Enterprise Capitalist markets & industry" of the Anglo empire... it was - AND IS -  
the GENOCIDAL NATURE of Big Finance as well.

The book, "The War Nerd" delights in pointing out the GENOCIDAL NATURE of British imperialism, Britain's standing on so-called "Victorian VIRTUES" and "Moral Values" not-with-standing.  Indeed,  Queen Victoria presiding  over BOTH the China Opium War, AND the Great Irish Famine, made  her (the figurehead leader of both British Government and the English army) both history's GREATEST DRUG PUSHER, AND a despot of mass-murderous (famine) proportions!

From the above, we see that powerful elites have NO PROBLEM with waging a MULTI-GENERATIONAL WARS  of ECONOMIC ENSLAVEMENT and the abject CRUSHING of a people and their economic system - even to the point of GENOCIDAL FAMINE.

  The POVERTY and LOSS of jobs of America's  Gulf Coast marine seafood industry workers today, following  the B.P. oil-rig blowout oil nightmare, is just the latest instance of PREDATORY, mass-murderously inclined elites, DESTROYING the economies of vulnerable communities - in this case,  practically WITH the BLESSINGS of the Obama  "of, by and for Goddamn-Sachs and Wasserstein-Perella" administration.

 (Indeed,  British Petroleum was set up in 1908 as... the oil company arm of those same Rothschilds London bankers!  A case could be made that the B.P. SUBVERSION of U.S. drilling regulations, and subsequent oil pollution, is YET ANOTHER British, Rothschild's ASSAULT on American Gulf Coast shores... just as the 1814 British invasion of New Orleans was.   (A  powerful, experienced British army was repelled from that invasion only by the fanatical determination of American General Andrew Jackson - who had lost both of his 2 brothers, and his mothers, to fatal  diseases they caught while the Jackson brothers were held prisoner in murderous British floating prison "prison hulks" during the American Revolution.)      Wiki  reports that  "In 1911, the Royal Dutch Shell company purchased the Azerbaijan oil fields from the Rothschild family"  - Royal Dutch Shell, the Rockefeller Standard Oil Trust, and the Rothschilds, at least some financial commentators have stated,  had fairly well divided the ENTIRE WORLD OIL business between themselves by the end of the 19th century - part of the reason Germany would be so desperate to start a colonial empire of its own, leading to WWI.)   With the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg coming up, which victory saved the United States from being split-in-two by the British bankers (including Rothschilds)  financed Confederacy,  we are also approaching the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War 1, which DOOMED at least one entire generation of Europe, and probably two or more.