Friday, July 2, 2010

On the eve of America's July 4th Independence Day celebrations, it is time for a NEW DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE - this time from Israel, treacherous Wall Street, & City-of-London WARMONGERS and TREASURY LOOTERS! Fortunately, "Old World" Europe shows us HOW it can be done: Europe BARS Wall Street from Euro Bond Market!

 TIME for Americans to make a NEW DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE:

 "NO MORE SUBSERVIENCE to, and DOMINATION BY, the OVERSEAS WARLORDS and  treacherously greedy FINANCIAL LORDS who treat America as a colony;   who treat Americans as disposable, EXPENDABLE peons and Serfs!"

In an otherwise  excellent editorial,'s Ed Harris concludes his
commentary  by... joining the Wall Street "Goddamn-Sachs uber alles" FRAUDSTERS in CRYING...  that, boo-hoo-hoo,  they are going to be excluded,  BARRED from writing bonds & loans for Europe's lucrative bond markets.... 
  ...Even though Harrison ACKNOWLEDGES that "The most significant move in this tiff has come in retaliation for Wall Street’s role in helping countries like Greece HIDE THEIR DEBT BURDENS."

  "HIDING DEBT," Mr. Harrison, in the context of  OBLIGATING a country's taxpayers to take on NEW debt loads and loans  sold by Wall Street banksters and fraudsters,  that could NOT be issued if those pre-existing debts were well known - is ACCOUNTING FRAUD, and goes under the overall name of name of titanic  "FINANCIAL FRAUD" !!!  

   And it is EXACTLY this WIDESPREAD FRAUD, PERPETRATED by GODDAMN-SACHS, JP Morgan (Chase),  and other Wall Street SWINDLERS,   which has driven the European economy to the BRINK of RUIN, has DRIVEN the  formerly TIGHTLY OVERSEEN & controlled financial rules of the European common currency "the Euro" - to the brink of BREAKING UP the Euro

    NOTHING  illustrates the  FINANCIAL FRAUD,  and  ruthless,  PREDATORY, "YOU ARE DISPOSABLE"   "ECONOMIC HIT MAN" tendencies of the New York (Wall Street), City-of-London (Rothschilds) and Tel Aviv  FINANCIAL SWINDLERS, than that they GLOAT over the ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION they have IMPOSED on Europe - our half-century WWII and Cold war allies, and  (nominal) current  NATO "allies"  and economic "partners"!!!! 
 (don't take OUR word for it - search "Breakup of Euro" and just TRY to find an American "news" paper written  story that doesn't have a tinge of GLOATING  in it!)

   So, even though we here at  DemocraticNationUSA have, up to now, been reluctant to applaud public renditions of  the Pledge of Allegiance as the tidings of potentially chauvinistic and often militaristic nationalism,  today we believe that "THE PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE, to  THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,"  should be meant  to   EXCLUDE an implicitly SUPERIOR pledge of allegiance and subservience  to "that  Jewish Wars State in the Mideast"! 

  Come on, America, we can do it! - A NEW DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE, you can EITHER be FOR the Jewish War State uber alles,  OR  for a FREE and INDEPENDENT AMERICA -  but YOU CAN NO LONGER (given their relentless assaults on European AND American financial markets, the SUBSERVIENCE of America to overseas war- and debt-lords)    BE for BOTH!  
 Wall Street barred from European bond sales in retaliation for credit crisis

We have a BIT OF A DIVIDE developing between the EU and the U.S. on banking and bank reform. The most significant move in this tiff has come IN RETALIATION for Wall Street’s role in HELPING COUNTRIES like GREECE  HIDE their DEBT BURDENS.   According to the Guardian newspaper, ALL AMERICAN BANKS have been SHUT HOUT of the banks have been shut out of the sovereign bond market in Europe. While many might think the U.S. government does not have a role to play in this dispute, I know from my own experience as a diplomat that the U.S. government is very aggressive about advocating for U.S. firms abroad.
The Guardian says:
European countries are blocking Wall Street banks from lucrative deals to sell government debt worth hundreds of billions of euros in retaliation for their role in the credit crunch.
For the first time in five years, no big US investment bank appears among the top nine sovereign bond bookrunners in Europe, according to Dealogic data compiled for the Guardian. Only Morgan Stanley ranks at number 10.
Goldman Sachs doesn’t make the table. Goldman made it to number five last year and in 2006, and number eight in 2007, the data shows. JP Morgan was in the top ten last year and in 2007 and 2006 but doesn’t appear this year.
"Governments do not have the confidence that the excessive risk-taking culture of the big Wall Street banks has changed and they still cannot be trusted to put the stability of the financial system before profit," said Arlene McCarthy, vice chair of the European parliament’s economic and monetary affairs committee. "It is no surprise therefore that governments are reluctant to do business with banks that have failed to learn the lesson of the crisis. The banks need to acknowledge the mistakes that were made and behave in an ethical way to regain the trust and confidence of governments."
European sovereign bond league tables are now dominated by European banks such as Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank, and Société Générale, the Dealogic table shows. Their business model is usually seen as more relationship-based, while US investment banks have traditionally been focused on immediate deal-making.
Being left out of government bond sales means missing out on one of the top fee-earning opportunities this year, given the relative drought in mergers and acquisitions and stock market flotations. Western European governments need to raise an estimated half a trillion dollars this year to refinance debts and pay for bank bailouts and rising unemployment.
 Citing "increasing friction between Europe and the United States on bank reform," Mr. Harrison even mentions that, (Gasp!), "an influential German politician has floated a contentious idea for a European Monetary Fund to replicate the functions of the International Monetary Fund." 

 The I.M.F.  is the increasingly notorious  American (Wall Street) and   CITY-of-LONDON (the FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT community within Greater London; the concentration of banking houses which is considered to be as powerful, if not more powerful, than the British government itself)  dominated FINANCIAL GORILLA of  Neo-Con worldwide financial domination, it is the IMF and  (partner, also U.S. dominated) World Bank that John Perkins  specifically  mentions as being the  mega-banks which the biggest and most well connected ECONOMIC HIT MEN use to pick over the bones of a prostrate "3rd world" cities, provinces, or companies after they have been SO SADDLED WITH DEBT (by the lower-level "Economic Hit Men"  salesmen who were intentionally sent to those countries to   SELL DEBT (bonds, loans, public-works "grants" that had to be repaid),  they KNOW their targets will eventually default on) so the IMF/World-Bank  ecnomy-WRECKING hit-men can BUY OUT ENTIRE NATIONS  for pennies-on-the-dollar in hurried,  FIRE-SALE, corrupt & RIGGED AUCTIONS.

  THIS is the process the INSANELY GREEDY and TREASONOUS  Neo-Con Goddamn-Sachs & JPM  banksters have now brought, not only to individual American communities, companies, towns, and counties, but to ENTIRE STATES - even giant states like the former "economic powerhouse" of  California are now subject to RUINOUS debt loads - and to the ENTIRE  U.S. economy and U.S. government Treasury  as well!! 
 Here is the WHINNING refrain Mr. Harrison finishes his column  out with:   
The interesting bit is how much of this is just politics.  In the Greek case, up to fifteen banks may have helped Greece hide debt. Yet, the focus here is on Wall Street firms – I suspect purely for demagoguery. Should we expect a tit-for-tat move of some sort? 
   Mr. Harrison willingly BLIND to the notion that, but for FOREIGN (Wall Street) bankers BRIBING those Greece government and banking officials (with the now usual commissions,  fees, and stock-option, and "campaign donation"  deals that Wall Street routinely BRIBES, not only foreign financial officials, but now the ENTIRE  Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Obama/Bushie U.S. government), the Greek bankers would have had NO REASON to FALSIFY their existing DEBT LOADS....
 (note: there is SO MUCH FRAUD, finanical CONFLICT of INTERESTS, and corporate "campaign donations" in return for titanic "bailouts to Wall Street fraudsters"  swirling around Nancy Pelosi's Neo-Con infested  "Democrat" Congress-critters and "Democrat" Senators - who are every bit as bad as Hank Paulson, Phil  & Wendy Gramm, Ken Lay, Jack Abramoff, and other Republican fraud figures -   that it is hard to pick out  individual articles and links to do the topic justice!)

     Nevertheless,  on this eve of July 4th, 2010, we Americans should instead TAKE HEART in Mr. Harrison's otherwise (except for a little now typical American chauvinism arrogance AND self-pitying  whinning thrown in)  excellent & insightful column:  IF  EUROPEANS, whose economies are NOW IN TATTERS from the RELENTLESS, PREMEDITATED ASSAULT by the Goddamn-Sachs, JPM, and Neo-Con DEBT LORDS, and  LIKUDNIK WARMONGERS Death Lords,  can try to SHAKE OFF their BLOODY, MURDEROUS,  ECONOMY-WRECKING chains and shackles from Neo-Con dominated Wall Street control and plunder...

 MAKE A NEW  Declaration of Independence,  DEMAND that the FRAUDSTERS and BULLIES on Wall Street and in Washington DECLARE THEIR ALLEGIANCE - EITHER they are LOYAL to the  JEWISH WAR STATE,  OR to   AMERICA,
   but SUBSERVIENCE to a FOREIGN WAR STATE and ruthless Debt Lords,  is NO LONGER   allegiance to these UNITED States of America, and the PEOPLE for which it stands.