Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Netanyahu's American DICTATORSHIP (part 2): Netanyahu's Minions in the U.S. Government WANT To Give THREE YEAR PRISON term to Environmental advocate who... Unfurled a banner on Capitol Hill..

As FireDogLake reports today, America is FULLY, INSANELY THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS,  FDL catching BOTH  Idiot Obama and  War-Lobby Hillary (nominally, the "United States"  President and the  "United States" Secretary of State, respectively... when, that is, they aren't TAKING ORDERS from Netanyahu's murderous Jewish war-state government)   CHIDING OTHER COUNTRIES for -     
“the spread of RESTRICTIONS on civil society, the growing use of law to curb rather than enhance freedom and widespread corruption that is undermining the faith of citizens in their governments.”
 Here's Huffington Post's brief take on the so-called  "criminal action":
Ted Glick, a legendary nonviolent advocate who dropped a "Green Jobs Now" banner down the hallway of the Hart Senate Office Building last fall, goes to trial on Tuesday, July 6th, at the Superior Court in Washington, D.C. He faces up to three years in prison.
Three years for dropping a banner that reminds Congress to pursue green jobs and clean energy?
FDL correctly points out that, so far, NOT ONE British Petroleum executive, or Massey Energy executive,  has been indicted or arrested for  doing BILLIONS of dollars of damage to Gulf Coast beeches and marine resources or operating hazardous coal mines (respectively)   after B.P. (in their usual fashion)  were in such a frenzy to get a new oil rig  operational  that they blew through dozens of standard safety procedures and operational safeguards, resulting in the catastrophic oil blowout that CONTINUES to POISON all marine life in the Gulf today.   

 Barack Obama (and Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi,   and MOST "Democrats")  are now  the modern incarnation of  SEGREGATIONIST conservatives who TALKED about  "Freedom" and "Democracy" when they SUPPORTED the VIETNAM WAR in the early years (1964, 1965)   -  even as they advocated Police SMASHING HEADS and arresting  Civil Rights and  anti-segregation protesters, and,   later, anti-war advocates for protesting the war. 

  SPEAKING OF,  FDL  (in the same day's headlines)  actually catches NANCY PELOSI  being a JEWISH WAR STATE TOADY on a COMPLETELY SEPARATE and seemingly  unrelated  (but actually, closely related)  issue - trying to GUT Social Security so Lord Blankfein, Lord Dimon, and the other (Jewish war-state allied) Goddamn-Sachs and JPM lords of financial destruction can "privatize" the last pot of gold still owned by the American people.
       In                 "House Democrats: Nancy Pelosi Tricked Us"
 Jane Hamsher reports that Nancy Pelosi SNEAKED  language that would mean SOCIAL SECURITY CUTS into a bill - and then ARM-TWISTED her House Democrats to vote on the bill, without giving them time to read that fine print!

   BARACK OBAMA, NANCY PELOSI, and HILLARY CLINTON  _all three_  (and many dozens of others besides, from ROBERT RUBIN to KARL ROVE to Dick Cheney), ALL  WORK FOR THE SAME   JEWISH WAR-STATE  war-lobby,
and they ALL  put the AMERICAN people at a DISTANT  LAST in their every legislative, financial, political, and imperial   "rule by intimidation and arresting protesters" action.
  Ms. Hamsher even has a colorful visual to describe Speaker Pelosi's ABSOLUTIST, DICTATORIAL, "LOOT Social Security while GIVING TRILLIONS in BAILOUTS to her Congress-bribing Goddamn-Sachs banker friends"  treachery -
    "Tom DeLay in a Skirt."

 As we've said, and will continue to say:   WELCOME TO the NETANYAHU, AIPAC, Likudnik, Goddamn-Sachs, City-of-London (Rothschilds)  DICTATORSHIP over America... ARREST, INDICTMENT, legal fees (the SIEZURE of one's assets) and PRISON for those who protest the war- and Financial extortion lobbies...
   ....those BILLIONS in EXTORTED BAILOUTS handed out as  rewards to the Jewish war-state lobbyists and treasury gutting,   economy-killing banker thieves.