Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rahm Emanuel's Neo-Con - JEWISH "Israel Uber Alles" WARMONGERS & Goddamn-Sachs FINANCIAL LARCENIST" TREASON: DESTRUCTION of Gulf Coast Economy, DESTROYING our FREE PRESS RIGHTS to witness the catastrophe...

If 'Bibi' Netanyahu is (as we've written)   The DICTATOR of the (formerly) United States of America, then Rahm Emanuel is Bibi's effective Chief of Staff, and Chairman of the Board, of the various "SABOTAGE AMERICA" Likudnik elements in the U.S. government and Goddamn-Sachs financial extortion rackets -  
 -  In this case, the SABOTAGE of America's Gulf Coast shoreline, marine industries, marine sea-life resources, and environmental "ECOCIDE" DESTRUCTION by the B.P. blowout is  so transparent, that self-exiled American financial insider Max Keiser is driven to rant that the despicable   ECOCIDE, ENVIRONMENTAL SABOTAGE, and Neo-Con police-state GUTTING of the U.S. Constitution are now in-America's-face:

If,  as we've previously reported,  Israel Likud Party warmonger Benjamin "Bibi" Netanhyahu is effectively THE DICTATOR of the whooly owned plantation colony that formerly was the  United States of  America (see "Ulster Plantation" writ large), then Obama's White House Chief of Staff  RAHM EMANUEL is  effectively Netanyahu's  "Chairman of the Board" & CEO  of the Neo-Con cabal in America,  
 Emanuel  effectively coordinating the various Jewish, Likudnik war-lobby and  financial larceny elements in the United States...
 ...both those Likudnik "Israel uber alles" elements  inside  the U.S. Government, 
AND  those Likud allied elements  outside  the "official" U.S.  government.
  (i.e. those Neo-Con elements  in the Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, City-of-London, and other  Likud dominated financial corporations who rule, via bribery of Congress,   America's financial markets  and economic policies.)
 (And  their wholly owned media outlets like the treacherous, if not treasonous, Washington Post and New York Times).
 Even the (NY) Times, in rare moments of candor, admits that    Golddamn-Sachs and its  allied  financial entities RULE the US Government. 
 (we'll update this "The United States of Goldman Sachs"  headline, article, and link - by  conservative, pro-growth oriented on-line business journal, "The DJC Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce"
 with a similar New York Times comment and link when we next stumble across one. )

Mr.  Keiser's rant discusses the obvious: The United States government 
(at the moment 'controlled' by the Nancy Pelosi "Democratic" Congress and Barack Obama ostensibly "Democratic," ostensibly "liberal" White House - but, as we've just previously reported, ACTUALLY dominated, in fact OWNED and RULED by, the Netanyahu Jewish state Likudnik war-lobby, which is one-and-the-same with the Goddamn-Sachs/JPMorgan/City-of-London (Rothschilds)/Tel Aviv axis of financial evil and predatory, "economic hit man" worldwide economic & financial sabotage)
   is now in the premeditated  ENVIRONMENTAL ECOCIDE business -
 -  The Obama White House and Pelosi Congress, at the behest of their evil Likud paymasters (bribers), are INTENTIONALLY ALLOWING British Petroleum to DESTROY  large segments of the American economy, as oil from the B.P. oil gusher deep-well blowout DESTROYS hundreds of miles of fragile Gulf Coast marine shoreline, marine sea life, and American businesses and industries in the area.

 Even HUFFINGTON POST  has to try to put a "they are just STUMBLING IDIOTS," "Mayberry Machavellis"  SPIN on the Emanuel White House's  INSANE OBSTRUCTION of an ENERGETIC  Gulf Coast oil cleanup and recovery effort:   
   President Obama's Political Team [is] HANDCUFFING  ECONOMIC RECOVERY.  [!!!]
Max Keiser (who, btw,  along with Naomi Klein and Naomi Wolf, are all three,   observers   of the Neo-Con march to economic destruction and police-state rule in America & in global financial  markets, critics of the Neo-Con policies who were raised in the Jewish faith)
 "Gets it" - the Obama administration is now a RADICAL RIGHT-WING dictatorial ENTITY, it is FULFILLING, in spades, EVERY STEP of Naomi Wolf's
"10 Steps TO FASCISM"  (IN AMERICA!)  of which this video - and the SABOTAGE of Gulf marine resource RECOVERY from the BP oil blowout which it discusses - explicity matches FIVE of Naomi Wolf's  "TEN STEPS TO FASCISM"!
  •  #3. Develop a thug caste
  • #4.  Set up an internal surveillance system
  • #5.  Harass citizens' groups
  • #6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release
  • #8. Control the press
  WHEN the PUBLIC RESISTANCE to the LIKUD/GoddamnSachs PREMEDITATED DESTRUCTION of the American economy rises to the boiling point,  the above 5 "steps to DICTATORSHIP FASCISM in America,"  having been well established by BRIBED      local "law enforcement" officials, community business 'leaders,' and bought-off judges     (and the now usual treasonous Neo-Con media whitewash, Neo-Con pro-dictatorship "war on terra" propaganda), leads to  Ms. Wolf's  steps: 
#9.   "Dissent equals Treason" and
#10. Suspend the Rule of Law (and impose a martial, military DICTATORSHIP). 

Well, as readers of DemNationUSA might have notice,  we've had to THROW THE GLOVES OFF,   we spent the virtual entire 4th of July week  in monasterial, self-imposed detention writing up our blog entries on the   radical Right-Wing Jewish  "Neo-Con"  DOMINATION of the entire US government, economy,  financial system,  justice system, press/media, and military war machine,  as loathsome and onerous a chore as it is to appear to be writing straight out of  centuries worth of "anti-semitic" hate and demagogue  stereotyping. 
 But the situation is now so bad, it can not be danced around, or talked about in mild terms and euphamisms - (although, unfortunately,  we  still must continue to  use the euphamistic term "Neo-Con" as a label to discuss the pervasive influence of  "the mostly Jewish radical Right-Wing, treasury-looting, financial fraud, economic larceny, and  "Israel uber alles warmongering, torture-gulag operatoring, and global military hegemony nuclear  terrorism.") 
 ...IT MUST BE CONFRONTED head-on:    THOSE who now CONTROL America's government and financial system, are ACTIVELY SABOTAGING America's economy, and working towards a police-state  DICTATORSHIP to "legitimize" their insidious, "Manchurian Candidate" hijacking of America. 

  So while,  on the one hand while we DETEST writing this post -  just as we DETEST reading up on the latest ENVIRONMENTAL and ECONOMIC treasonous SABOTAGE by the "Israel first" Likudniks who so  dominate America's government (war machine,)  and financial industry, on the other hand,
  in a way we have to "Give Mr. Rahm Emanuel 'credit'" -
   his Likudnik TREACHERY and TREASON are now SO OBVIOUS,  so blatant, so transparent, so unavoidably noticable, SO ENTRENCHED,   that even  the  Neo-Con lite, very (obama) administration friendly,  very "yuppie" (which of course is practically synonymous with "establishment friendly")  New York based Huffington Post can't help but notice the SABOTAGE HIJACKING of America -
 - even HuffPost   is now pushing out headlines that openly wonder if the NEGLECT by the Emanuel/Obama administration  of the ECONOMIC & ecological DESTRUCTION of  Gulf marine resources from the BP blowout is INTENTIONAL - are they  (in the Emanuel/Obama White House)  merely "DETACHED" and "INCOMPETENT"....
(as  President Bush  claimed  AS HIS EXCUSE for FAILING to DO ANYTHING to stop the hijackers in the months leading up to the 9-11 terror attacks, or for his  horribly incompetent failure to respond as the titanic Hurricane Katrina was bearing down on the Gulf Coast in 2005)
 ...or are the Emanuel Neo-Con Likud minions in the Obama White House  ACTIVELY WORKING to DESTROY  America's economy,  are they WORKING  FOR THE DESTRUCTION of America's resources and economy, as Mr. Keiser posits in the video at the top of this post????
  The only thing Mr. Keiser gets wrong about  his comment is at 1:05, where he says that B.P. is a "BRITISH imperial power" -  in fact, since it was set up in 1908 as the oil company arm of the European ROTHSCHILD's BANKING CABAL,  B.P. has been an  agent of  ZIONIST imperialism, now (with the establishment of Israel in 1948) morphed in to the Jewish state dominated New York, City-of-London, Tel Aviv financial cartel. 

    To repeat, we expect to hear such reporting out Mr. Keiser's  "left of center" financial whistle-blower site,  or from,  and other Right-Wing "fringe" media outlets -   but Huffington Post and other "liberal" websites are STARTING TO ASK the SAME QUESTIONS!