Sunday, July 4, 2010

On this anniversary of America's DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE from TYRANNY and OPPRESSION, it is important to understand that the Rootstock of America's ever WIDENING WARS and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan... are based on TREACHERY, DECEIT, and TREASON...

 While on the surface it may seem that our post defining and outlining the TREASON, TREACHERY, and pure DECEIT that have  led to Americ's ever-widening, more costly, and more deadly involvement in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq  may not be a "patriotici" topic to write on this Independence Day,  au contraire (to steal a pharse from our French revolutionary war allies)  is not only an important task and goal... but indeed, it is  THE DEFINING  subject - "Will  the United States of America CONTINUE to BE RULED by TREASONOUS and TRAITOROUS  warmongers?" -  or will we, like our Founding Fathers,  hold deliberative committees and genuine, frank and THOROUGH discussions of  our current state of rogue oppression,  such as led the Founding Fathers to SIGN their names to that DECLARATION.... and in so doing,  make themselves "traitors" in the eyes of King George, his army, and his government????

  There are two ways to look at the Declaration of Independence:  as the work of FED UP REVOLUTIONAIRES  who WANTED TO OVERTHROW the existing government;  or  to look at the Founding Fathers as icons of LANDED and PROPERTIED WEALTH -  the "establishment" and elected leaders of their time - who went on to  set up a government that could be every bit as establishmentarian (and ruthless) as the royal government and imperial military system of King George.   
   The truth of course lies somewhere between these two extremes ("rabble mob" and "counter-revolutionary nobles and elites"... the latter more of a palace coup, than a genuine revolution), but it is important to note that today, "the media" and authorities tend to focus on the "genius" and "resolve" and legislative, diplomatic, and governmental skills of the Founding Fathers,  which tends to put their DESPERATION, their RESTENTMENT at BEING SCORNED by their "superior" British officers and officials...   the focus on American Patriot _leaders_ tends to push   the RESENTMENTS,  AGAINST established authority,  of "comman man" farmers and citizen-soldiers  into the background. 

  Herewith, with these United States Declaration of Independence as our guide, 
  "...a decent respect to the opinions of mankind REQUIRES  that [we!] should declare the causes which impel..."
 ....COMPELLS  us to enumerate these  frauds, crimes, deceits, and TREASONS perpetrated by  many of our current 'leaders"  AGAINST
...We the people... of these United States, July 4, 201: 

 we will attempt to document OUR LIST OF GRIEVANCES, at the TREACHERY, DECEIT, TREASON, and _____,  that  COMPELLS US to LIST these cases, where our current government 'leaders" are either BLIND and IGNORANT of TREASON... or, far worse, are PARTY TO  the despicable TREASONOUS INTENT to DESTROY the general welfare of the American people, so to set up ANOTHER roylist, ruthless, autocratic dictatorship with 'elected officials' merely the STALKING HORSE officials of the ruthless, treacherous, distant ruling elites and overlords. 

List of TREASONS and DECEITS  PERPETRATED on the American people, by many entrenched and established members of our government,  and their allied "elites" in press, media, private corporations, and foreign nation lobby groups:

 #1.    THE SELLING, of   "weapons of mass destruction" "PRE-CURSOR TECHNOLOGIES" to the military and government of Saddam Hussein,  during the 8 year long Iran-Iraq war,  with the United States government of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush effectively both FUNDING, and SUPPLYING Saddam's war machine, in an effort to thwart the fundamentalist Islamic regime of Revolutionary Iran. 
 Former, and future, U.S. SECRETARY of Defense  (then a private civilian)   DONALD RUMSFELD  _FORMALIZED_ the Reagan/BUSH administration's SUPPORT OF SADDAM HUSSEIN in his December 10, 1983  "quasi-official"   visit by   Rumsfeld to Iraq -
 - this "unofficial" visit by Rumsfeld was in order  to KEEP THE FICTION that the United States government was still officially neutral in the Iran-Iraq war; while in fact the U.S. had been underwriting - FINANCING - Saddam's  war (and his ruthless, murderous political terror & assassination machine) since at least mid 1982 (when Iran's 'human wave' attacks started repelling Iraqi forces from captured Iranian territory), the United States government   using   loan programs from the Export-Import bank, direct fnancial support from the Gulf Arab (Sunni) oil states... and DIRECT SUBSIDIES (cash) from the United States in the form of "Agricultural credits."    While FINANCING and supplying one or two potential enemies to destroy each other's armies (and cities, and commerical infrastructure, and civilians) was not inherently "TREASONOUS" on the part of the Reagan-Bush-

the United States was SO ENTHUSIASTIC and supportive of Saddam's WMD PROGRAM**   that the U.S government support was CLEARLY ILLEGAL and... 
Spider's Web: The Secret History of How the White House Illegally Armed Iraq the long term, giving the Iraqi leader carte blanche access (through Iraqi engineering officials and Iraqi science students) to U.S. scientific literature and research on WMD topics, certainly bordered on treasonous - HOW could American officials POSSIBLY justify supporting an Iraqi NUCLEAR WEAPONS program???!

(**poison gas became Saddam's PRIME "neutralizing weapon" against superior numbers of Iranian infantry attacks - which poison gas attacks, by aircraft bombs and artillery shells, were effectively directed by U.S. satellite "intel," American officers telling their Iraqi counterparts exactly where Iranian forces were massed)

 (note: the TOPIC of TREASON in the UPPER REACHES of the U.S. government is SO VAST and deep, that we will return to this post today... and, indeed, will update and refine it in the future, as time, new research, and a new distillation of the facts allow.)