Tuesday, July 6, 2010

America's DICTATOR: Israel war-state Prime Minister Netanyahu OWNS _both_ Political Parties in America, AND virtually "owns" the ENTIRE United States government, press/media, financial system, and nuclear-armed military war-machine...

Through the Israel-America lobby, and several million Jewish voters and other  activist groups, Benjamin Netanyahu is the virtual, unelected dictator of American power & politics, including overseer of the  wholesale financial larceny (of trillions upon trillions of dollars of American taxpayer extorted "bailouts" dollars by  Wall Street, City-of-London, and Tel Aviv  successors to the Rothschild's European  banking cartel )  and  dominant   control over  every almost every other  aspect of America's on-going wars, overseas imperial policies, and domestic  "economic hit man" sabotage of America's industrial economy.  

Is "Bibi" Netanyahu, the Jewish war-state Prime Minister whose Likud Party WHIPPED UP a Naziesque climate of hatred that led directly to Prime Minister Rabin's assassination in 1995, now AMERICA's DICTATOR, arbiter of ALL things important in American society and governance?
Certainly Mr. Netanyahu has several million Jewish supporters, in Israel and in America, who think that "the security of Israel" DEMANDS the COMPLETE SUBJUGATION of ALL of America's politicians and political leaders, to the demands (and dictates) of the Jewish State Prime Minister...

  THE ONLY difference between  JOHN McCain...
 (here pictured with "ISRAEL UBER ALLES"  deceitful Jewish politician Joe Lieberman,  Lieberman was McCain's personal first choice for V.P. running mate in McCain's 2008 Republican presidential campaign. Ironically, when Republican Party pooh-bahs told McCain he could not have the DESPISED Lieberman as his running mate, another Jewish Israel-First  Neo-Con warmonger,  Bill Kristol, selected Sarah Palin - whose husband was a former member of the Alaska Secessionist Party!
 -  as "The Perfect V.P.  running mate"  for McCain's 2008 campaign.) 
  ...and Barack Obama (here seen superimposed next to the Jewish war-state prime minister)

 is that a McCain-Palin administration, at the behest of their  "American"  AIPAC (Israel Lobby),  Neo-Con and Likudnik campaign donors,  WOULD HAVE  already BOMBED IRAN back shortly after a McCain-Palin inauguration (January of 2009).
(Here is video of AIPAC's 2007 annual conference attendees, clapping, applauding, and cheering then Vice President Dick Cheney's most bombastic "WE MUST BOMB IRAN, NOW!" speech in Washington D.C. - millions of Americans voting the Republicans OUT of the majority in Congress to PREVENT a BUSH-CHENEY-LIKUDNIK EXPANDED WAR in Mideast notwithstanding.)

  Under the influence of the Rahm Emanuel, Robert Rubin, (out of the scene but hardly far from it), Lawrence Summers, Peter Orszag, Mona Sutphen, Jared Bernstein, David Axelrod,  Elena Kagan,  Ronald Klain (et al)  Jewish Neo-Con "advisors"  who dominate his presidency,  Mr. Obama has now almost caught up to where a McCain administration would be - on the brink of a THIRD WAR against a Muslim nation in the Mideast  in less than a decade - all at the behest of those who have, at best,   DIVIDED LOYALTIES between America and Israel,  and many of whom, including Lieberman and Bill Kristol, are repeatedly, OPENLY CONTEMPTUOUS of the American people,  while relentlessly  shipping billions of American tax-payer extorted  dollars to their friends,  supporters, and co-religionists who inhabit the  Jewish war-state.
 post-script: the INSANE JEWISH STRANGLEHOLD on America's politics and government, continued:
 U.S. TAXPAYER FUNDED SOCIALISM for  WARMONGERING  Jewish "settlers" (backed but the FULL MIGHT of the Jewish war-state military) 
 even as AMERICANS face  a ruthless "American" Senate that REFUSES to EXTEND UNEMPLOYMENT.   
America  today  under Jewish-state domination,   is increasingly  like  the Greek colonies run by ruthless Venetian overlords at the height of the Venetian commercial empire in the 15th century - disenfranchised serfs bound to servitude on landed estates,  by force of law, by foreign overlords. 

  Today's Huffington Post  headline & photo:
 " Israeli Settlements Helped By U.S. Tax Law: Non-Profit Donations At Odds With U.S. Foreign Policy"