Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Obama the FEARFUL: "Slows" to nominate Elizabeth Warren to Consumer Protection

 Our original impulse, upon reading the opening paragraph of Obama administration _supporter_ Arianna Huffington's latest op-ed colunmn,  was to title this blog entry "OBAMA the COWARDLY," because the only reason Obama FAILS to stand up, for American consumers & taxpayers,  to the CRIMINAL FRAUDS and economic larceny of the "too big to fail" New York, Wall Street, and multinational bankers,  is because he is either
b.)  he is FEARFUL... which is to say,  "He is _cowering_  from their wrath."   
   Once again Obama's  pathetic "leadership" qualities  are easily hightlighted merely by comparing him to President Lincoln - who famously FIRED  his generals when they had a "case of the slows" - in a far more deadly & high-risk environment, for  failing to hammer at  deadly powerful Confederate armies in the early, dismal, bloody years of the Civil War.    
 Really, in the 17 months since Barack Obama has become president,  WHAT has he ACCOMPLISHED... besides giving SOME PORTION of TRILLIONS of  taxpayer extorted "bailouts" dollars to the very NY, DC, & international banksters who WRECKED OUR ECONOMY in the first place,  and whom  he now COWERS before?     Saying  "there would be more unemployment if a Republican were president" is  SMALL CONSOLATION to those who have lost their jobs SINCE Obama became president!
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Arianna Huffington: Fear Factor: What's Keeping the President From Picking the Best Person to Protect Consumers?
 by  Arianna Huffington,
Huffington Post,  7/28/2010

Picking Elizabeth Warren to lead the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a no-brainer. So why isn't the White House rushing to nominate her? In a word: fear. The same fear-based approach that caused the administration to throw Shirley Sherrod under the bus last week is once again rearing its head  in the decision-making process over Warren. This time, it's not the ire of Glenn Beck that has Team Obama's backbone turning to mush -- it's the fear of angering the bankers by appointing a consumer advocate who might actually advocate for consumers (the same consumers who, in their role as taxpayers, have spent hundreds of billions bailing the bankers out).
Obama once said of the Bush years: "If we continue to make decisions from within a climate of fear, we will make more mistakes." Let's hope Shirley Sherrod is his administration's last fear-driven mistake.
  Good luck with that last hope, Arianna!   Obama is SO CONTROLLED by his treacherous Emanuel, (Rubin), Summers, Gensler, Geithner, (et al) Goddamn-Sachs  radical Right-Wing Neo-Cons (and AIPAC, Israel-lobby war-lusting  warmongers), that he is now MORE of a clueless "bubble boy" that George W. Bush.
    Obama's TALKS about  "creating jobs for Americans"....  even as he  IGNORES the economic devastation - and thousands of lost jobs -caused by the BP oil blowout.