Monday, July 5, 2010

IDIOT Obama BRAGGING about his "Economic Recovery" - WHAT RECOVERY, you bubble-boy moron?!

 Seen on CNN (Time/Warner owned MEDIA LYING WHORES) 'news' the other night:
 "Unemployment DOWN" the glib airhead reported...  even as statistics earlier in the newscast reported another 125,000 LOST jobs for  June 2010! 

  IS Mr. Obama GETTING his PRESIDENTIAL "advice" from  the AIRHEADS at CNN... and the C.I.A. that FEEDS them their talking points?? 

   (Because even the establishment friendly,  "We never saw an American WAR we didn't love" Neo-Con WARMONGERS & TREASURY LOOTING WHITEWASHERS at the Wash-Post has  reported -
 < Economy LAGS  as Job Growth  Remains WEAK 
  By Neil Irwin and Lori Montgomery
Washington Post Staff Writer 
Saturday, July 3, 2010

The economic expansion is sputtering. 
Private employers added only 83,000 jobs in June, the government said Friday, too few to keep up with growth in the working-age population. The unemployment rate fell to 9.5 percent from 9.7 percent, but only because hundreds of thousands of Americans dropped out of the labor force entirely. >

 Fortunately, the Wash-Post even conveniently includes a video of THE IDIOT in the White House PATTING HIMSELF ON THE BACK for HOW WELL   _his_  'economic turnaround' is going - even as he PRESIDES over THE DESTRUCTION of BILLIONS of dollars worth of Gulf Coast tourism and marine fisheries industries...  caused by _his own_  GROSS DERELICTION of DUTY, and CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE  to ENFORCE EXISTING regulations and environmental laws on deep-drilling oil rigs regarding the B.P. Gulf oil blowout!) 
 (Talk about   "C.I.A. fabricated U.S. media talking points" - it turns out the VERY C.I.A. friendly Washington Lyin' Post reports that Mr. Obama-Bushie is getting his ESTIMATES of marine sea life and commercial damage from the Gulf oil blowout  from.. the very B.P. corporation that has a VESTED INTEREST in MINIMIZING those damage assessments! -
 <   Their shared goal? To calculate the INCALCUABLE: how much it will cost to restore the gulf to its pre-spill state. >    Who Woulda Thunk It ??!)
 (While on the subject of "C.I.A., U.S corporate media PROPAGANDA MANIPULATION and talking-points,   and THE OIL INDUSTRY, by now MOST Americans SHOULD realize that 'some elements' of the OIL industry are DEEPLY, DEEPLY imbedded in BOTH the U.S. C.I.A., AND British intel, finance, and military ministries.   Keeping Rommel's Africa Corps OUT of the Arab oil fields, with the British victory at the Battle of Tobruk in 1941, was of course essential to keeping England in the war.   If the notion that "The Rothschilds bankers were SYNONYMOUS with the British government for the ENTIRE 19th (and first half of 20th) centuries" is a tad too "conspiratorial," there is NO doubt that B.P. - British Petroleum - INSTIGATED the U.S. CIA to INCITE a  CIA-funded COUP in Iran, that displaced popular and democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1953.   Also, there is NO doubt that Connecticut banking scion and Yale college graduate  George H.W. Bush (Sr.)   went to Texas to become an OIL MAN... before he went on to become an influential official in Texas Republican politics, and DIRECTOR of the C.I.A. under President Ford in 1973.  For those with a "conspiracy" bent,  there is plenty of reporting that B.P. - "British" Petroleum - was the OIL-COMPANY BRANCH of the ROTHSCHILD's  Germany-France-Austria-London banking cartel,   that America's power-house banker, J.P. Morgan, was the de facto American partner (or FRONT... or BRANCH)  of the Rothschilds' banking house in America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (back then, the Rothschilds were much more sensitive to bad PR that could whip up "anti-semitic resentment" and often worked THROUGH PROXIES in whatever country they were operating in),  and, that indeed,  Goldman-Sachs is now an effective arm of the  uber-Zionist London/Tel Aviv/NY banksters, who have FOR OVER A CENTURY sought to "corner" the world's vital oil markets -  and do so today, by ENCOURAGING America's GLUTTONOUS DEPENDENCE on oil and fossil fuel, SABOTAGING timely large-scale investments in energy alternatives.)

  Note how the VERY OIL, FINANICAL TRUST,  Israel, and tax-cuts-for-rich (and NO OVERSIGHT BAILOUTS for FRAUDULENT bankers)  Post has to use WEASEL WORDS to SPIN   NET JOB LOSSES as "the lowest unemployment in a year"-  EVEN AS  this SAME article, explains that MORE PEOPLE who ARE UNEMPLOYED, have simply dropped out of the statistics - but that doesn't mean they are no longer unemployed - they just DON'T COUNT in the polls and stats that the Washington LYING Post uses for Neo-Con ECONOMIC SABOTAGE talking points!   
Obama: Economy headed in right direction (?!!)
 (video) -
President Barack Obama says the economy is headed in the right direction, but not fast enough to satisfy him or many Americans. The president spokes as a new report showed that the unemployment rate dropped to the lowest level in almost a year. (July 2) 
  NOTE the Washington Post  ESTABLISHMENT-SPEAK in discussing these LIFE AND DEATH job loss and econmic statistics -
  What Most Americans don't realize is the INHERENTLY TREASONOUS,  "ECONOMIC SABOTAGE" agenda of the Washington Post, New York Times, and other "Neo-Conservative"
("Neo-Con" for short; also, confusingly, meaning the same economic policies as "Neo-Liberal," the core of which are CHEAP LABOR,  SLASHING social safety net programs and education,  and the CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH among the treasonous, relentlessly deceitful elites)  -
 -  the "ECONOMIC HIT MAN" agenda whereby elites PURPOSELY ENTICE  companies, cities, towns, counties, and even whole nations, INTO  INTENTIONAL DEBT OVERLOAD, so, LOAN-SHARK FASHION, those elites can BEAT UP on the extorted target entities when they, AS PLANNED, DEFAULT on their loans
 so the  "Economic Hit Men" bankers  can EXTORT their victims out of VALUABLE assets,  for PENNIES on the dollar in fire-sales, at  RIGGED AUCTION prices...
 ... just like the Mafia making a neighborhood business owner "a deal he can't refuse"!

 THIS  Washington Post article - a PITYING TONE for the president,
  -  a "DISAPPEARED - the PEONS DON'T COUNT" tone for those now facing the end of unemployment benefits -   and a "WE'RE TOO BIG TO FAIL, WE'RE TO BRIGHT to dispense with - BUT WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO" from one of the 2 most influential papers in America,
  is  NOT   ignorance or confusion on their part,
 CONFUSION is how the TREASONOUS  Washington Post writers, editors, and publishers   gets away with ADVOCATING  PREMEDITATED FINANCIAL SABOTAGE and national ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION.