Thursday, July 1, 2010

IDIOT Obama - here's the video of HIS REIGN OF RUIN & DESTRUCTION in the Gulf of Mexico...

  THE IDIOT  in the White House is relentlessly pleased with himself - in   today's video clips aired  on the Dylan Ratigan show,  president obama even referred to the ECONOMIC CRISIS in the PAST tense! (AS IF  he and his WRECKING CREW have created a recovery),  when in fact, the daily news these days is  nothing but a COMPILATION of  NEW  DESTRUCTION INFLICTED on America and the world's  economy and natural resources,  by  IDIOT OBAMA's  GODDAMN-SACHS insanely, treasonously greedy WRECKING CREW.

     That Mr. Obama is a PREMEDITATED LIAR was  PROVEN (yet again),  mere days before the B.P. oil blowout,  Mr. Obama WENT BACK ON one of his CLEAREST 2008 CAMPAIGN PLEDGES,   "I will support NO NEW DRILLING for oil off of America's vulnerable coastlines," and announced that His Imperial Majesty would henceforth allow exactly  those offshore drilling operations -

     Not only was Mr. Obama's  FLIP-FLOP LYING,  on a CORE campaign pledge,  indicative of his tendencies to lie, but, far worse,  Mr. Obama was SO TAKEN BY his BIG OIL and BIG FINANCE handlers, that he FAILED TO ENFORCE __EXISTING__ drilling regulations - despite the high risk, and despite B.P.'s horrendous track record for environmental disasters.
  NYTimes: "Regulators FAILED TO ADDRESS RISK in Oil Rig Fail-Safe Device"

 Mr. Obama's FAILURE to acknowledge that HE IS GETTING BAD ADVICE, that HIS  FAILURE to OVERSEA regulation of offshore oil rig safety standards, is NO SMALL cause of this oil nightmare, portends of his Bushian levels of self-righteousness and narcissism.  
But Mr. Obama exhibits NO  regrets for his decisions, he BARELY expresses any concern - he continues to operate like he is a billionaire banker, as if the entire U.S.  markets & world economy were on an upswing.    He FAILS to ORDER A FLEET of oil supertankers to the oil blowout site, to suck up as much of the oil at the site as possible - instead doing  little as the, literally, ocean of oil surges out and COVERS EVERYTHING in the Gulf of Mexico.
  HERE IS YOUR HANDIWORK, Mr. Obama!  YES, the World, and U.S.A., are gluttonous oil consumers. But you promised us "CHANGE" - NOT  MORE REGULATORS __IN BED__ with the companies they are supposed to regulate, as was the case under the previous Republican (Bush-Cheney) presidency.

CNN:  U.S. Regulators Literally In Bed With Oil Companies
(video) -
Porn, Meth, and Oil Company Parties [Attended by Dept. of Interior/MMS  'Regulators']
— By Josh Harkinson,
Tue May. 25, 2010

Instead of just inspecting offshore oil platforms, employees of the Minerals Management Service spent time trading links to Internet porn, shaking off crystal meth buzzes, and partying on the dime of the oil companies that they were supposed to be regulating, according to a new report released Monday by the Interior Department's Inspector General.

 Watch it and weep:   Jacksonville, Florida, June  2008:
  Obama PLEDGES NO OFFSHORE DRILLING off of Florida Coastline;  TAXING OIL COMPANY PROFITS, and INVESTIGATIONS of oil company price-riggings!!!