Friday, July 2, 2010

Jewish Multi-Millionaire Neo-Con Warmonger BILL KRISTOL illustrates The DICTATORIAL CONTROL the Jewish Neo-Con Warmongers have over the Republican Party....

Jewish Multi-Millinaire heir & Neo-Con "ISRAEL-FIRST" Likudnik WARMONGER Bill Kristol opens mouth, lets out dirty secret: The ISRAEL WARMONGERS  _OWN_ the Republican Party:
 "Bill Kristol to Michael Steele: Resign"

(AND the Israel Likudnik warmongers - the Emanuel, Rubin, Summers, Gensler, Bernstein, Axelrod, Sutphen, Kagan, Schapiro, (et al) neo-con  crew DOMINATE the so-called "Democratic"  Obama presidency, as well!

 AND  when JEWISH STATE WARMONGER Supremo, israel Prime Minister BENJAMIN NETANYAHU wants  THE UNITED STATES SENATE to KICK the United States PRESIDENT down to the curb, he, Netanyahu,  the Radical Right-Wing RACIST, THEOCRATIC, Jewish State NUCLEAR  warmonger, can COUNT ON  SEVENTY  "United States" Senator TO DO HIS BIDDING -
 - even so-called "LIBERAL"  "Democratic"  Senators like BARBARA BOXER,  AL FRANKEN,   RUSS FEINGOLD,  and RON WYDEN  (oucch! ouch! ouch! & ouch!)  can be counted on to SNAP TO ATTENTION to  the DICTATES  FROM ISRAEL, much less the blatantly "JEWISH STATE UBER ALLES"  "United States" senators like  Schumer, Feinstein, Lieberman, Specter,  and Isakson. 

  -  ROLL-CALL of  SHAME and TREACHERY:  THESE  70  treacherous senators TAKE DICTATION FROM the JEWISH STATE "LIKUD" PARTY WARMONGERING Prime Minister (whose Likud  party WHIPPED UP a CLIMATE of NAZI-esque HATRED that led DIRECTLY to Prime Minister Rabin's ASSASSINATION in 1995) -  EVEN to the point of SCOLDING the United States president, NOT on SUBSTANTIVE policy issues (Obama, like them, kisses Likudnik tail),  but merely  for Obama having the temerity to get up and leave in the middle of a LECTURE by  Jewish State Prime Minister  Netanyahu, TO the U.S. president... IN the late, great "American" White House!!!!!!
 (demonstrating the RABIDLY  pro-jewish bias of the WORLDWIDE press & media, there are another 30,000+ links for "obama leaves netanyahu for dinner"!!!)

   In the "even a stopped clock tells the right time twice in 24 hours" department,  RIGHT-WING Jewish "PNAC" Neo-Con loud-mouth, braggert, and entitled Neo-Con Idiot BILL KRISTOL exposes the DIRTY TRUTH about American politics:  The REPUBLICAN PARTY is _not_ controlled by WASP, White, or even Southern Reactionary kooks like Haley Barbour, Newt Gingrich, Mitch McConnell, or even the infamous Bush-Cheney fundraising Texas oil "Pioneers,"  but  today's REPUBLICAN PARTY is CONTROLLED BY   JEWISH WARMONGERS.

   There.  We said it - we STATED THE OBVIOUS,  the EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES,  White, Southern, WASP, Catholic, Scots-Irish... you name 'em, 
ALL REPUBLICANS  TAKE THEIR MARCHING ORDERS from the Neo-Con, "Israel-uber-alles"
  LIKUD WARMONGERING MACHINE,   of whom Bill Kristol is only one of the loudest and most obnoxious. (Joe Lieberman and John Bolton come to mind as two equally loud & obnoxious Likudnik warmongers - most of the rest have the common sense to be a little more circumspect in their "JEWISH STATE UBER ALLES" rantings & ravings, and entitled, Jewish supremacism and racial superiority.) 
 And now here's the ugly, startling corrollary to the above "800 lb. gorilla in the living room" of American power, politics, and democracy:    The so-called "DEMOCRATIC Party"  is ALSO OWNED, lock, stock, and barrel, by the  "Jewish state uber alles" LIKUDNIK WARMONGERS as well!!

    Don't take _our_ word for it...     or  40+ year D.C. power-politics Republican  insider (and former presidential candidate)  Pat Buchanan's article
"NANCY PELOSI is the AIPAC GIRL"  either
 (yes - in the "it takes one to know one" self-righteous, self-pitying, White Supremacist" department,  that is a TINGE OF JEALOUSY you hear in Pat  Buchanan's  complaining about the STRANGLEHOLD MONOPOLY the Jewish War Lobby has over Nancy Pelosi, the Congress,  the past 3 (and current) presidents,  AND BOTH political parties.) 
  JUST LOOK AT THE NAMES!  Current President Barack Obama's CHIEF OF STAFF - executioner of all presidential directives;  agenda compiler, and GATEKEEPER over all who get to the president - is Chicago Neo-Con financial fraudster thug, and LIKUDNIK WARMONGER  Rahm Emanuel.   Obama's Deputy Chief of Staff, Mona Sutphen, IS ALSO a Jewish Neo-Con!   And Vice President Biden's CHIEF OF STAFF is Jewish Neo-Con RONALD KLAIN;  while Jared Bernstein is Biden's "Chief Economist and Economic Policy Advisor,"
 while, most telling of all,  Obama's Federal Reserve Chairman nomination was for UNREPETENT RADICAL RIGHT-WING Republican BEN BERNANKE  (Right-Wing Republican President George W. BUSH's PICK for that job!), and likewise Obama's choice at Treasury Secretary is ANOTHER, UNREPETENT RADICAL RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN,  Timmy Geithner,  who if he isn't Jewish, has certainly "married into the mob,"  and been a career protege of blood-soaked Jewish warmongers & financial swindlers, including  FORMER TREASURY SECRETARIES ROBERT RUBIN, LAWRENCE SUMMERS (when Geithner was their flunky at the Treasury "WE _OWN_ the IRS TAX-COLLECTERS"  Department, and Geithner's first job out of graduate school was with the blood-soaked HENRY KISSINGER associates!) 
 Speaking of Lawrence Summers,  he is CURRENTLY  President Obama's  DIRECTOR of NATIONAL ECONOMICS, and,  just to COMPLETE the STRANGLHOLD the  RIGHT-WING JEWISH SWINDLERS have on the American economy,  MARY SCHAPIRO is Obama's current S.E.C. Chair -  she is DOING  NOTHING at the Securities & Exchange Comission to ROOT OUT the TITANIC FRAUD that is KILLING America's economy,  she is Emanuel, Summers, Bernstein, Blankfein, and Gensler's  SHOW-GIRL  __obstructing__   the investigation of fraud and crimes in America's now beseiged financial markets!!

Despite  STACKING his administration,  with the above  JEWISH NEO-CONS in the  OBAMA-BIDEN  White House, Obama is STILL treated as an errand-boy by the awful Jewish owned press... AND those SEVENTY "United States" Senators!! 

  And another dirty little secret about America's government is that  the BUSH-CHENEY presidency was ALSO DOMINATED by Jewish WARMONGERING  LIKUDNIKS - names like  (Deputy) SECRETARY of WAR  Paul
WOLFOWITZ and his "ISRAEL FIRST" minions at the Defense Department - PERLE, FEITH, WURMSER, Peter Rodman, DOV ZAKHEIM; Vice President Cheney's  "HERE's HOW we can get away with GUTTING the Constition" CHIEF OF STAFF,   "Washington, D.C. super-lawyer"  "I. Lewis “Scooter” LIBBY (who was SO important to the Bush-Cheney-Likudnik warmongers ASSAULT on America, that, while serving as Cheney's Chief of Staff, he SERVED CONCURRENTLY as Senior Advisor to neophyte President (G.W.) Bush); who, as soon as Andy Card departed, selected another "ISRAEL FIRST" Jewish Neo-Con,  Josh BOLTEN, to be his new CHIEF OF STAFF;  while Bush selected  insane "I am Walrus" Likudnik warmonger  JOHN BOLTON to the be the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations   (PRETENDING that they, too, were NOT beholden to Israel-first Likudnik warmongers, the Senate Democrats actually were able to successfully oppose insane warmonger Bolton's confirmation in the senate -  perhaps one of the last sane things the Senate "Democrats" have done);  while  Bush & Cheney REWARDED  'Justice' Department Jewish Neo-Con lawyers
Michael MUKASEY and Michael CHERTOFF  for their OBSTRUCTION of a thorough and energetic 9-11 Commission investigation,  by promoting Chertoff to DIRECTOR, HOMELAND SECURITY (aka "America's Homeland Security CZAR," a VERY DICTATORIAL, ELITIST, ROYALIST term America's Jewish Neo-Con press & media have dreamed up to describe the NEAR DICTATORIAL POWERS of a department that was.... FIRST SUGGESTED  by "Democrats"!), and Michael Mukasey was brought in by Bush and Cheney to be Bush's final ATTORNEY GENERAL, to WHITEWASH the mess and CONSTITUTIONAL CRIMES  perpetrated by  Mukasey's predecessor, and blatant Bush toady ALBERTO GONZALES,   Mukasey effectively WHITEWASHING  Gonzales and Karl Rove's use of the 'Justice' Department to PROSECUTE DEMOCRATS in critical swing-state elections, including the conviction of  JEWISH American, and successful "liberal" Democratic Alabama Governor DON SIEGELMAN, who was CONVICTED by a prosecution set up by the wife of Karl Rove friend Bill Canary... Leura Canary was the U.S District Attorney for Alabama who filed the criminal prosecution against Gov. Siegelman,   her husband, Bill Canary, was not only Karl Rove's friend in high Republican circles, but he was also THE CAMPAIGN MANAGER for Governor Siegelman's Republican opponent and 2002 Alabama gubernatorial STOLEN ELECTION winner, Bob Riley! 

  In short, Don Siegelman is  the American version of deceased Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin:  KNOCKED OFF by the JEWISH WAR LOBBY,  who is more closely allied to KARL ROVE, GEORGE W. BUSH, and DICK CHENEY, than they are to genuinely "Liberal Democrats"  like Governor Siegelman, who could express MEANINGFUL OPPOSITION to the (Jewish DOMINATED) Republican Party war machine.
 (Another Jewish Liberal "KNOCKED OFF" - knocked OUT of political contention - by the Goddamn-Sachs + Likudnik War Machine -  was former "Fighting Liberal" Democratic Congressman ROBERT WEXLER, who was effectively  YANKED OUT of Congress when,  the Pelosi/Obama Neo-Con dominated  "Democrats" having won  control of the House (in 2007)  and White House (in 2009), the  Jewish Neo-Con warmongers & Treasury looters who RULE the Democratic Party didn't want an effective liberal bringing up all  those embarassing war crimes, impeachment, and financial theft issues that Wexler was dedicated to...
 -  Wexler was effectively told (by his former AIPAC Jewish Lobby and Neo-Con fundraisers) that he was now "OUT OF THE LOOP" and he would be left to twist in the wind like Governor Siegelman had been left hanging -  Wexler then JUMPED OUT of Congress like a hot potato in the middle of his term!   leaving his fans and supporters, staff, and national fans  befuddled, confused, and dispirited....

    IF the JEWISH LIKUDNIKS can ASSASSINATE an Israel Prime Minister, they can CERTAINLY dispose of a troublesome Jewish "liberal" Governor of a Deep South  former slave state (Alabama),  much less of an uppity "liberal" Congressman from Neo-Con dominated Florida who threatens to potential  DERAIL (or at least expose)  the DIANNE FEINSTEIN,  Rahm Emanuel, JOE LIEBERMAN,  Larry Summers, Robert Rubin, Gary Gensler,  MARY SCHAPIRO (et al, ad infinitum, ad naseum)   War-Profiteering and  Goddamn-Sachs American  FINANCIAL markets LOOTING  rackets! 
  Ironically, the sub-title to Wexler's "FIRE BREATHING LIBERAL" book is "How I Learned to SURVIVE (And Thrive) In The CONTACT SPORT of Congress" but when the AIPAC Jewish WARMONGERS & Goddamn-Sachs financial swindlers WITHDREW their financial support from  the popular Congressman (he was, after all, a kinder, gentler face to the DESPISED Jewish War Machine & Wall Street arsonists),  HE WAS KNOCKED CLEAN OUT OF THE RING!