Wednesday, November 3, 2010

IDIOT Obama has accomplished the IMPOSSIBLE: he has RESSURECTED the BUSH brand in just 2 years flat! Jebby Bush looking polished & popular in glow of Marco Rubio's Florida senate win...

There is a simple reason that Democrats GOT TROUNCED last night in mid-term election voting 2010:
      Because, FAR from delivering the "CHANGE!" that he promised as a presidential candidate  in every waking moment of campaign 2008,  President Barack Obama has instead delivered the DIAMETRICAL OPPOSITE of real change - he has spent the past 2 years delivering MORE of the REPUBLICAN Right-Wing "BAILOUT THE BANKERS - STARVE, FORECLOSE, EVICT, FIRE,  & SLASH pensions and   social safety net programs for everyone else" agenda that saw his predecessor, George W. Bush, flown out of Washington   on Helicopter 1 from a landslide of discontent by  literally millions of jeers, catcalls, & raspberries during Obama's Jan. 2009 inauguration. 
  Before we  try to outline and define (below)  Obama's  RADICAL RIGHT-WING Neo-Con POLICIES that led to this tidal wave of voter REJECTION (if not hate) for  the Obama-Pelosi so-called "Democrat" leadership' 'agenda  -
( a tough task, because there are literally  THOUSANDS of  articles, websites, links, and details to substantiate every specific Right-Wing economic SABOTAGE policy we allege against Obama's very Neo-Con presidency)   -
we will  first simply point out that IDIOT Obama has done the impossible:  
  HE HAS TARRED HIMSELF (and the Democrats)  with BUSH & CHENEY's DESPISED policies almost across the board -  (TORTURE, BAILOUTS for larcenous, fraudulent, criminal bankers,  titanic accounting FRAUD at the Fed,  titanic  Bernie Madoff/Enronesque/Wall St. FINANCIAL LARCENY in DEREGULATED markets, EXPANDING WARS,  EXPANDING DEFICITS,  ECONOMIC CONTRACTION, JOBS OUTSOURCING... SUBSIDIZED by taxpayer dollars!,  continuing FOSSIL FUEL GLUTTONY & DEPENDENCE, SLASHED educational & social programs, POLICE STATE POWERS and the GUTTING of citizens' civilian rights,  including CONTINUED de facto apartheid in America's "war on drugs," etc., etc., etc.,  ad naseum) 
   - and, yes, there was JEBBY BUSH,  THIEF of the 2000 elections,  KILLER of Florida's late 1990's era   Gov. Lawton Chiles (Democratic)  state BUDGET SURPLUS;       Gov. Jeb Bush he guy who LOCKED DOWN FLORIDA in a STATE OF MARTIAL LAW  days BEFORE  the 9-11 terrorists hit the NY World Trade Center twin towers (yes, the Bush brothers KNEW IN ADVANCE that Al Qaida terrorists would be acting to kill Americans in early September of 2001)  -
    IDIOT Obama has  SO FOULED and CORRUPTED the "Democratic" Party brand in two years, that he has all but RESURRECTED, restored, and polished   the BUSH BRAND, in just 2 years flat!

Yes,  that was JEBBY BUSH on TV last night, looking tanned, polished, and BASKING in the senate victory of his Florida Republican protege, Marco Rubio - Democrats SWEPT OUT of statewide office in Florida thanks to IDIOT Obama's "OF, BY, and For Golddamn Sachs"  "bailouts" larceny & financial fraud, even though Florida retirees are probably THE BIGGEST BENEFICIARIES  of Democratic "liberal" NEW DEAL and Great Society  programs - from Social Security to FDIC to stock market oversight to GI Bill to other  college  & education  subsidies and jobs creating "big government spending" over the past 5 decades -   IDIOT Obama has  TARRED Democrats with RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN FAILURES, and thereby has POLISHED UP Jeb Bush's, we loath to say it, presidential prospects! 


     Obama is either TOO STUPID, OR TOO CORRUPT, to  TRASH his  ENTIRE  Neo-Con "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs"  "economics team," the MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE TRAITORS who  are IN LEAGUE with the WORST ASPECTS of Right-Wing Republican reactionary economic & social sabotage, people such as LAWRENCE SUMMERS and Peter Orsag who during the Clinton administration urged Congress to pass  the RADICAL RIGHT-WING  REPUBLICAN Phil Gramm written Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Commodities Futures 'Modernizations' Acts - both of which, along with NAFTA, GATT, China MFN, and other "Free Trade" deals, empowered Wall Street sharpies to LOOT America's critical financial markets... just as Wall Street insiders had done earlier with the titanic INSIDER DEFRAUDING of Savings & Loans, and government bailouts, from the late 1980s Savings & Loan crisis.
   WHY THE HELL did Obama EVER  put  PETER ORSZAG  a "KEEP THE BUSH TAX CUTS FOR RICH"  Social Security gutting economics HACK in the "Change" White House in the first place???!
    As we will shortly point out,  ORSZAG's name is on the "Social Security CAT FOOD COMMISSION," so called by FireDogLake founder Jane Hamsher  because it is designed by Right-Wing economics parasites, to  TRASH America's Social Security, and drive America's seniors back to 1920s and Great Depression DEATH by STARVATION conditions - the "REFORMS"  idiot Obama has EMPOWERED this commission to consider, would FORCE seniors to choose between life-sustaining prescription drugs or medical care and real food, hence, low-income seniors would be driven to subsist on cat food.
With RADICAL RIGHT-WING appointees in critical economics positions  like "cat food commission" Peter Orzag,  "Freddie Mac fixer"  Rahm Emanuel,  economy extortion & sabotage specialist Larry Summers, Goddamn-Sachs partner Gary Gensler, and  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE "maestro" Ben Bernanke,
  IDIOT obama has  RESURRECTED the  BUSH BRAND, in two years flat !!!

 Below,   FireDogLake's  Blue Texan summarizes, in one short paragraph, the DESPISED   __RIGHT-WING__ policies that have gotten Democratic candidates SLAUGHTERED last night:
 3 Things You’ll Hear about the Election Tomorrow That are Total Bullshit
By: Blue Texan,  Tuesday November 2, 2010
  ...Total Bullshit #2. "Obama should move to the middle if he wants to save his presidency."
    "Given that Obama has cut taxes, opened up offshore drilling, passed Mitt Romney’s health care plan, appointed a deficit commission for the purpose of curtailing socialism entitlements, doubled down in Afghanistan, continued and amplified the Bush/Cheney national security policies, expanded the War on Terror(TM) into Pakistan, retained a huge footprint in Iraq and increased the defense budget, where exactly is this 'center' he’s supposed to move to? Between Jim DeMint and Lindsay Graham, apparently."
   Over a year earlier, in Feb 2010, Jane Hamsher (also of FDL)  caught the RADICAL RIGHT-WING NATURE of  IDIOT Obama's "social security 'REFORM' plan," 
"Obama, Social Security and the Diamond-Orszag Plan," which commentary we repost at the bottom of this post. 
  But first, we point out that EVEN as IDIOT Obama has GIVEN the Right-Wing Republicans the ideological  & policy  HATCHETS and AXES they need to SLASH America's social safety net and disaster insurance programs...  he, Obama,  is GIVING the Fed license to PRINT UP ANOTHER  $4 TRILLION,  which fiat-money  LOOT will land DIRECTLY in the Big, FRAUDULENT banker's vaults...
 [note: "Hoping to Spur Growth" IS A LIE:  Geithner & Bernanke are EMPOWERING the mega-banks that OWN the Fed, to DESTROY the U.S. economy: all those BILLIONS $$ - 4,000 BILLION in this "QE2" splurge alone -  allow the mega-banksters to CORNER the world's essential commodities markets, JACKING UP  PRICES for life-sustaining commodities... which TAKE purchasing AND investment dollars, OUT of the hands of working families -  OUT of the REAL economy.    THIS is how the treasonous  New York Times and Washington Post LEAD the  INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of America's economy, by  WHITEWASHING  Neo-Con big bankers economic SABOTAGE, with one thousands little white lies such as "QE2 is intended to Spur Growth" when the familiar patern is the diametrical opposite. Ultimately, with no timely restraints, this process of GIVING TRILLIONS to big, predatory, fraudulent bankers will result in either the HYPER-INFLATION of Wiemar Germany that led to the rise of the Nazis in 1930s, or to the SIEZURE of land and crops that led directly to the GREAT IRISH FAMINE of 1845-1852... which was but one of many famines Ireland endured under the tender mercies of English guns, ruthless landlords, and predatory, parasitic merchant-bankers.]

...which  $4 TRILLION in  the newly named "Quantitative Earnings 2"  BAILOUTS they will use to BID UP the price of life sustaining commodities,  in their continuing, relentless, and accelerating WAR ON the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

       IDIOT obama is  GIVING  the Right-Wing treasury looting financial parasites FOUR TRILLION MORE DOLLARS, to  ATTACK American working families with!!
   And the STUPID LIARS of America's "major media" press/media, continue to paint Obama as some sort of "Lefty / liberal" !!!
   Below, Jane Hamsher explains how Obama was INTENDING to GUT  Social Security... way back in Feb. 2009, that is, immediately after  IDIOT Obama became president!
 Obama, Social Security and the Diamond-Orszag Plan
By: Jane Hamsher Thursday February 12, 2009  

 Ben Smith says today that the left is "silent on Social Security reform" even as the administration considers it, and quotes Blue Dog Jim Cooper who says Obama is "in a honeymoon phase, and many liberals are afraid to express concerns."
Atrios calls it trolling. Perhaps it is, but there have been signs that serious Social Security reform is in the works, and people who have been briefed on the administration’s plans indicate that things like raising the retirement age and cutting benefits are under consideration.
Consider — in December, Cooper said a report  which showed "that the governments unfunded liabilities are roughly $56 trillion" was "shocking."  He called for a commission to address it, which Hoyer endorsed but Pelosi opposed.   The White House agreed to it in January:
Obama said that he has made clear to his advisers that some of the difficult choices–particularly in regards to entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare – should be made on his watch. "We’ve kicked this can down the road and now we are at the end of the road," he said.
So who is going to be on this panel? Kent Conrad, Judd Gregg, the Blue Dogs and "a host of outside groups with ideas on the matter."  Said Paul Rosenberg:
So, Blue Dogs in. Progressives? Not so much.  Surprised?  Didn’t think so.  The agenda here "difficult choices–particularly in regards to entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare" is straight out of the fiscal slasher movie on CNN last weekend, IOUSA, which Digby blogged about earlier in the week, and which was thoroughly debunked by economist Dean Baker and his associates at the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), which he co-directs, when it first came out in theatrical release last fall. 
Whatever plan the task force comes up with, Cooper does not want Congress to be able to amend it
Cooper was a health care spokesman for Obama during the campaign.  Mike Lux sounded the alarm at the time, noting that Cooper had been critical to killing health care reform in 1993/94 and was a solid spokesman for the insurance industry position. Digby has more of his history.

Notice how Obama uses the oh-so-typical WASHINGTON & NY ESTABLISHMENT terms "DIFFICULT CHOICES" and "ENTITLEMENT SPENDING" to set the stage for GUTTING  Social Security.   WHAT THE HELL is an "ENTITLEMENT" about a program that FORCES self-employed workers to donate NEARLY 15% of their take home pay to a GOVERNMENT program???? 

  In plain english,  one of the first things SO-CALLED "liberal" President Barack Obama did, in Feb. 2009, was create a "Social Security 'REFORM' commission" - which he and his Manchurian Candidate Right-Wing Neo-Con White House "economics team" hacks like Lawrence Summers and Rahm Emanuel  proceeded to stack with RIGH-WING  Social Security hating hacks!

  To sum up this long, "rant" of a blog post, all we can say is "WHAT AN IDIOT!" Barack Obama is - he apparently never even listened to HIS OWN 2008 campaign speeches, he has EMBRACED the DESPISED Bush-Cheney-Hank Paulson agenda as his own, now THE ONLY THING LEFT for Obama to do, is START DROPPING BOMBS ON IRAN, for fun, profit, and to milk whatever favorability he can out of his Right-Wing Neo-Con masters...

  "STEP & FETCH IT" Obama, to appease his Neo-Con & Neo-Confederate masters,  is going, in the next 2 years, to  EXPAND the U.S. wars in the Mideast, and kill THOUSANDS more Muslims in the Mideast,  in a sadly delusional effort to win approval and placate the murderously ferocious radical right wing.... just as George W. Bush ALLOWED the 9-11 terrorists to attack America, so he, Cheney, and the Wolfowitz PNAC crew could institute their lusted-for war on Iraq, and police state dictatorship powers in America.