Monday, November 1, 2010

Obama's Neo-Cons....

 The Unholy Trio: The "Democrats" masters of Neo-Con political sabotage, economic destruction (bailouts & "deregulation" license to titanic financial fraud) and  Neo-Con (Israel war-lobby) war-mongering TREACHERY:  left to right, Rahm Emanuel, Lawrence Summers, & Robt Rubin.

Rahm Emanuel's fingerprints are ALL OVER, not only the Democrats' DISMAL election prospects tonight, but the ECONOMIC CRISIS that has ONLY GOTTEN WORSE since Barack Obama foolishly picked the Right-Wing, AIPAC, JOE LIEBERMAN CLONE to be his White House Chief of Staff two years ago - Larry Summers is the chief architect of the Neo-Con Fed Reserve + GoldmanSachs/JP Morgan "bailouts & financial fraud" ECONOMIC SABOTAGE of the past 2 years, both Summers and Emanuel are Robert Rubin minions (proteges) - they both worked under former Golddamn-Sachs CHAIRMAN Rubin, when Rubin was Pres. Clinton's Treasury Secretary in the late 1990s.
The most insightful, informative, and important single article or web-page of the past 5 years is DownWithTyranny's post-election 2006 deconstruction  of the Democrats' Campaign 2006 election strategy.... where DWT guest blogger  Paul Lukasiak discovers the appalling truth:  Rahm Emanuel, then (in campaign season 2006) in charge of the Democrats' entire Congressional campaign machinery (then  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's hand-picked DCCC Dem Congressional Campaign Committee chairman) ACTIVELY sought to SABOTAGE the Democrat's election chances!
  WHY? would  "liberal Democrat" Rahm Emanuel want to SABOTAGE the Democrats' chances at gaining majority power in the November 2006 elections?  
 - ans.:  Because Emanuel was a JOE LIEBERMAN clone,  a RADICAL RIGHT-WING LIKUDNIK WARMONGER and Goddamn-Sachs TREASURY LOOTER  (the two are synonymous),  and just as JOE LIEBERMAN tried to SABOTAGE the Democratic candidates in the 2006 elections (Lieberman actively CAMPAIGNING FOR _REPUBLICAN_ presidential candidate John McCain)  to bring about the AIPAC (Jewish war lobby) wet dream of a U.S. ATTACK and INVASION OF IRAN,  so too did Rahm Emanuel  hope to ENABLE his FELLOW NEO-CON Likudnik warmongers in the Bush-Cheney administration in November 2006 - who would have bombed every infrastructure target in Iran immediately after election 2006, if Republicans had maintained control of the House & Senate.
   Thus far - election eve Nov. 2010 - Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi's ONLY real accomplishment (besides becoming the first woman Speaker of the House, and first minority president, respectively)  has been in STAVING OFF the Neo-Con (Jewish war lobby) + Right-Wing Republican LUST to ATTACK, INVADE, and DESTROY Iran...
    but this accomplishment  is now hurtling over a rocky precipe, with Republicans set to take charge of House (and possibly Senate) committees, and, at the INSTIGATION of the JEWISH WAR LOBBY,  they will AMPLIFY  EVERY  "war crime" alleged against Iran  that (literally) billions of dollars of War-Lobby marketeers can dream up  (see Jewish War Lobby professional liar Douglas Feith's "Office of Special Plans" in the Rumsfeld/Cheney War Department after 9-11 2001) 
  IN DISHING OUT  TENS, upon hundreds, upon THOUSANDS of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to the Goddamn-Sachs/JP Morgan-Chase banking cartel, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have EMPOWERED  both the Republican REHABILITATION... and the next upsurge in MORE WAR LUST. 
  OBAMA's Sheer FRAUD:  _HIS_  administration, and HIS government agencies,  are trying to BULLSHIT Americans that there is NO, or very little, INFLATION - when in fact,   REAL inflation, for the goods and services that Americans NEED to LIVE on, are SKYROCKETING.   Obama is either a COMPLETE IDIOT... or as cruel,  ruthless, & incomptent  as cartoon character Snidley Whiplash,  to either NOT KNOW, or HAVE NO EMPATHY FOR, the MILLIONS of Americans who are being POUNDED by the INFLATION wrought by mega-bankers with nearly UNLIMITED access to "fiat money"  FREE CAPITAL (near ZERO interest rates) -  if not ACTUAL "free money" in  the form of TRILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer extorted "bailouts" GIFTS!
Global food crisis forecast as prices reach record highs
 John Vidal, environment editor,,
Cost of meat, sugar, rice, wheat and maize soars as World Bank predicts five years of price volatility
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UN warned of major new food crisis at emergency meeting in Rome

  A-List:   Food Fight:  Wheat & corn prices up 30%, cost of meat at record levels! Speculator Mike Masters explains why: "Because there is already much more capital available in the world than hard commodities, speculators can increase the price of consumable commodities, like foodstuffs or energy, much higher than traditional consumers and producers can react. ... When derivative markets are linked to commodity markets, this nearly unlimited capital from the financial sector can cause excessive price volatility."