Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TRAGEDY UNFOLDING across Japan - AND the world - as THREE GE reactors MELT DOWN at Fukushima, spraying a DEADLY mix of uranium, plutonium, and other deadly radioactive particles into Pacific skies...

As THREE, count them THREE GE designed nuclear reactors are simultaneously MELTING DOWN after lost power from the earthquake tsunami that swamped the Fukushima nuclear plant's electric grid and backup generators led to reactor explosions, we are now two weeks into the disaster, and, worldwide,  "THE EXPERTS" have NO plans in sight besides pouring tons of water on the molten masses of nuclear fuel that are melting in the remains of the reactor cores - and that are SPEWING DEADLY RADIATION into Japan's skies and waters as we speak.
March 2011 is the month that America's "elites" and media-whores'  reign of lies, disinformation, and corporate propaganda finally made the migration from mere lies,  deceit and insane greed,   to outright treason and treachery.
 For years the "mainstream" and corporate media - including NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, and other WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARIES of  General Electric company, a MAJOR NUCLEAR PLANT builder and supplier - have been telling us that "NUCLEAR POWER IS SAFE," 
and they  have been lying through their teeth about how nuclear plants are marvels of the "Free enterprise private capitalism" system, when in fact all nuclear plants in America are great pigs of social welfare spending for politically connected  nuclear plant builders and operators demanding and receiving BILLIONS of dollars of government assistance,subsidies, and "nationalize" - SOCIALIZED - risk insurance. (No sane insurance company will ever insure a nuclear plant, so the insurance costs MUST be dumped on consumer/taxpayer/citizen chumps.)
    The American media whores (and our "elected" political leaders) have been relentlessly SPEWING LIES about the American economic SABOTAGE  DESTRUCTION and  financial meltdown for two dozen months now,  and they now  sound like Japanese military PROPAGANDISTS  during WWII,  who told their  listeners "The Japanese navy has won a Great Victory against the American fleet at [name location]!"
when just a few weeks later, the same propaganda radio broadcast would describe a new battle 500 miles closer to Japan's home waters, indicating that the previous "victory" had actually been  a titanic defeat.
Partial transcript of Dr. Michio Kaku's comments regarding the ongoing and growing tragedy of the Fukushima plants 3 simultaneous nuclear meltdowns:
  • "This is huge, for the first time, they are using that dreaded word, BREACH.  Meaning UNCONTROLLED RELEASE of radiation into the environment."
  • "Remember that unit 3 contains plutonium, the most toxic chemical known to science"
  •  "A spec of plutonium, a millionth of a gram could cause cancer if it is ingested."
  • "If there is... an abandonment of the nucler site, we could be in free-fall"        [to a FAR WORSE THAN CHERNOBYL catastrophe]
  •  "3 RAGING MELTDOWNS IN PROGRESS, spent fuel pond open to air"