Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The world fights back against Team Obama's DEBAUCHERY of the U.S. dollar... Stupid Americans don't realize they are being ROBBED by BACK-DOOR DEBASING of their savings & paychecks...

The world FINALLY figures out a way to combat Team Obama's (and Bush, Cheney, McCain,  Sarah Palin, (current Republican Speaker of 'U.S.' Congress John) Boehner,  Netanyahu, et al )  insanely greedy  & genocidal jihad to SABOTAGE the U.S. dollar....

 The vast majority of American can not, or will not, understand  why powerful men  at the very top of the US government would actually WANT to SABOTAGE the U.S. dollar $$.   
This  particular ignorance is merely a reflection of the overwhelming  GROSS ignorance - the INSANELY gross ignorance - of this country under the "leadership" of reactionary right-wing conservatives, corporate media whores,  and corporatist "Democrats" who SOLD OUT to the reactionary right-wing warmongers, treasury looters, & economy wreckers  agenda long, long ago....
  We are of course refering to the VERY PRIVATE BANKING CABAL that is the so-called 'Federal' Reserve central bank...  a PRIVATE corporation!   

  WHY would  "the Fed"  WANT to SABOTAGE the dollar?

 BECAUSE they are PRINTING UP  TRILLIONS of  dollars of cash (actually, most of it is electronic "money," so-called "reserves" in the Fed's and member/owner banks' electronic  balance sheets), and GIVING those freshly minted TRILLIONS of dollars away... but only  to member/owner banksters!  

  Americans are TOO STUPID, IGNORANT, and vicious (we'd rather KILL people  in the Jewish war lobby  instigated wars in the Middle East, than learn about our own financial system)  to understand that the Fed is GIVING AWAY TRILLIONS of dollars, to the member/OWNER banksters  and the hyper-wealthy elites they front for! 

      For two whole years since the September 2008 economic meltdown, the rest of the world has had to put up with Team Obama's  GoddamnSachs + Jewish War Lobby swindlers'   assault on the dollar because the American people were too stupid to do anything about it:
    every time Bernanke & Geithner (and Gensler & Schapiro & Rubin & Summers & Bernstein & Orszag & Lew & Dudley)  would DEBASE the U.S. dollar by PRINTING UP ANOTHER TRILLION in "bailouts," "Liquidity Injections," "Quantitative Easings," or other back-door "bailouts", other countries would be FORCED  TO FOLLOW SUIT and debase (print more of) their currencies,
  because otherwise their foreign  currencies  would RISE against the DEBASED, DEBAUCHED  Bernanke dollar,  and those countries' exports would RISE in price when imported to America, so they would LOSE SALES to America.  

  On this vicious Rubin, Summers, Bernanke, geithner instigated merry-go-round, the entire world had to play along. 

   But ALL Hyper-Inflations are TEMPORARY events:   eventually, all the common people have been ROBBED of all their lifetime savings & assets, and the financial manipulators (central bankers and the 'elites' they represent) can no longer EXTORT more wealth by PRINTING UP debased Bernanke dollars. 

  Now, just over 2 years after Bush, Paulson, GolddamnSachs, JP Morgan,  the Fed,  & team Obama have  INSTITUTIONALIZED  FREE MONEY for big bankers as "BAILOUTS" and now "Quantitative Easing"
 ("EASING" as in  EASING the requirement for the big banks to PAY BACK THEIR DEBTS - even as these treasonous banking SOB's EVICT homeowners who were sold vastly over-inflated mortgages - the Little People get NO "easing"!)
    ...the natural forces of supply-and-demand of world economics are finally reacting in a sane and rational manner:
  The treacherous Americans have turned their dollars to s***..... SO NOBODY WANTS THEM anymore! 

   American consumers (working families)  under the impact of 20 years of Rubinomics are now TOO POOR to PAY for imports from the rest of the world, so  the rest of the world is BYPASSING American markets.
  This of course is an oversimplification -  we are continually ASTONISHED at how cheaply Chinese manufacturers can send over giant container ship-loads of finished goods to America's big box sales stores (like WalMart) - but, quite simply, foreign traders no longer need to go through Wall Street brokers and trading houses to buy and sell goods,  whether Arabs flush in new oil profits, Russians flush in natural gas sales, Africans selling minerals, or South Americans trading with any of the above.  

  Americans should be PROTESTING IN THE STREETS of Washington DC by the hundreds of thousands,  showing up in front of the damn Fed to DEMAND an ACCOUNTING for Bernanke's BACK-DOOR THEFT of American savings...
"Debasement is always objectively equivalent to taxation. There is no objective difference between confiscating 10% of existing dollar inventory and giving it to X, and printing 11% of existing dollar inventory and giving it to X."
 ...but instead we have been propagandized to  want to BOMB THE MIDEAST, to 'secure' "our" oil.

   Well, the LIBYA operations have ALREADY  BUSTED the Pentagon budget (without major ground troop action thus far) so the Rubin, Summers, Netanyahu (rothschilds)  "brain trust" will just have to get together to figure out how we can afford to  BOMB  BRAZIL, RUSSIA, CHINA, INDIA, and other nations to keep them from bypassing Bernanke's s*** in the future...   paying for all those wars and bombings  all at the same time, of course, and (LOL) using those debased, worthless Bernanke  s*** dollars to do so!   (lolololol!) 

  Take our above quote "an 11% increase in money printing = a 10% CONFISCATION of savings"  from the phenomenal "Shoeshine boy" commentary,  and note that the Rubin, Summers, GS, JPM 'Fed' is printing out  FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS in Bernanke's s*** dollars "Quantitative Easing," and note that the US GDP is somewhere in the $12 trillion per year range,  that gives us  a nearly ONE THIRD back-door THEFT of all  American savings * -  not including  other "bailouts" that are well over the $20 billion range!
  (*note - we realize that there is a difference between annual savings, and lifetime accumulated savings - but not so much if you are a working family living paycheck to paycheck:  one major financial crisis can put you months behind on your mortgage payments, and soon enough make you a victim of the Rubin, Summers, Geithner, Bernanke, Bush, Obama,  Pelosi, Boehner (et al)  EVICTIONS and FORECLOSURE  FRAUD agents - you will lose all your possessions and wealth, and the debtors' prisons judges & banksters' loan-shark  enforcer agents will stalk you for the next 20 years.)   

 The  Rubin, Summers, geithner, Bernanke ATTACK on the U.S. dollar (giving TRILLIONS to their friends at GS, JPM,  and other Fed/rothschilds allied banks)  has reached the tipping point:  

   The DECLINE in the Dollar - Beranke's S*** -   is Accelerating.... 

There they are in all their economy gutting glory: the financial corpse-sucking spiders of the 'Federal' Reserve very private banking cabal.    They must not be too proud of their handiwork, because you can look for HOURS and not find a picture of Fed members & directors like this one...    h/t rick  a.
   update: another (of hundreds of sane, rational, not blinded by Fed-speak propaganda) article describing THE CRASHING of the  worthless s*** Bernanke dollars
Don’t Believe the Chart, the US Dollar is Dropping Like a Stone

 (Send your "thank you for DEBASING my savings" thank-you notes to the above Fed economic corpse sucking spiders,  their phone-numbers are in the white pages...NOT under "U.S. government,"   you know,  like the PRIVATE CORPORATION they are.)

 update II:   "The DEATH of CAPITALISM":   In The Death of Capital, respected portfolio manager and longtime investment professional Michael Lewitt looks at how the U.S. economy has increasingly been dominated by short-term speculation rather than industrial expansion in recent years. These disastrous trends, described here as financialization...

  "SHORT-TERM SPECULATION" is NOT "investment" - especially when used with "HIGH FREQUENCY TRADING (automated, i.e. computer programmed, FRONT-RUNNING of any and all  'real' buy & sell orders)   or the many pump & dump schemes that former Goddamn-Sachs trader Jim Cramer stupidly admitted to in his now censored "FOMENTING" video.
 (short clips available here - 
 and transcript & partial discussion here -  

  Wall Street INSIDERS - particlularily at the mega-banks like GoddamnSachs & JP Morgan-Chase, use the FREE MONEY  created & dished out by Bernanke at the Fed to member/owner banks, NOT to INVEST in long term production.. but only as  chips in SHORT TERM SPECULATIONS, and pump-and-dump manipulations, to maximize the flow of those ever more debased Bernanke dollars into their own stock portfolios & bank vaults.

  update III: Berananke's LIES and WRONG CALLS over the years caught and distilled on video:
 In 2005 Bernanke arrogantly dismissed the warning of some experts (enough to get MSNB Wall Street shill Maria Bartiromo's attention!)  "It's a PRETTY UNLIKELY possibility, WE'VE NEVER HAD A DECLINE IN HOUSE PRICES   on a nationwide basis" - in retrospect, Bernanke's scorn for  warnings was almost exactly at the FROTHY PEAK of the real estate bubble, real esate prices would COLLAPSE over the next few years leading to the Bear Stearns & Lehman brothers defaults, and market meltdown in (Sept.) 2008, and CONTINUING TODAY.    As the Daily Bail writes, "Every time [Bernanke]  opens his mouth in this clip, he's not just wrong, but insufferably so.  His credibility is non-existent."
  Barack Obama had NO business re-nominating the PROVEN ECONOMY KILLER  Bernanke to the Fed, Obama's renomination proves that the entire American political process is owned by the hyper-wealthy and "elite" bankers who PROFIT FROM DESTRUCTION and have turned  the U.S. government and "free market capitalism" into a BAILOUTS and BACK-DOOR THEFT OF SAVINGS  economic extortion machine.