Tuesday, August 30, 2011

President Barack Obama Deserves to be IMPEACHED for HIGH CRIMES and CORRUPTION. Unfortunately, both the Republicans And 'Democrat' Parties in Congress, Answer to the SAME bankers, who own Mr. Obama and VP Biden...

  Compiling a list of the HIGH CRIMES and CORRUPTION of the Barack Obama presidency, is no more complicated than scanning the day's headlines of those news outlets providing 'real' news - mostly the 'alternative' media, but even the "mainstream media" can't help but notice the TITANIC CORRUPTION at all levels of American government and in the critical financial markets...  ...CORRUPTION that is DESTROYING the American middle class, and funnelling trillions of dollars of formerly middle-class and working-class wealth in a steady "trickle up" geyser,  to  the already HYPER-WEALTHY rich. 
   Let's get down to business, and start tabulating, or "enumerating" in Declaration of Independence fashion, the  HIGH CRIMES and ABJECT CORRUPTION of the presidency of  "King Barack Obama,"  abject puppet of his Golddamn-Sachs and JP Morgan banksters, and war-lobby profiteers:
  #1. PLUTOCRACY REBORN:  INEQUALITY in America DESTROYS the American middle class.
        "A half century ago, thoughful Americans considered the Gilded Age ancient history.  By the 1950s, robber baron fortunes no longer dominated - or dazzled - America's political and economic landscape.  But that's all changed.  The awesomely affluent haven't just returned.  Today they cast an even greater shadow."
   plus graph -  "Re-Creating the Gap That GAVE US the GREAT DEPRESSION."

 #2.  15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wealth and Income Inequality in America - The "Wealth Gap" between the top 1% and bottom 80%  has grown - and continues to grow in the years the so-called "Democrats" under the Nancy Pelosi controlled 110th & 111th Congress, 2007-2011.  
    "Welcome to THIRD WORLD U.S.A." - Ameria's infrastructure and the social safety net CRUMBLE to poor world status, under the relentless assault of Mr. Obama's bankster frauds & swindler "campaign donor" friends... 

#3.  Madoff Whistleblower: THREE YEARS after after the Sept 2008 Market meltdown, and over 2 & 1/2 years into the new, so-called 'change' Obama presidency, 
 - Mr. Obama DOES NOT CARE about the tens of millions of American pensioners!   Forget about corruption and leadership incompetence - This is pure political stupidity on the part of Mr. Obama and his sidekick, Vice President Biden - their insanely evil "handlers" (Neo-Con puppet-masters) are CONTEMPTUOUS of the late, great American public

  This is APARTHEID,  SEGREGATED America:  Martha Stewart (and thousands of "lesser Americans") face the full weight of government prosecutions for alleged wrongdoings,  while  CONNECTED BANKERS get away with NATION GUTTING FINANCIAL CRIMES.
 (In Ms. Stewart's case, she was INDICTED, PROSECUTED, CONVICTED, IMPRISONED, and humiliated on a national scale - all for selling a lousy $55,000 of ImClone stock, SHE HAD EVERY RIGHT TO SELL, TO ANYONE, AT ANYTIME, on ANY "tip", because Ms. Stewart had NO FIDUCIARY - legal, financial, or business -  connection to ImClone - she was not an "insider" benefitting from "insider information.")
  Today, we see   President Obama's  SEC Chair-woman, Mary Schapiro, COMPLICIT in the OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, of DOZENS of  cases of corporate and financial CRIMES that are not only not being investigated.... but the paperwork that would lead to investigations and prosecutions is STILL BEING DESTROYED.  

 #5.  Corrupt Obama administration REFUSES TO INVESTIGATE  High Frequency Trading and "Quote Stuffing" by large financial funds, that INTENTIONALLY LOOT small investors -
  -  HFT Quote Stuffing Market Manipulation Caught In The Act   (Zerohedge.com)
  - The fraud, the phony bids and offers and the high-frequency ripoffs have driven everyone away [from 'investing' in Mr. Obama's INSANELY CORRUPT & FRAUDULENT stock markets.]  Market-Ticker.org
 #6.  Obama - AND Republican Bush administration(s) before him - ARE IN BED with  DRUG-CARTEL MONEY-LAUNDERING U.S. banks!
    - How Warren Buffett’s bank laundered billions from Mexico’s murderous drug gangs:

#7.  In an abject case of INSANE CORRUPTION,  President Obama's evil appartchiks have REMOVED  NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman from the nationwide "Bankers' FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURES case" -  so the Obama administration (which is to say,  the GoddamnSachs appartchiks that run it)  can give a WRIST-SLAP "settlement" fine to the banks, which in typical Democrat/Republican "justice" fashion, the bankers' $20 billion  fine is so small as to amount to  REWARDING them  for LOOTING their customers! 
     -  Obama insists:  NY attorney general removed from settlement panel
   Here's the excuse Obama co.  used to lean on the other 49 state Attorney Generals to support the OUSTING of AG Schneiderman from the BANK FRAUD case
 (notice how the whore media soft-sells  the "banks' fraud" story as a "bank FORECLOSURE case") -
  "New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was removed from the executive committee negotiating a nationwide foreclosure settlement with U.S. banks on Tuesday.Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said Schneiderman was off the committee effective immediately because New York had worked to “undermined” the group’s efforts."
 And here's the real reason the INCREDIBLY CORRUPT Obama appartchiks  PURGED  Attorney General Schneiderman from the evil banksters' FRAUD FORECLOSURES case:
"Schneiderman opposes any settlement that would result in the halting of criminal and civil investigations of fraudulent business practices by the banks that he has been pursuing separately."    NY Attorney General Schneiderman Pressured Not to Hold-Up Bank Settlement
 #8.  And now we arrive at the core of the relentless ASSAULT on the American economy:
    The Fed - the very private so-called 'Federal' Reserve banking cartel - is DEFRAUDING not only the American public... but the Fed is also DEFRAUDING all 50  AMERICAN  STATES,  and thousands of counties, municipalities, cities, towns and smaller communities that can not compete with the "FREE MONEY FOR loan shark, credit extortion BIG BANKSTERS... UNAVAILABLE CREDIT for everyone else" economy that the arrogant and/or clueless  Mr. Obama is ruthlessly presiding over.   
#9.  (updated 8-31-2011) The financial avarice of the global banking system – U.S. banks insolvent to the tune of $3 trillion. FDIC pretends to have funds to support over $7 T
www. mybudget360.com   June 3, 2011   http://www.mybudget360.com/financial-avarice-of-the-global-banking-system-banks-insolvent-to-the-tune-of-3-trillion-fdic/

 Yes, it's true:  in exchange for  "CAMPAIGN DONATION" LEGALIZED  BRIBES,  President Obama, the Democrats, AND the Republicans in Congress have turned EVERY ONE of the U.S. government's  "insurance", social-security, Medicare, and other insurance or 'trust' funds, in to HOLLOW SHELLS that have been  RAPED, ROBBED, LOOTED, PLUNDERED, and drained dry.   FRAUDULENT ACCOUNTING is now the HALMARK of the United States government, under the insanely corrupt and arrogant Mr. Obama and his  "of, by and for Goddamn-Sachs" appartchik economy killers.... 
 #10.    What all the above mentioned  LEGALIZED BRIBERY "campaign donations" get you: 
CEOs Earned More Than Their Companies’ Tax Bills
 By Andrew Zajac - www.Bloomberg.com !! -  Aug 31, 2011
   Twenty-five of the best-paid chief executive officers in the U.S. earned more in salary and other compensation in 2010 than their companies’ federal income tax expenses as disclosed in public filings, according to a report by the Institute for Policy Studies.
  There's nothing like being a WEALTHY PLUTOCRAT, basking in the STOLEN WEALTH of a nation,  giving the president and Con-gress critters a few million dollars in legal bribe "campaign contributions" in exchange for TENS of BILLIONS of dollars of tax cuts, SUBSIDIES, and "BAILOUTS" billions $$  extorted from America's clueless, misinformed, strip-mined and rounded up on the no-wage reservation peons... 
#11.  Obama & his evil appartchiks CONSISTENTLY REWARDS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR at banks and large financial funds!  
    "Big picture" story, below,  Nassim Taleb explains how the Obama administration is effectively A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, TRANSFERRING AMERICAN WEALTH to criminal, corrupt, economy killing, nation-gutting bankers.   Next, one of the tactics the evil, treasonous bankers use to DESTROY an ENTIRE SECTOR of the American economy, for their, and their alone, benefit:  MASSIVE, TITANIC, SYSTEMATIC FRAUD perpetrated AGAINST AMERICAN HOMEOWNERS,  from inflated appraisals to "Liars Loans" sub-prime loan sharking, to FALSIFICATION of MORTGAGE DOCUMENTS, to  ABJECT PERJURY in courts in FORECLOSURE FRAUD cases, as we mentioned above with Team Obama conspiring to oust NY Atty. General Eric Schneiderman from the BANK FRAUD Foreclosure case in order to give the evil bankers a "IT PAYS TO COMMIT CRIME" wristslap fine/settlement.
Nassim Taleb: The American Economy Will Transfer $5 Trillion To Banker Pay And Bonuses Over The Next 10 Years 
by Nassim Taleb and Mark Spitznagel, Project Syndicate, BusinessInsider.com
Sep. 2, 2011  http://www.businessinsider.com/american-bankers-do-not-deserve-22-trillion-in-pay-and-bonuses-2011-9
For the American economy – and for many other developed economies – the elephant in the room is the amount of money paid to bankers over the last five years. In the United States, the sum stands at an astounding $2.2 trillion.
Extrapolating over the coming decade, the numbers would approach $5 trillion, an amount vastly larger than what both President Barack Obama’s administration and his Republican opponents seem willing to cut from further government deficits.
That $5 trillion dollars is not money invested in building roads, schools, and other long-term projects, but is directly transferred from the American economy to the personal accounts of bank executives and employees.
Such transfers represent as cunning a tax on everyone else as one can imagine. It feels quite iniquitous that bankers, having helped cause today’s financial and economic troubles, are the only class that is not suffering from them – and in many cases are actually benefiting... (cont'd)
Robo-signed mortgage docs date back to late 1990s
Widespread robo-signing of mortgage documents [FRAUD in creation, PERJURY in the court-house!]  found as far back as 1998 could haunt home owners... (cont'd)   
     The banksters have turned America's ENTIRE  housing and real estate markets, into their PRIVATE CRIMINAL FEIFDOMS -  and Mr. Obama wants to SHOVEL BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS more taxpayer dollars in their pockets, in exchange for a few hundred million in "campaign donations" to the late  "Democratic" Party!   

#12.  ABC Good Morning America Health:  Ohio father DIES from toothache: without insurance, he could not afford prescription or hospital care until too late. 
   Obama's COMMITTMENT to PUBLIC HEALTH in America has been a bold, grotesque lie: 45,000 Americans DIE EVERY YEAR from lack of health care, and the lion's share of "Obama care" was just ANOTHER back-door "BAILOUT" - a FREE GIFT for the financial firms behind and 'invested in'  'Health' insurance companies...  

 Yet again, an awful example of the "PRIVATIZATION" of AMERICA's PUBLIC health system,  aka  "CONCENTRATION CAMP AMERICA,"  the barbed-wire divide between those locked down in misery and neglect in the death camps, and the elites running the camps above and immune from the pain and misery THEY CREATE, as THEY WALLOW in TRILLIONS of dollars of financial "bailouts" EXTORTED FROM American taxpayers....
 See also:  Is Your State Stealthily Privatizing Medicaid and Putting Patients at Risk?
  "Louisiana's Bobby Jindal and other Republican governors are handing over taxpayer dollars to private companies to provide health care--and make profits." (cont'd) 

#13.  Obama the Liar:  EXPLICITLY BREAKS his campaign promise to RESTRAIN the "Dept. of Agribusiness"  (his own & Dave Axelrod crafted words!)  and restore it to the Department of Agriculture - Instead, as always, Obama has STACKED HIS REGULATORY AGENCIES, with INDUSTRY INSIDERS, excutives, and LOBBYISTS, who WRITE THE RULES, so there ARE NO RULES -
The Unholy Alliance: Monsanto, Dupont & Obama 
by Ronnie Cummins.Founder and Director, Organic Consumers Association
HuffingtonPost.com, July 11, 2010 
President Obama knows that agribusiness cannot be trusted with the policy and regulatory powers of government. On the campaign trail in 2007, he promised:
We'll tell ConAgra that it's not the Department of Agribusiness. It's the Department of Agriculture. We're going to put the people's interests ahead of the special interests.
But, starting with his choice for USDA Secretary, the pro-biotech former governor of Iowa, Tom Vilsack, President Obama has let Monsanto, Dupont and the other pesticide and genetic engineering companies know they'll have plenty of friends and supporters within his administration.   (con'td)
 #14.  Obama's Jobs Czar is "EXPERT at Creating  FOREIGN JOBS" !
   GE co. CEO Jeff Imelt, whose company was the recipient of  BILLIONS of American taxpayer   "bailouts" dollars  -  is President Obama's "Jobs Czar" - and uses corporate BAILOUTS DOLLARS, to SHIP AMERICAN JODS, to CHINA!      Mr. Immelt is thus both an ASSASSIN of American jobs, and a SOCIALISM SUCKING corporate welfare queen!

"Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) said Tuesday that it’s time for the head of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness to resign or be fired because he’s sending jobs to China.
In a press release last week, Kucinich noted that in his role as the CEO of General Electric, Obama job czar Jeffrey Immelt was sending advanced technology and U.S. jobs to China."


  The insanely corrupt Obama-Biden White House:  Not only did Mr. Obama select TWO  George W. Bush economy killing  RETREADS - Bernanke and Geithner - for his TOP TWO economic positions (Fed Chairman, and Treasury Secretary, respectively)  but he has STACKED his regulatory agencies with nothing but  Goddamn-Sachs big-finance economic hit men!! 
 Including Geithner's Treasury Department Chief of Staff, and the current Chariman of Mr. Obama's CFTC - a "former" GS full partner!
 (The "Commodities Futures Trading Commission"  CFTC  is GROUND ZERO of  the DERIVATIVES and "securitization" frauds that have WRECKED the American financial markets these past dozen years... financial corporations are STILL TRYING TO HIDE the TRILLIONS of dollars of "derivatives" DEBT that THEY OWE EACH OTHER,  and Gensler was put in charge of the CFTC  SPECIFICALLY TO KEEP THOSE NUMBERS HIDDEN, to PERPETRATE and PERPETUATE the titanic  FRAUD that keeps those "dead man walking" financial companies  alive, so they can CONTINUE to RAPE and PILLAGE the working parts of the economy...) 

  Anyone who thinks Barack Obama is "liberal" (much less "socialist" or "communist") IS DELUSIONAL - not only are Geithner and Bernanke FAILED Bush admin economy killing HACKS, but they are both UNREPETENT "KILL SOCIAL SECURITY" radical Right-Wing Republicans!    

   (to be continued and updated - a sisyphean task!)