Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How GEITHNER DOES IT - how he ROBS the PEOPLE OF SWITZERLAND, to KEEP THE MONEY FLOWING to his bankster masters...

ho hum.

   Here's how they do it:  Here's how "United States'  Treasury Secretary "Economic Death Squad Leader" Timmy Geithner -  the  UNREPENTENT RADICAL RIGHT-WING  REPUBLICAN Bush-Cheney toady    that  RAHM EMANUEL, BOB RUBIN, Larry Summers, and the other Obama Neo-Cons   SHAFTED on to millons of  swindled "change" voting  Democratic voters - does it: 
ANY CURRENCY in the world that APPRECIATES against Geithner's DEBASEMENT ( = BACK DOOR THEFT)  of the U.S. dollar,   finds that country's currency appreciation is making TRADE WITH and TOURISM TO that country UNAFFORDABLE to the people of those countries not experiencing currency appreciation.
   That is, AMERICANS whose SAVINGS  (paychecks, benefits, pensions, home values, health care, etc.) have been DILUTED by Bernanke's money printing  (= Geithner's BACK DOOR THEFT),  can no longer afford to travel to - or purchase goods from - Switzerland.
      Losing this business causes the Swiss economy to CONTRACT - FORCING the Swiss authorities to DEBASE THEIR CURRENCY, to MATCH  Geithner & Bernanke's DEBASEMENT of the U.S. dollar (or Euro), to resume their tourism and export industries.    
Even The Powerful Swiss Franc Gets Debased 
September 6th, 2011  
The Swiss National Bank stole 9% of their citizen’s paper wealth in 0ne minute when it printed more debt/money to debase the currency.
The Swiss [had] seen their currency rise dramatically [against the Euro]  as the Euro continues its demise. It has gotten so bad, that you would need $17 to buy a Big Mac in Zurich. In order to compete in this race to the bottom in currency devaluation, Central Banks and politicians bow to corporate interests and debase the currency. They do this to make their exports cheaper relative to other nations. This debasement is counterfeit thievery of the wealth of a nation for the short sighted profits.... (cont'd)
HOWEVER, the Swiss COULD MAKE UP for this loss in tourism & exports, by PROVIDING A FINANCIAL HAVEN to those MILLIONS of people in America and the world who (finally) realize that their governments are INTENTIONALLY DEFRAUDING THEM via Bernanke's "Judenfetzen" printing presses -

 QUICK!  Geithner, Summers, Rubin, & co. (which is to say, the GS, jpm, Fed, R's global fiat money printing cartel)  need a solution to head of this potentially disasterous challenge to their  LEGALIZED LOOTING government extortion...

answer:  Reuters reports -
U.S. sets ultimatum in Swiss bank tax dispute: reports
ZURICH | Sun Sep 4, 2011

(Reuters) - The United States has written to Switzerland to demand it hands over detailed information this week on its [U.S.]  citizens using Swiss accounts to dodge tax or see Credit Suisse and nine other banks face charges, newspapers reported on Sunday.
The letter, quoted by two Swiss Sunday papers, was sent by U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Cole on August 31 and demands detailed figures on tax evasion at Credit Suisse by Tuesday and also seeks information from nine other smaller Swiss banks.

In the letter,   [Fed/banker's toady] Cole demands that Switzerland quickly deliver a significant number of client accounts, the SonntagsZeitung reported, adding that U.S. authorities are also ready to examine a Swiss offer to settle the dispute. (cont'd)
 note:  REUTERS is a Rotchild's owned media outlet!  While ON THE SURFACE it may APPEAR as if this EUROPEAN BASED media conglomerate (Reuters)  might favor "little Switzerland" standing up to big, bad MONEY COUNTERFEITING (dollar debasing) Uncle Sam,  a close reading of the article sees the CRIMINAL tag - "tax dodgers" and "face charges"  ATTACHED TO THE SWISS, when it is GEITHNER & BERNANKE's BACK-DOOR  dollar debasing THEFT which is DRIVING INVESTORS TO Swiss banks! 

   GEITHNER, BERNANKE, the Fed (and obama AND the entire U.S. Con-gress and government, including "Deputy Attorney General James Cole")   ARE DOING the R's DIRTY WORK -  ROBBING  TENS upon HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people worldwide - and streaming the money UP to the criminal elites  (R's & friends) who are RIGGING the system!!!

  Why don't you get one of your Ivy League tutors try to explain "DERIVATIVES" to you - and see if you can, with the backing of some of those MILLIONS of dollars of investigative powers  at your disposal at the ENTIRE  United States "Justice" department, figure out just how many TRILLIONS of dollars of FRAUDULENT, ILLEGAL, and PARASITIC 'derivatives' DEBT your pals in the finance sector are HIDING from the American taxpaying public
    (in preparation for an ENTIRELY NEW ROUND of "disaster capitalism" BAILOUTS to be extorted - AGAIN! - from the besieged, indebted, and now debt ENSLAVED American public)