Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Jewish War on America: BLOOMBERG's GESTAPO? To protect his Wall St, Golddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan & Fed (= Rotchilds) pals' Trillions of dollars of 'bailouts' extorted 'profits', is NY city Mayor Bloomberg encouraging his NYPD officers to become violent against peaceful protestors? Are the most violence-prone cops "BLOOMBERG's GESTAPO"?

Brutal NY police crackdown... but "to a nation’s shock, not one of the police targets was a banker."
Commentary by David Weidner, Market Watch  
   "‘Occupy Wall Street’ harassed while bankers go free"

 Memo to Wall Street peaceful protestors:  

   Take photos of  NYPD riot police who are most enthusiastic about enforcing Mayor Bloomberg's CONCENTRATION CAMP vision for America
(where those who run the 'labor' camps OWN EVERYTHING... those inside the camps are not even entitled to their next meal, and should be beaten if they dare to protest otherwise)...   
 (videos: "Occupy Wall Street: help us reconstruct the 'pepper spray' incident"British paper The Guardian)

 ...and make POSTERS of photos of police bullying tactics printed up for those posters, with the graphic,  "BLOOMBERG's GESTAPO?"  somewhere on the posters.

 Oh... and have a focus!   Demand an accounting for

       HOW MANY TRILLIONS of dollars $$

  ...have Tim Giethner's U.S. Treasury and Ben Bernanke's so-called "Federal" reserve (very private, money-printing banking cabal)  GIVEN to the insanely corrupt, nation & world economies gutting Wall Street bankers and 'hedge' funds over the past 3 years in "bailouts,"

  ...and how many of those hundreds of billions of dollars have benefited Jamie Dimon's JP Morgan and Lloyd Blankfein's Golddamn-Sachs??

 (note: Mr. Bloomberg ought to be able to answer that question: it was his own news organization, Bloomberg News,  which published TARP Inspector General Neil Barofsky's snap-shot estimate, back in July 2009, that the "BAILOUTS" to banksters total would cost American consumers and taxpaying public somewhere over  $20 trillion dollars - a figure Mr. Bloomberg, his partner-in-crime NY Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, and most of the other "major media" pooh-bahs in American corporate 'news' have been singularily uninterested in investigating!) 
U.S. Rescue May Reach $23.7 Trillion, Barofsky Says
  by Dawn Kopecki and Catherine Dodge, Bloomberg News,  July 20, 2009 


   lol !!  Speaking of riot police & dictatorial financial furhers in their paranoid bunkers, here LIFE IMITATES ART,  financial activist "Tofu Mary" took the video movie of Hitler in bunker ("Downfall")  and gave it English sub-titles  in parody mocking Jamie Dimon as the beseiged dictator, unleashing rage filled rants against his subordinates as his wartime empire crashes around him

 JP Morgan (Chase) bank CEO is reported - not by a "liberal" lefty source, but by Wall St. friendly CNBC - to have thrown a ranting, raging, shouting tirade against those proposing stricter capital regulations.  
  [note:  This is the heart and core of the global economic crisis, so it is not surprising that the insanely greedy Dimon had to do his "Furher in the bunker" rage impression to deflect worldwide demands for stricter regulations against "pump and dump, bleed till dry" financial arsonists based on Wall St and City-of-Londan banking desks.]
Jamie Dimon's Tirade Against Bank Regulators
by John Carney, Senior Editor,
Monday, 26 Sep 2011

                      The battle over bank capital requirements boiled over once again late last week when JPMorgan Chase  chief Jamie Dimon delivered an angry “tirade” against the idea of a “capital surcharge” for systemically important banks.

 The new Basel III agreement—the rules regulators from around the globe agreed to late last year—calls for all banks to hold 7 percent capital, up from 3 percent. The biggest banks would be required to hold an additional 2.5 percent capital."

  It is PRECISELY THIS ability to HOLD LESS THAN 3% in "capital" - actual saved cash stored in bank vaults  vs money lent out as loans - that gives JP Morgan and Goddamn Sachs the ability to have the Bernanke Fed just PRINT UP the other ** 97% ** of "money" out of thin air !!
   (Actually, as electronic entries on JP Morgan's balance sheet with the NY Fed central bank.) 

  HOW MANY ORDINARY AMERICANS, wish that THEY could just PRINT UP thirty two dollars, for every (one) dollar that they hold in their checkbook account!  

  The above is the Rotchilds' global banking cartel 200 year refinement,  the ultra-multiplication of the basic,  'fractional reserve' banking scheme,  used by the family cartel which was big enough, and spread far enough, to absorb shocks (from banking fraud & failures) that would destroy smaller, more locally centered banks.  
   It is almost impossible for local, honest bankers to compete with someone who can avoid regulations and print money at a 30:1  thirty-to-one ratio - as JP Morgan can do today - which is why it is so easy for the "print money out of thin air" fiat money cabal bankers to swallow up their competitors - as Goddamn-Sachs & JP Morgan have devoured most of the American financial markets. 
  double bonus:  the CONCENTRATION of BANKING POWER, by CONSOLIDATION, through 'bailouts' "DISASTER CAPITALISM" -
 Use every disaster as an excuse to EXTORT WEALTH out of the poor and working class - especially with "BAILOUTS," the DIRECT EXTORTION of American taxpayers by the IRS and U.S. government, on behalf of Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, and the other entitled, economy wrecking (Great Depression 2.0!)  Fed banksters.