Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dictatorship USA: Perjurous prosecutors, crooked judges, put Martin Armstrong in PRISON for SEVEN YEARS - WITHOUT TRIAL or conviction!
 note: The COWARDLY, corrupt, TREASONOUS  Sulzberger NY Times and Meyer/Graham Washington Post, are "in" on the DICTATORSHIP POWERS of crooked judges and prosecutors... because they are part and parcel of the fiat money, debt extortion cabal, specifically, the ability of the debt cartel to pass off FRAUDULENT 'securities' as "triple A"  (AAA);  and to PRINT TRILLIONS of dollars in "bailouts" after those FRAUDULENT SECURITIES  WIPE OUT entire banks, entire sectors of the economy...
  while SPECULATOR, PREDATORY, PARASITE  mega-funds  INTENTIONALLY SHORT (wreck) world economies, in order to CONCENTRATE WEALTH among the SABOTAGE, pump-and-dump,  naked short debt cartel.

 (see - george soros SHORTING the British pound in the 1980s - almost certainly with the backing of the  ANTI-BRITAIN DEBT CARTEL behind Britain's major banks and LBMA - the bankers were DEFRAUDING THEIR OWN BANKS, to EXTRACT billions at the British public's expense! ) 

 Update:  That didn't take long!  Agreeing with out contention that the NY, DC based "corporate media" are IN BED with CRIMINALS, is this headline - accusing BLOOMBERG of MISREPORTING CRIMINAL VIOLATIONS by the Criminal Justice agencies -  on behalf of the TREASONOUS CRIMINALS at GODDAMN-SACHS (and infested in the US government)  who are, GREAT DEPRESSION 2.0 style, INTENTIONALLY SQUEEZING BLOOD out of the US and European markets.... 


Martin Armstrong v SEC
Petition filed with US Court of Appeals to set aside SEC order. 

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Legal Update
Bloomberg News fails to report problems with Federal Courts and NY Banks. Affidavit of Oliver Brown (BOP-NY)

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