Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Neo-Con War on America: As Alex Jones video portrays, the Fed AUTHORITARIAN POWER GRAB, INTIMIDATING Americans and their families... is ENDLESS.

Alex Jones, in taking the family's newly restored 10 year old RV for a test drive to the Texas coast, finds his return home BARRED by FEDERAL AGENTS'  Gestapo style INSPECTION POINTS - 100 miles inland from the border with Mexico!

During the "search" process, the fed agents INTIMIDATE American citizens with THE FULL FORCE of military style uniforms, and police attack/drug-search dogs, in an area - the middle of a state's inland highways - that the Feds SHOULD have NO JURISDICTION.  

    As Mr. Jones explains, the Fed agents are NOT looking for "illegal aliens" - they are looking to ARREST AMERICANS, for criminal drug "violations" -  even as,  Mr. Jones explains,  the United States government is IN BED with Wachovia and other BILLION-DOLLAR DRUG-MONEY LAUNDERING big banks,
    because America's elites are ADDICTED to the cash flow from, and "criminal justice" police/judicial/prison industrial complex that has grown up around,  drug prohibition.   

DRUG PROHIBITION is AFFIRMATIVE ACTION for YUPPIE CHILDREN, who may have done enough drugs to choke a horse while in college, but will willingly PROSECUTE low-income Americans for that  same drug use  to further their careers and "private" practice or corporate profits.  

 Even more hideous, the agents insist that VIDEOTAPING THEM IN ACTION constitutes a "SECURITY VIOLATION" - AS THEY VIDEOTAPE, everyone and everything in sight! 

Clearly, this is APARTHEID AMERICA: Do what they do, you will go to prison.
 (Unless you are a radio host with a million+ audience).