Saturday, October 15, 2011

Globalist WARLORD Obama - front-man for the JEWISH WAR LOBBY, expands America's Neo-Con wars of global extortion and mass-murders to Africa...

 'United States' President Barack Obama - and the Nobel "peace" prize committee - are all working overtime, in Orwellian fashion, to INVERT reality, pimping the relentess expansion and waging of murderous war into "peace." 
   In this case, Mr. Obama, at the instigation of his Likudnik "israel uber alles" warmongers, and at the instigation of his "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs" Neo-Con treasury looters
(the Goddamn-Sachs + 'Federal' Reserve Treasury Looters, and Neo-Con/Likudnik warmongers, are of course one and the same people)
is EXPANDING America's wars,  by sending COMBAT TROOPS to... Uganda.  

As Gerald Celente reports (video, below), NEXT UP for the insatiably bloodthirsty Jewish (Neo-Con) warmongers - the bombing, attacks, and invasion of IRAN....

 Needless to say, America's Neo-Con controlled government has no use for democracy here in America - and, as they now assert control to ASSASSINATE ANYONE THEY WANT TO in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere in the Mideast,  so too Mr. Obama's mass-murderous Jewish overlords are now establishing their power to ASSASSINATE ANYONE THEY WANT TO in Africa.
  The only dots that fails to connect on their increasingly accurate reporting of America's EXPANDING WARS regime, is that it is controlled exclusively out of Tel Aviv by the Likud war party of Prime Minister Netanyahu... and his undead legions of "hate Americans" Neo-Con warmongers who now control the American press, media, government, political 'leaders,' courts and judges,** and above all, the Jewish warmongers have absolute, complete, total control over the American military WAR MACHINE and "national security" POLICE STATE apparatus.
 ** (America's judges are wholesale, pathetic dupes &  accomplices to the TITANIC FRAUDS in the Goddamn-Sachs & 'Federal' Reserve dominated financial markets, including WHOLESALE FRAUD in the mortgagage origination and in perjurous, fraudulent foreclosures - in dozens if not hundreds of corrupt, incompetent, complicit  courtrooms across America, American judges are no more than corrupt, toady patsies to serial financial criminals.)

Globalist Warlord Obama Moves to Expand Africom Reach
Kurt Nimmo | Sends letter to Congress announcing he is dispatching troops to Uganda.

The GREAT WAR - WWIII - is here. 
 Gerald Celente with Alex Jones, explaining how American government officials TAKE THEIR ORDERS from the NEO-CON   (jewish)  WAR LOBBY -  how NO ONE involved in titanic, global financial frauds (besides Bernie Madoff and a tiny handful of other low-level patsies),
 in the war lobby, in the DEA, FBI, and DoJ  criminal COLLUSION with Mexican drug cartels,
have yet been arrested, prosecuted, or exposed for crimes committed against the American people...

  ...EXPANDING WARS, to COVER UP their LOOTING, SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of the American economy,  is now the raison d'etre of the Neo-Con DICTATORSHIP COUP,  the BRIBOCRACY government of the late "United" States of America and its treasonous, bought-and-owned "gang of 535" Con-gressmen, 100 senators, several presidents, and entire swaths of courthouse and government officials...