Thursday, October 6, 2011

POLITICO spells it out: FORTY YEARS of BOB RUBIN influenced, "the BANKS CAN DO NO WRONG" policy, have driven the Dem. Party, the American economy, and millions of Americans IN TO THE GUTTER of financial ruin, desperation, and wholesale contempt for justice & the rule of law....

From Politico:
 'Justice Democrats' take on big banks
By Matt Stoeller,,   Oct. 3, 2011
If you look, you can find a few Democrats who have been staging their own version of Occupying Wall Street. Three state attorneys general are now taking a wrecking ball to the party’s key policy axis: the bank bailouts. Each has pledged to investigate possible fraud in the securitization of trillions of dollars of mortgages — and made significant legal moves that suggest they are serious about doing so.
[translation: under Bob Rubin, Larry Summers, and their legions of undead, Goddamn-Sachs vampire  economic saboteurs in the Obama White House and Pelosi Con-gress, the 'Democrat' Party has become nothing but a TAXPAYER EXTORTION machine, GIVING  trillions of dollarsin "bailouts" to failed, bankrupt, insolvent, economy wrecking, democracy trashing banksters, in exchange for a few hundred million dollars in "campaign donation" con-gressional bribes.]

In the process, they have placed themselves squarely in the middle of a multitrillion-dollar fight over the nature of the financial system and the future of the Democratic Party.
 In 2008, Barack Obama seemed to represent the party’s future — with his legion of shiny young organizers, his multimillion-person email list and his promise of structural changes to the political order. Today, his administration looks tired and brittle, trapped among a surly country, dissatisfied supporters, a still creaky banking system and a brutal reelection climate.  
 [note: the obama "administration looks tired & brittle" is wishy-washy way of saying "Obama's administration looks abjectly corrupt and in-bed with bankers who are RUINING the American economy,  AS they extract TRILLIONS of taxpayer extorted "BAILOUTS" dollars from Con-gress and the Fed, for their undeserved "bonuses" and their wealthy, parasitic, vampire elite backers."]

But, in fact, Obama’s administration represents the endpoint of 40 years of bank-friendly Robert Rubin-influenced ideology.
   The three state attorneys general — Eric Schneiderman of New York, Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada and Beau Biden of Delaware — are now attempting to build a new coalition and ideology, knit together by the concept of justice that lies behind law and order.
 What these law enforcement officers are doing is clearly popular with the public, popular with real-economy interests — and unpopular with the bank-dominated political elite.  (cont'd)

  Imagine that!  In the United States of America, there are still a few, small, handful of officials who believe in JUSTICE, LAW, and ORDER... .and not in Bob Rubin, Larry Summers', and Golddamn-Sachs'  notions that BRIBERY and CORRUPTION and NEO-CON WARMONGERING SHOULD RULE the American people!  

 This is a fantastic, in depth, multi-page Politico article, which deserves a closer look - especially those passages which explain that the late "Democratic" Party is now nothing but Bob Rubin's whore, and an EXTRACTION, EXTORTION, andSUPPRESSION machine for the evil Neo-Con would-be rulers elites.

Our headline title says it all, except to note: "Why is this article in the conservative leaning on-line magazine... instead of in one of the so-called "Liberal" web-sites, like,, or ??

short answer: because the above so-called "liberal" websites, are actually BLUE TEAM NEO-CONS - as much as they may PRETEND to speak out against financial crimes, war crimes, and the relentless Neo-Con assault on the American constitution (and sabotage attacks on the American economy)...

 ....they can never quite seem to notice that BOB RUBIN's GODDAMN-SACHS, and JP MORGAN-Chase, and Ben Bernanke's so-called "Federal Reserve," and the Israel war lobby,  are at the heart-and-core of....
...they ARE the WEB of DEBT, DECEIT, BRIBERY, CORRUPTION, DESTRUCTION, SABOTAGE, intimidation, lies, &  genocidal finance, that are RUINING America, and destroying American democracy & the social contract **   today.

 **(much less, heavens forbid, the social safety net and peon "claims to wealth" pension plans)